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General Observations .... 307 General observ-


1. Settlement on Marriage of a Sum of Stock, with the Of stock for

usual Power for varying Securities. The Dividends "rid .children,'

during the Joint Lives of Husband and Wife to be TMli' usual

paid to the Wife for her separate Use, with a Restric-

tion on Anticipation; after the Death of one of them,

to the Survivor for Lifej after the Death of the Sur-

vivor, the Stock and Dividends to be for the Children

as the Husband and Wife or the Survivor shall ap-

point, and in Default of Appointment for Sons attain-

ing Twenty-one, and Daughters attaining that Age

or marrying, equally. Hotchpot, Advancement, Main-

tenance, and Accumulation Clauses. In Default of

Children, the Fund is given to the Wife or her Next

of Kin, so as to exclude the Husband. Trustees'

Receipt Clause. Power to appoint New Trustees.

Clauses for the Indemnity of the Trustees and the

Payment of their Expenses . . . 309

2. Appointment by a Father, in contemplation of the Appointment

Marriage of his Daughter, of part of a Sum of Money ^X^*.

raisable under the Trusts of a Term of Years . 330 templaUon of

her marriage.

3. Assignment to Trustees, in contemplation of Marriage, Assignment to

and upon Trusts to be declared by a Settlement of even lTM*TM!in c°n.

r J templation of

Date, of a Sum of Money secured by a Mortgage of marriage, of

Leaseholds, and a Policy of Insurance against Fire, of outstanding^n

another Sum secured by a Mortgage of Freeholds, of securities,

another secured by a Mortgage of a Life Interest and

a Policy of Assurance, and of another appointed to

the intended Wife, and raisable under a Term of Years.

Covenants for Title and usual Clauses . . 333

4. Conveyance, in contemplation of Marriage, of a Moiety Conveyance, in

of a Freehold Estate for Lives, and of Policies of As- contemP,allon

Vol. iv. b

Covenants by Husband and Wife for the Settlement

of after-acquired Property of the Wife. Usual Trus-

tee Clauses .... 367

7. Marriage Settlement of a Share of a Sum raisable Of personalty

under the Trusts of a Term, and of another Sum se- ^'"children,

cured by a Bond, and of a Sum for the Payment of and remoter

which the Father of the intended Husband covenants.

An Annuity to be paid during the Joint Lives of the

i sband and Wife to the Wife for her separate Use,

and the residue of the Income to the Husband, and

the whole to the Survivor for Life. After the death

of the Survivor, the Funds to be in trust for the Chil-

dren and remoter Issue as the Husband, Wife, or Sur-

vivor appoint, and in Default, for the Children equally.

Usual Clauses. General Powers for the Husband and

Wife, if there be but one Child, to appoint cer-

tain Parts of their respective Fortunes. Power to

Trustees to apportion the different Funds, if they

shall have been blended. Dower clause. Legitim

Clause ..... 390

8. Settlement of Reversionary Interest in Personal Es- Of personalty

tate, of an existing Policy of Assurance on the Hus- a"d revVrsion,

band's Life, of the Money to arise by the Sale of w1i,h ipe«»l

Leaseholds assigned by Deed of even Date, of a Sum

of Money and Interest secured by the Husband's Co-

venant, and of a Sum paid by the Wife's Father.

Trusts for Investment and varying Securities, the

Money on the Covenant not to be called in, except

by direction, till the Husband's Death. Usual Trusts

for Wife, Husband, and Children, with the Variations

required on account of some of the Funds not being

payable till the Husband's Death. Special Hotchpot,

Advancement, and Maintenance Clauses. Special

Provisions in default of Children. Trusts as to the

Leaseholds till sold. Power to the Husband and Wife

to make Settlements of their respective Shares of the

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