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II. In Merchant Service-continued.

II. In Merchant Service continued.
Altering, &c. a register ticket, misdemea. Cancelling of indentures, and death or
nour, v. 824

desertion of apprentices, to be notified,
Penalty of 201. if ticket be not transmitted,

v. 829
y. 824

Consents necessary in cancelling inden-
When register ticket is lost, v. 824

tures, v. 829
False answer a misdemeanour, v. 824

Indentures and assignments of parish ap.
Register tickets of parties dead, v. 824

prentices to be registered, v. 829
List of cancelled tickets to be prepared by Apprentices to appear personally when
registrar, and published half-yearly, and

indentures or assignments registered,
copies given thereof on application,

v. 830
v. 824

Indentures and assignments of other ap-
Penalty for using cancelled ticket, &c.v.824

prentices to be registered, v. 830
Papers and documents to be recorded, As to assignment of indentures of appren.
v. 825

tices, v. 830
Certified copies to be evidence, v. 825

Assignments to be registered, v. 830
Masters of ships trading abroad to deliver Apprentices exempted from contributions,
lists of their crews on their departure

v. 831
and return, v. 825

Documents exempted from duty, v. 831
Vessels not to be cleared inwards until list Penalty on masters neglecting to register,
be rendered, v. 825

&c., indentures, v. 831
Masters of ships in home and fishing trade And for suffering apprentices to quit their
to return lists half-yearly, v. 825

service, v. 831
Vessels not to receive transire until lists Justices to determine complaints, v. 831
be delivered, v. 826

Common assaults may be summarily
7 Owners of vessels unemployed, or not re-

punished by two justices, v. 831
quiring customs document, to notify Masters to receive wages, &c., of ap-
same, v. 826

prentices entering into navy, v. 831
Return to be made in case of ship lost or No seaman to be discharged abroad,
sold abroad, v. 826

v. 832
Lists, &c. to be transmitted to registrar, Nor to be abandoned, or left behind, with-
v. 826

out sanction of consul, &c., v. 832
Penalty on owner or master for neglect, Forcing seamen on shore, &c., a mis.
v. 826

demeanor, v. 832
Lists, &c. in case of pleasure yachts to be Where misdemeanors may be prosecuted,
transmitted to registrar, v. 826

v. 833
As to disposal of effects of any seaman If any of crew left behind, proof of sanc-
dying abroad, v. 826

tion or authority to be upon master,
Parish boys may be put out apprentices to

v. 833
sea service, v. 827

Seamen when allowed to be left behind, to
No apprenticeship binding after apprentice

be paid wages, v. 833
shall have attained twenty-one, v. 828

Act not to extend to prevent seamen enter-
Apprenticeships to continue until return

into navy, v. 833
of ship, and apprentice to be paid wages, Upon entry of seamen into navy, they
v. 828

shall be entitled to immediate delivery
Parish apprentice may be turned over to

up of clothes, register tickets, and pay-
sea service, v. 828

ment of wages due, v. 833
Indentures may be assigned on death of Power of her majesty to sue for amount
master, v. 828

advanced for relief of seamen left abroad,
Parish officers to prepare indentures, v.

v. 834

Ship's agreement, indentures, and assign-
Constable to convey apprentice, v. 828

ments of apprenticeship and register
Guardians or overseers to provide cloth-

tickets, on arrival at a foreign port, to be
ing, &c., v. 828

deposited with consul, and at a colony
How indentures to be attested, v. 829

with officers of customs, v. 834
Every ship, except pleasure yachts, to Consuls to make endorsements on agree.
have apprentices according to her ton.

ments, v. 835
nage, v. 829

Penalty on masters for neglect, &c.,
To be subjects of her majesty, v. 829

v. 835
Their age and term of apprenticeship No seaman to be shipped at foreign port
v. 829

without sanction of consul, v. 835
Penalty for deficiency of apprentices, &c., Masters to produce agreement, &c., to
9. 829

officers of queen's ships, v. 835


| SEARCH WARRANT-continued.
II. In Merchant Service-continued.

General warrants condemned, v. 841

Execution of warrant, v. 842
Consuls, &c., empowered to require pro.

Return of, v. 842
duction of agreement, muster roll, &c.,

Form of a search-warrant, v. 843
v. 835
Penalty on master refusing to produce, SECURITIES, stealing of, ü. 1135
v. 836

Survey of provisions, &c., v. 836
If provisions are found insufficient, &c.,

V. 836

As to offences committed at foreign ports, Conspiracy to seduce, i. 878
v. 836

Solicitation of chastity, see LEWDNESS.
For safe custody and conveyance of of.

