Catalogue of the Library of King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia, with Occasional Annotations by Harry Piers

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Page 177 - THE PRINTER TO THE READER Courteous Reader, there was no Argument at first intended to the Book, but for the satisfaction of many that have desired it, I have procur'd it, and withall a reason of that which stumbled many others, why the Poem Rimes not.
Page 307 - More Worlds than One. The Creed of the Philosopher and the Hope of the Christian.
Page 61 - Offices ; or, Moral Duties. Cato Major, an Essay on Old Age ; Lselius, an Essay on Friendship; Scipio's Dream; Paradoxes; Letter to Quintus on Magistrates. Translated by CR Edmonds.
Page 259 - PLANE CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY, as applied to the Straight Line and the Conic Sections. With numerous Examples.
Page 46 - JAMES'S CHUKCH, LEEDS. Complete in 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Some Important Points of PRIMITIVE CHRISTIANITY Maintained and Defended; in several Sermons and other Discourses. BY GEORGE BULL, DD Sometime Lord Bishop of St. David's.
Page 103 - AN OUTLINE OF THE METHOD OF CONDUCTING A TRIGONOMETRICAL SURVEY. For the Formation of Geographical and Topographical Maps and Plans, Military Reconnaissance, LEVELLING, &c., with Useful Problems, Formulae, and Tables.
Page 78 - The Definitions of the Catholic Faith and Canons of Discipline of the First Four General Councils of the Universal Church. In Greek and English. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d.
Page 212 - Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Digestion, considered with reference to Natural Theology.
Page 42 - The Christian Virtuoso ; shewing, that by being addicted to Experimental Philosophy, a man is rather assisted than indisposed to be a good Christian.
Page 98 - Original Letters written during the Reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., by various persons of rank...

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