Time, Volume 19

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Page 150 - Wherefore if it be His pleasure through whom is the life of all things, that my life continue with me a few years, it is my hope that I shall yet write concerning her what hath not before been written of any woman.
Page 110 - Twelve gentlemen of good education and liberal principles are to embark with twelve ladies in April next. Previous to their leaving this country they are to have as much intercourse as possible, in order to ascertain each other's dispositions, and firmly to settle every regulation for the government of their future conduct. Their opinion was that they should fix themselves at — I do not recollect the place, but somewhere in a delightful part of the new back settlements ; that each man should labour...
Page 146 - Misericordia e Giustizia gli sdegna Non ragionam di lor, ma guarda, e passa.
Page 143 - PER me si va nella cittą dolente, Per me si va nell' eterno dolore, Per me si va tra la perduta gente. Giustizia mosse il mio alto fattore : Fecemi la divina potestate, La somma sapienza e il primo amore.
Page 68 - Undertaking, which in the first place is to give Monthly a View of all the Pieces of Wit, Humour, or Intelligence, daily offer'd to the Publick in the News-Papers (which of late are so multiply'd, as to render it impossible, unless a man makes it a business, to consult them all), and in the next place we shall join therewith some other Matters of Use or Amusement that will be communicated to us.
Page 140 - It is to be known that the beholding this lady was so largely ordained for us, not merely to look upon the face which she shows us, but that we may desire to attain the things which she keeps concealed. And as through her much thereof is...
Page 193 - English nation, the defence of Christendom against the Koran, the grace and the terror of feudalism, the rise of monarchy out of baronies, the rise of parliaments out of monarchy the rise of industry out of serfage, the pathetic ruin of chivalry, the splendid death-struggle of Catholicism, the sylvan tribes of the mountain (remnants of our pre-historic forefathers) beating themselves to pieces against the hard advance of modern industry ; we see the grim heroism of the Bible-martyrs, the catastrophe...
Page 36 - Common Law a creditor might accept anything in satisfaction of his debt except a less amount of money. He might take a horse, or a canary, or a tomtit if he chose, and that was accord and satisfaction; but, by a most extraordinary peculiarity of the English Common Law, he could not take 19s.
Page 152 - State ; each felt the quarrels of his age to be " the business of posterity," and left his warnings to ring in the ears of a later time. The lives of both were failures. " On evil days though fallen, and evil tongues...
Page 193 - Strong men and proud women struggle against the destiny of modern society, unconsciously working out its ways, undauntedly defying its power. How just is our island Homer! Neither Greek nor Trojan sways him; Achilles is his hero; Hector is his favorite; he loves the councils of chiefs and the palace of Priam; but the swineherd, the charioteer, the...

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