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to present the intended Husband on the first Vacancy;

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15. Settlement of Money given for the Institution of Prizes of money given

+ for the institu-
for Academical Objects. Provisions for the Appoint- tio

ment of Judges for awarding the Prizes, and general

Regulations for the Management of the Trust 488

mise of the Life Estate to secure an Annuity as Pin-

money for the Wife . . . . 564

Grant of rent. 19. Grant of a Jointure Rent-Charge to an intended Wife,

with Powers of Distress and Entry. Covenant by in-

cumbrances and Annual Sums—Settlement of Chat-
tels as Heir-Looms—Proviso that an Annuity shall be
paid after any attempt at Alienation, for the Mainte-
nance of the Annuitant or his Wife and Children-
Power to borrow Money under the Trusts of a Term-
to deposit Monies at Bankers'—or to invest—to com-
pound with Incumbrancers, and submit to Arbitration
- Powers and Trusts for the Management of Estates
- Assignment of, and Power of Attorney to collect,
Rents already due-Proviso that Creditors shall gain
no fresh Lien—Special Trustees' Receipt Clauses
Proviso that Attornies being Trustees shall be paid
their Professional Charges

. 609

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