The Quarterly review, Volume 87

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Murray, 1850

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Page 373 - TRAVEL in the younger sort is a part of education ; in the elder a part of experience. He that travelleth into a country before he hath some entrance into the language, goeth to school, and not to travel.
Page 411 - Spain, Portugal, or any of his other provinces produce; it is his Indian gold that endangereth and disturbeth all the nations of Europe; it purchaseth intelligence, creepeth into counsels, and setteth bound loyalty at liberty in the greatest monarchies of Europe.
Page 329 - Newton teaches nothing that would make a good logician or metaphysician, and Gassendi and Descartes do not agree so well with revealed truth as Aristotle does.
Page 434 - The Tale of the Great Persian War, from the Histories of Herodotus. By GEORGE W. Cox, MA late Scholar of Trin. Coll. Oxon. Fcp. 7s. 6d. Greek History from Themistocles to Alexander, in a Series of Lives from Plutarch. Revised and arranged by AH CLOUGH. Fcp. with 44 Woodcuts, 6s. Critical History of the Language and Literature of Ancient Greece.
Page 85 - ... whom they had been addressed. The Dead-Letter Office in London is evidently one of high trust and honour; and, in accordance with the principles by which it should be governed, it is a rule in this department NEVER to open a letter if it can possibly be returned to the writer without doing so. The seals of chartered companies and of noblemen are usually sufficient to effect this object ; and if the public, especially men of business, would inscribe upon their seals their addresses, instead of...
Page 121 - ... alarmed Government the demand of a Ministry of Progress ! Organization of Labour ! This only confirmed Louis Blanc's colleagues in their apprehensions that, if they yielded this point, the new department would absorb all the confidence and power of the populace — the only power in the new State. Equally afraid to resist or to comply, they offered a compromise, and, with an insidious deference to his special studies and supposed attainments in political economy, they proposed to place Louis...
Page 40 - Alors ils ne se réveillent qu'entourés des consolations qui en émoussent la pointe, et l'on jouit de son repentir comme de ses vertus. Sans doute les plaisirs d'une âme régénérée sont moins purs, sont moins doux que ceux de l'innocence ; mais c'est alors le seul bonheur que nous puissions encore trouver dans notre conscience, et presque le seul auquel la faiblesse de notre nature et surtout les vices de nos institutions nous permettent d'atteindre. Hélas!
Page 92 - ... observed, that if the present cost of the moneyorder office were to be deducted from the gross amount of poundages lately received for money-orders issued throughout the United Kingdom, there would remain a small profit or revenue. The enormous business transacted in this branch of the PostOffice may be faintly exemplified by the fact, that every morning's post usually brings to the chief office in London (in which there are employed 178 clerks) no less than 12,000 advices, amounting to nearly...
Page 110 - That an humble address be presented to Her Majesty, representing the great desire which exists in all parts of the United Kingdom for an extension of that rest on the Lord's Day which is afforded in the London Post Office to the post offices of the provincial towns, and praying that Her Majesty will be graciously pleased to direct that the collection and delivery of letters shall in future entirely cease on Sunday in all parts of the kingdom. "And also, that Her Majesty will cause an inquiry to...
Page 242 - It happened, unfortunately for him, that another Ward, of about the same age and personal appearance, had incurred the suspicion of the republican party at a moment when suspicion lost all its doubts, and death followed close upon the heels of certainty. To use his own words, " I was arrested for having the same name, and the same coloured coat and waistcoat, as another Ward, guilty of treason ; was ordered without out trial to Paris, to be guillotined ; and only escaped by their catching the real...

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