SELF-DEFENCE, i. 283 ; iii. 796
fenders to England, v. 836
As to conveyance of offenders and witnesses SELF-MURDER, iii. 820

to England, v. 837
As to ships belonging to British colonies,

v. 837

As to apprentices, see APPRENTICE
Recovery of penalties, v. 837

Employment of labourers in agricultural dis-
Application of forfeitures, v. 838

tricts, &c., see Poor.
Definition of the terms “master," " sea-

Employment of children in factories, see
man," "ship," and " owner," v. 838

As to relief to persons from Asia and Africa

Employment of females and children in
becoming distressed in the United King-

mines, see MINES.
dom, v. 838

Settlement of servants, see POOR.

As to seamen, see SEAMEN.
III. Assaulting Seamen, &c. to prevent them

Larceny and embezzlements by, iii. 1120,
Working, i. 298

IV. Assaulting Commanders to hinder them

Servants firing houses, iii. 39
from Fighting, see PIRACY.

V. Forms as to.

Justices have no peculiar jurisdiction OTEL
Schedule (A.) to the 4 & 5 Will. IV. c. 52,

domestic servants, v. 844
v. 839a

(1.) The Contract of Serrice, and Dura-
Schedules to the 7 & 8 Vict. c. 112, v. tion of.

In writing, v. 845
Information on 7 & 8 Vict. c. 112, s. 4, Consideration for, v. 845
against a master for not having a written

Stamp duty on, v. 845
contract as to wages, &c., v. 839i

Term of service, v. 845
Information of mariner in merchant ser-

(2.) Dissolution of Service, and Dismissa!
vice against his master for refusing to

of Servant.
pay wages not exceeding 201, on 7 & 8

By mutual consent, v. 847
Vict. c. 112, v. 8391

By death, v. 847
Summons thereon, v. 839k

Bankruptcy, v. 847
Order for payment of wages, v. 839k

Misconduct, v. 847
Warrant of distress for non-payment,

Embezzlement, &c., v. 847
v. 8391

Disobeying orders, v. 847
Warrant of distress for same on ship, &c.,

Absence, v. 848
in case other sufficient distress be not

Betraying secrets, v. 848
found, &c., v. 8391
Indictment on 7 & 8 Vict. c. 112, s. 47,

Claiming to be a partner, v. 849

Disrespect, v. 849
for forcing a seaman on shore, v. 839m

Sulkiness, v. 849

Immorality, v. 849
Search without warrant, v. 840

Assaulting female servant, v. 849
Search-warrants, in what cases granted, Being with child, v. 849
v. 840

Alleged criminality, v. 850
On oath, v. 840

Previous immorality, v. 850
Bare surmise, v. 840

Servants marrying, v. 850
In larceny, and other offences of that kind, Sickness, &c., v. 850
v. 840

Insanity, v. 850
In misdemeanours, v. 841

Other improper conduct, v. 830
In other cases, v. 841

Master may show other grounds for dis-
Apprehension of offenders, v. 841

missal than those expressed, v. 850
Form of warrant, v. 841

Expelling servant the premises, T. 851


I. DOMESTIC SERVANTS, &c.—continued. I. DOMESTIC SERVANTS, &c.—continued.
(3.) Wages of, c.

Want of form, v. 862
When entitled to in general, v. 851

Certiorari, v. 862
On quitting service or dismissal, v. 852

Liability for giving false character, v. 862
Where service ends by consent in middle Master not bound to give a character, v.
of quarter, v. 852

In sickness, v. 852

When liable to action for defamation, v.
Master not bound to provide medicines,

&c., v. 852
Deduction for breakages, v. 853

Priority in payment of, in case of death,

v. 853

Legacy, when a satisfaction of, v. 853

Payment, when presumed, v. 853

Servants' right to clothes, v. 853

(1.) The Contract of Service, who com-
Expenses of returning home, v. 853

pellable to serve, and how ; and herein of
(4.) Liability of Master for Acts of Servant.

the Statute of Labourers, 5 Eliz. c. 4.
Liability for crimes, v. 853

Contract of service, and putting an end to,
Liability for wrongs, v. 854

v. 864
Liability for contracts, v. 857

Who compellable to serve in husbandry,

v. 864
(5.) Right of Master to correct his Servant.-
Liability for Injuries to, in his Service.

Stat. 5 Eliz. c. 4, v. 864

Repeal of so much of former statutes as
Master beating servant, v. 857

concerns hiring, keeping, departing,
Sailor or soldier, v. 858
Liability of master for injury to servant,

working, or order of servants, labourers,

&c., v. 864
Y. 858

And a declaration who shall be compellable
(6.) Right of Master to defend his Servant,

to serve in handicrafts and who in hus-
and vice versa, i. 283 ; v. 858

bandry, and their several duties, &c. v.

