The Works of Tobias Smollett: Travels through France and Italy (1776)

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Constable and Company, 1900 - France

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Page ii - Tis nothing but a huge cockpit,* said he I wish you had said nothing worse of the Venus of Medicis, replied I for in passing through Florence, I had heard he had fallen foul upon the goddess, and used her worse than a common strumpet, without the least provocation in nature.
Page 205 - Buckinghamshire, or even to those of Kensington and Richmond. The Italians understand, because they study, the excellencies of art; but they have no idea of the beauties of nature.
Page 189 - Curator of the museum in 1765. a great deal of money. I was likewise attracted by the Morpheus in touchstone, which is described by Addison, who, by the bye, notwithstanding all his taste, has been convicted by Bianchi of several gross blunders in his account of this gallery. With respect to the famous Venus Pontia, commonly called de Medicis, which was found at Tivoli, and is kept in a separate apartment called the Tribuna, I believe I ought to be intirely silent, or at least conceal my real sentiments,...
Page 189 - I ought to be entirely silent, or at least conceal my real sentiments, which will otherwise appear equally absurd and presumptuous. It must be want of taste that prevents my feeling that enthusiastic admiration with which others are inspired at sight of this statue; a statue which in reputation equals that of Cupid by Praxiteles, which brought such a concourse of strangers of old to the little town of Thespiae.
Page 91 - ... imposition is owing to the concourse of English who come hither, and, like simple birds of passage, allow themselves to be plucked by the people of the country, who know their weak side, and make their attacks accordingly. They affect to believe that all the travellers of our country are grand...
Page 53 - ... tradesman concerned in the equipment of the human body. He must even change his buckles, and the form of his ruffles ; and, though at the risque of his life, suit his cloaths to the mode of the season.
Page 254 - Solleure to the fruitful plains of Lombardy. I am attached to my country, because it is the land of liberty, cleanliness, and convenience. But I love it still more tenderly, as the scene of all my interesting connexions ; as the habitation of my friends, for whose conversation, correspondence, and esteem, I wish alone to live.
Page 31 - If there is no cleanliness among these people, much less shall we find delicacy, which is the cleanliness of the mind.
Page 249 - The longer I live, the more I am convinced that wine, and all fermented liquors, are pernicious to the human constitution; and that for the preservation of health, and exhilaration of the spirits, there is no beverage comparable to simple water.
Page 117 - The small extent of country which I see, is all cultivated like a garden. Indeed, the plain presents nothing but gardens, full of green trees, loaded with oranges, lemons, citrons, and bergamots, which make a delightful appearance. If you examine them more nearly, you will find plantations of green pease ready to gather; all sorts of sallading, and pot-herbs, in perfection; and plats of roses, carnations, ranunculas, anemonies, and daffodils, blowing in full glory, with such beauty, vigour, and perfume,...

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