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Of an nndi. 8. Lease by two Tenants in Common to their Co-tenant,
the covenant.10 of an undivided Share of Mansion-house and Estates

for the joint Lives of all Parties. General Cove-

nants for the Management of the Lands, Woods,

Gardens, and Pleasure-grounds, and other usual

Covenants. Covenant by the Lessee to insure the

Mansion-house, and lay out the InsuranceMonies

in Rebuilding. Agreement that Lessee may, dur-

ing the Term, receive the Interest of certain Monies,

applicable to the Purchase of Lands to be settled to

the Uses of those demised, and that such Lands,

when purchased, shall be deemed to be included in

the present Lease, and be held accordingly . 107

9. Lease of Slate Quarries by a Mortgagee, and his Trus- Slate quarries.

tee, and the Mortgagor, who is Tenant for Life, with

Power of Leasing. Reservation of different Rents,

for different Years, and for different Sorts of Slate:

the Rents being regulated beyond a certain Amount

by the Quantities of Slate sold, but to be paid on a

given Quantity in each Year, whether sold or not.

Special Covenants for ascertaining the Amount of

Rent. Lessors to have the Option of purchasing

Plant at the End of the Term. Lessees to be ex-

empt from Tolls,—to have Power to determine the

Term at the End of any Year,—and to pay their

Rent by Bills of Exchange on London. Usual

Covenants and Clauses as to working, &c. . 120

10. Lease by a Dean and Chapter of Collieries and Way- Collieries by a

leave, at Rents certain, and Tonnage Rents, vary- chapter?

ing for different Parts of the Term. Special Powers

of Distress and Re-entry. Proviso for making up

a Deficiency in the Quantity of Coals for which a

Rent certain is payable. Coals used in Collieries

to be Rent-free. Covenants by the Lessee not to

assign without] License—for working the Colliery

properly—for keeping Accounts of the Quantities of

Coals—for allowing the Lessors to inspect and mea-

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