(7.) Right of Master to his Services.-En.

No person shall retain a servant in these
ticing away, &c. a Servant.

sciences under one whole year, v. 865
Enticing away a servant, v. 859

What sort of persons are compellable to
When servant may solicit customers, v. 860

serve in any of the crafts aforesaid, v.
When master entitled to inventions, &c.,

V. 860

No person shall put away his servant, nor
Master may sue for torts to servant, occa-

shall any servant depart from his master
sioning loss of service, v. 860

before the end of his time, v. 866
(8.) Characters of Servants.

Cause of putting away servants, or their
Stat. 32 Geo. III. c. 56, as to, v. 860

departing, to be determined by a justice,
Personating a master, &c., or giving a false

&c., v. 866
character, v. 860

No servant shall depart, or be put away,
Or asserting that servant has been hired

but on a quarter's warning, v. 866
for a period of time, or in a particular Who compellable to serve in husbandry, v.
station, v. 861

Or was discharged at any other time, or Putting away servant within his term, or
had not been hired in any previous ser-

at end of term without warning, v.866
vice contrary to the fact, v. 861

Servant not performing his duty, v. 867
Or offering himself as a servant, pretend-

Commitment for, v. 867
ing to have served where he had not, v. None may depart forth of the city, parish,

&c., without a testimonial, v. 867
Or with a false certificate, or altering cer. Form of testimonial, v. 867
tificate, v. 861

No servant shall be retained without show-
On pretending not to have been in service,

ing his testimonial, v. 867
v. 861

Master that retaineth a servant without a
Penalty for, v. 861

testimonial to pay 51., v. 868
Application of forfeiture, v. 861

How long labourers shall continue at their
Commitment for, v. 861

work, v. 868
Informer competent witness, v. 861

Artificer or labourer must finish his work,
Offenders discovering accomplices indem-

v. 868
nified, v. 862

Punishment for neglect, v. 868
Conviction, form of, v. 862

Artificers compellable to work in hay-time
Appeal, v. 862

and harvest, v. 868


II. HUSBANDMEX, &c.—continued.

II. HUSBANDNEN, &c.- continued.
Proviso for some that go into other shires (4.) Complaints before Justices, by Masters
for work in hay-time and harvest, v. 869

against their Serrants, &*c.
Persons going to work in harvest, v. 869

Complaints by masters against servants for
Women compellable to serve, when, v. 869

misconduct, v. 879
Infants, v. 870

Artificers and labourers, &c., not fulfiling
Apprentices, v. 870

their contract, or guilty of misconduct.
Application of penalties, v. 870

&c., v. 879
Who may hear and determine offences, May be committed to prison, v. 880

Appeal, v. 880
Who shall have forfeiture in cities and Costs on, v. 880
towns corporate, v. 870

Stannaries and London, v. 880
Labourers, &c., fleeing into another shire, Husbandmen, artificers, labourers, der
v. 870

not fulfilling contracts, &c., or guilty of

misconduct, &c., v. 880
(2.) Colliers or Miners working contrary to

Justice may commit to prison, 5. 881
their Contracts, and fraudulently Stack.

Or abate wages, or discharge servant,
ing Coal, &c.

V. 881
Colliers and others working coal contrary

What servants and labourers, &c., within
to their agreements, v. 871

the act, v. 881
Or not fulfilling their contracts, v. 871

Who the employer within the acts, r.881
Fraudulently walling or stacking coal, iron Conviction and commitment, v. 882; and
stone, &c., v. 871

Application of forfeitures, v. 871

Correction, v. 882
Evidence of inhabitants of place where

Appeal against commitment, v. 882
offence committed, v. 872
Form of condition, v. 872

Prosecutions must be begun in nine

Fustian, HOSIERY, Linex, Morale,
months, v. 872

Persons aggrieved may appeal to quarter

sessions, v. 872

6 & 7 Vict. c. 40, repeals prior acts as to
Except on orders of commitment, v. 872

v. 883
Proceedings not to be quashed for want of

Penalty for pawning or embezzling 23-
form, v. 872

terials, v. 883
Or removeable into any court of record,

Distress for, v. 884
v. 872

Commitment for, v. 884

Penalty for neglecting to return materias.
(3.) Complaints before Justices by Servants

v. 884
against Masters.

