The babes in the basket; or, Daph and her charge [by C.E. Bowen]. By the author of 'Timid Lucy', etc

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Page 16 - OUR MOTHER : A LIFE PICTURE. A LIFE OF MRS. KRUMMACHER, WIFE OF AUTHOR OF "THE SUFFERING SAVIOUR," ETC. Translated from the German by a well-known Author. ' ' Deep appreciation of the purity and peace of home-life enables German writers to depict it as no others can possesses all the pathos, sweet simplicity, and lofty teaching which characterise the best German story writers. The translation is beautifully done. A capital gift-book. — IRISH BAPTIST MAGAZINE.
Page 1 - WILSON'S TALES OF THE BORDERS AND OF SCOTLAND. CONTENTS OF VOL. I. The Vacant Chair— Tibby Fowler— My Black Coat; or, the Breaking of the Birde's China— We'll have another — The Soldier's Return — Girzel Cochrane : a Tale of Tweedmouth Moor — Sayings and Doings of Peter Paterson — The Prodigal Son — Sir Patrick Hume : a Tale of the House of Marchmont — Charles Lawson — The Orphan — The Seeker — Squire Ben — The Fair — Archy Armstrong — The Widow's Ae Son — The Death...
Page 14 - WILLIAM GUTHRIE. JOHN WELCH. MICHAEL BRUCE. JOHN GUTHRIE. With Preface by JOHN HOWIE, of Lochgoin ; and Brief Biographical Notices of the Authors of the Sermons, by the Rev. JAMES KERR, Greenock. ILLUSTRATIONS. — Grassmarket of Edinburgh — Canongate Tolbooth — Martyrs' Monument, Greyfriars — The .House where Cameron was born — Netherbow Port, Edinburgh — Greyfriars' Churchyard — Monument at Airsmoss — Bothwell Bridge.
Page 14 - THEOLOGY, NEW COLLEGE, EDINBURGH. "It is a masterly defence of the Principle of Establishments as a Scripture Truth, and the most complete vindication ever given to the world of the position occupied by the Reformed Church of Scotland on the whole subject of National Religion, and of the magistrates' legitimate power in promoting it.
Page 8 - THE ERSKINES: EBENEZER AND RALPH. BY JOHN KER, DD, AND JEAN L. WATSON " A better prize book for a UP Sabbath school could not be found. The story of the lives of Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine here told is full of interest. But its power to engage attention is not its only virtue. It shows the manner of men the founders of the denomination were — how intensely earnest and practical their religion was ; how siccar their attachment to principle, how manifest their labours, and how lofty their aims ;...
Page 3 - DAILY REVIEW. LIFE OF EBENEZER ERSKINE. 104 pp., with Portrait., 9d. "In the life of Ebenezer Erskine and life of Ralph Erskine Miss Watson introduces us more fully to the men apart from their life-work. She shows us the great seceders at home and among their people, prayerful, .affectionate, moderate, eident, tenacious, at times obstinate and prejudiced. It is fortunate that these lives have fallen into the hands of one who, to the ease and grace of a lively modern style, adds the earnestness of...
Page 5 - The Heiress of Ravensby : A TALE OF REFORMATION TIMES. BY JEAN L. WATSON. " This is a stirring tale of Reformation times, possessing all the charm of a fascinating novel, and at the same time conveying deep religious truth In reading this book one feels sorry when the end is reached, so full of interest and pathos is it, and we heartily recommend it to our young friends who are fond of reading the daring deeds of the upholders of the truth.
Page 12 - With Notes and Fac-similes of Title-Pages of the Original Editions of the Confession of Faith, the Catechisms, Larger and Shorter; and the Directory for Church Government and Ordination of Ministers.
Page 5 - The author is a daughter of the late Dr Norman Macleod. She has done her work extremely well." — SCOTSMAN. "This is a welcome addition to a series of biographies published by Mr Gemmell. To those who have little time to read, desire to read profitably, and for the young, who must necessarily begin their studies of great subjects with short books, this life of Savonarola can be most confidently recommended as a slight sketch of Florence in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and also of that...
Page 12 - MA, English Presbyterian Church, Preston. " Free from all controversial bitterness." — DAILY REVIEW. " These arguments will no doubt be regarded as convincing by the numerous sections of the Christian Church who accept the doctrine.

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