A History of England, Volume 6

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Page 355 - I am very sorry to know and hear, how unreverently that most precious jewel, the word of God, is disputed, rhymed, sung, and jangled in every alehouse and tavern, contrary to the true meaning and doctrine of the same. And yet I am even as much sorry that the readers of the same follow it in doing so faintly and coldly.
Page 353 - Then they did put me on the rack, because I confessed no ladies or gentlewomen to be of my opinion, and thereon they kept me a long time ; and because I lay still, and did not cry, my lord Chancellor and Master Rich took pains to rack me with their own hands, till I was nigh dead.
Page 178 - ... protector and only supreme head of the church and clergy of England.
Page 8 - In this emergency Julius betrayed no symptom of alarm. He opposed council to council; summoned the bishops of Christendom to meet him in synod at the Basilic of St John Lateran; deposed and excommunicated the five cardinals, who formed the council at Pisa; and deprived their adherents of all rights, possessions and honours.
Page 235 - He doth handle you with a good love. I beseech you agree to His pleasure with a merry heart; and be you sure that, without fail, He will not suffer you to perish if you beware to offend Him.
Page 164 - He is a prince of most royal courage, and hath a. princely heart — for, rather than miss or want any part of his will, he will endanger one half of his kingdom. And I do assure you, I have often kneeled before him in his privy chamber, sometimes for three hours together, to persuade him from his appetite, and could not prevail.
Page 55 - shall never sue to the king for life : howbeit, he is a " gracious prince, and more grace may come from him "than I desire. I desire you, my lords, and all my
Page 354 - And although you be permitted to read holy scripture, and to have the word of God in your mother tongue, you must understand...
Page 305 - By the convocation the inquiry was referred to a committee, consisting of the two archbishops, of four bishops, and eight divines ; who either found the materials ready to their hands, or were urged to extraordinary diligence by the known wish of the monarch.
Page 164 - Had I but served God as diligently as I have served the king, He would not have given me over in my grey hairs.

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