Purchasing or receiving embezzled 133-
In what cases, v. 873

terials or tools, a misdemeanor, &c •
Justices may hear master's complaints,

v. 884
v. 873

Selling, &c., embezzled materials or tooks,
And may punish offender, &c., v. 873

a misdemeanor, &c., v. 885
May hear servant's complaints, v. 873

Justices may issue warrant for appreo
And discharge the servant, v. 874

hension of offenders, and commit then
Appeal, v. 874

for trial, v. 885
Costs on, v. 874

Workmen neglecting to fulfil their engszt.
Certiorari, v. 874

ments, not finishing their work, a
Recovery of wages in cases of absence of

leaving without notice, v. 885
masters, &c. v. 874

Justice empowered to grant search *3!.
Justices may order payment of wages that

rants, v. 886
appear due in a certain period, v. 875

Peace officers to apprehend suspected
Order final, v. 875

persons, v. 886
Who are labourers and servants within the Persons apprehended, and not proving that
acts, v. 875

the property is honestly come by, to be
Statutes not confined to labourers in

punishable, v. 886
enumerated employments, v. 877

Adjournment of time for trial allowed, on
Domestics, v. 877

prisoner finding bail, v. 886
Relation of master and servant must ex. Punishment of persons convicted of misde-
clusively exist, v. 877

meanour, v. 887
Who an employer, v. 879

Disposal of unclaimed property which has
The order and warrant of distress, v. 879

been seized, v.887
No power to commit of master, v. 879

Owner of materials may inspect shops, &c.
Appeal, v. 879

of persons employed, v. 887



Warrant may be granted by justice on How justices to proceed on charge on oath
complaint that person is about to ab-

of suspected persons, v. 896
scond, v. 888

Neglecting work, or taking in work from
Receiving goods in fictitious name, v. 889

others, v. 897
Justice to issue warrant to constable to Receivers of materials in fictitious names,
take possession of property intrusted to

&c., v. 897
any person committed for embezzlement, Carriers delivering to wrong consignee,
&c., v. 888

v. 897
Recovery of wages and sums due for work, Power of justices to issue search warrants,
v. 888

&c., v. 897
Frames, &c. not belonging to workmen not Peace officers may apprehend suspected
liable to be seized for rent or debt owing

persons, v. 898
by workmen, v. 889

Justices may appoint time to produce
On refusal to restore frames, &c. unlaw.

persons entitled to dispose of materials,
fully seized, justice may order restora-

&c., v. 898
tion, v. 889

How materials to be disposed of, &c., v.898
Penalty for obliterating mark on machine, Subsequent offences, v. 899
v. 890

Owner of materials may enter shops, &c.
Power to award costs to defendant, v. 890

of workmen to search for, v. 899
Mode of proceeding to enforce appearance, 22 Geo. II. c. 27, extended to tools and
v. 890

implements, v. 899
After adjudication proceedings may be en Dyeing materials of master without his
forced by one of justices, v. 890

consent, &c., v. 900
Service of summons, v. 890

Recovering penalties, v. 900
Limitation of time within which proceed. Appeal, v. 900
ings to be commenced, v. 890

Commitment, v. 901
Prosecutor, &c. a competent witness, v. Conviction, form of, &c., v. 901

Conviction to be filed, v. 902
What justices to have jurisdiction, v. 891

Want of form, v. 902
Application of penalties, v. 891

Certiorari, &c., v. 902
Scale of imprisonment on summary con-

Appeal, v. 902
victions not specially provided for, v. Commitment after, v. 902

Wages, &c., v. 903
Form of conviction, v. 891

Appeal, v. 892

Proceedings not to be quashed for want of Workmen embezzling materials put out to
form, v. 892

work, v. 903
Or be removed by certiorari, v. 892

First offence, v. 903
Limitation of actions, v. 892

Second offence, v. 904
General issue, v. 892

Receivers, v. 904
Tender of amends, v. 893

Appeal, v.905
Offences committed before this act, v. 893 Conviction to be filed, v. 905
Act not to extend to Scotland or Ireland, Form of conviction, v. 905
v. 893

Warrant of apprehension, v. 906
To what trades act shall extend, v. 893

Construction of terms, v. 893
Destroying woollen and silk manufactures,


How wages to be recovered, v. 906
&c., v. 893

Appeal, v. 906
IV. WORKMEN IN THE Felt, Fur, Hat,



Purloining shoes or materials, v. 907
Statutes as to, v. 893

Journeymen neglecting work, or quitting
Embezzling materials, tools, &c., v. 893

service, &c., v. 907
Buying or receiving materials from work.

Appeal, v. 907
men, v. 894

Further provisions, v. 907
Second offence, &c., v. 895

Power of commitment, when gone after

appeal, v. 896

Repeal of acts, v. 907
Not returning materials unused, v. 896

Leaving work unfinished, v. 908
Selling materials, v. 896

Appeal, v. 908

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