Memoirs and Correspondence of Viscount Castlereagh, Second Marquess of Londonderry, Volume 5

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Page 138 - I do, believing it the best interest of Government; for, as to myself, having shown how to construct the carcasses, and apply them with simplicity and certainty, little more can be required of me; it must be for regular bred seamen to use them, and seek opportunities to destroy the enemy.
Page 47 - laws and government, and to procure the re-establishment of a system which experience has demonstrated not only to be favourable to the maintenance of their domestic happiness, but to be perfectly consistent with the tranquillity and security of other Powers.
Page 104 - Sir—I am directed by Lord Castlereagh to acknowledge your letter of the 23rd instant, stating that you have made a contract with Messrs. Caverton for one hundred carcasses of copper, at 2s. 6d. per pound, equal to £550 sterling. Also, that you had received an estimate for making one hundred
Page 450 - should be hunted down as the enemy of mankind. This, however, is the business of Frenchmen with regard to the nations of Europe : they can only hold him in governable limits by fencing him round with bayonets.
Page 155 - Now, in this business, I will not disguise that I have full confidence in the power which I possess, which is no less than to be the means, should I think proper, of giving to the world a system, which must, of necessity, sweep all military marines from the ocean, by giving to the weaker maritime powers advantages over the stronger, which the strong cannot prevent. This
Page 48 - the Swiss nation, to express these his sentiments with a frankness and sincerity, which he feels to be due to his character, and to the good understanding which he is desirous of preserving with the Government of France.
Page 104 - at £14: each, amounting to £1,4:00 sterling, and I am commanded by his lordship to express his approbation of the contract you have entered into for the carcasses, and to desire that you will lose no time in contracting for the
Page 92 - August 9, 1805. Sir—As the circumstances which led to my engagements with this Government, and my particular situation, may not be known to Lord Barham, the heads of them may aid in his decision with you on my business.
Page 46 - My opinion is, that with Malta for seven years, Lampedosa for ever, Holland and Switzerland evacuated, and the Turkish Empire and Naples under the avowed protection of Russia, if not formally guaranteed by her,
Page 93 - and loss of time, and clearly exhibit my turn of mind on this subject, also to reduce the points for consideration to as few as possible, I have thought this short explanation necessary. I have the honour,

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