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SHIPS- continued.

exhibiting false lights, and plundering | VI. OFFENCES, &c.--continued.
wrecks, &c., see WRECK.

Owners of British vessels to give notice
Offence of preventing seamen from working,

to collectors of customs at the port of

registry of the loss, &c. of such vessels,
Regulations of shipping, &c. on Thames, see

v. 1017

Or if vessels absent from the port of re-
Naval and military stores, see STORES.

gistry for three years, to state cause,

v. 1017
Offence of, v. 1010

Failing to give such notices, &c. to forfeit
Punishment for, v. 1010

51., v. 1017
Not triable at sessions, v. 1011

Information on 3 & 4 Will. IV. c. 55,
What a ship within the act, v. 1011

s. 27, for detaining a certificate of
Ownership, v. 1011

registry, v. 1017
What a destruction, &c. of ship, v. 1011 VII. REGULATIONS, &c. AS TO Passen.
Commitment for setting fire to or destroy-

ing a ship, v. 1011
Indictment for like offence, v. 1012

(1.) In Ships between Great Britain and

Commitment for setting fire to or destroy-

The 4 Geo. IV. c. 88, v. 1018
ing a ship, to prejudice the owner or

No captain of vessel under 200 tons to
underwriters, on like stat., v. 1012
Indictment for a like offence, v. 1012

take more than twenty passengers, unless

licensed by collector of customs at the

port, v. 1018

No fee for licence, v. 1018
Offence of, v. 1012

Proportion of passengers to tonnage, in-
Punishment for, &c., v. 1012

cluding the crew, v. 1018

Tonnage according to certificate of re.
Offence of, v. 1013

gistry, v. 1018
Punishment for, v. 1013

If ship partly laden with goods, &c., ton-

nage for passengers to be exclusive of

part laden, v. 1018

Taking passengers without licence, v. 1019
Offence of, v. 1013

Taking more passengers than allowed,
Punishment for, v. 1013

v. 1019
Commitment for damaging a ship, other-

Detention of ship till penalty paid, v. 1019
wise than by fire, with intent to destroy

Merchant vessels, &c. of certain tonnage,
it, &c., v. 1013

carrying more persons than in propor-
Indictment for a like offence, v. 1013

tion, v. 1019
V. BURNING OR DestroYING Queen's Abstract of act hung up at Custom-house,

and on board every vessel, v. 1019
Offence of, v. 1014

Not to extend to vessels in service of go-
Punishment for, v. 1014

vernment, &c., v. 1019
Person offending out of this realm may be Penalties, how recovered, and applied,
tried in any shire, if within this realm,

v. 1020
v. 1014

Distress for, v. 1020
Articles of navy, v. 1014

Imprisonment for, v. 1020
In London, v. 1014

Half to prosecutor, and half to king,

v. 1020
of Ships; EVIDENCE OF, &c.

Appeal to quarter sessions, v. 1020
Persons detaining certificate of register to

Security for costs, v. 1020
forfeit 1001., v. 1014

Determination of justices final, v. 1021
Justice to certify detainer, and ship to be

Distress and imprisonment for, v. 1021
registered de novo v. 1015

Proceedings not to be quashed for want
If person detaining certificate have ab-

of form, v. 1021

Tender of amends, v. 1021
sconded, ship may be registered as in

Limitation of actions, v. 1021
case of lost certificate, v. 1015
Copies of declarations, &c. and of extracts

General issue, v. 1021
from books of registry admitted in evi-

Double costs, v. 1021
dence, v. 1016

Information, &c. against master of ship
Penalty of 5007. on persons making false

under 200 tons, for carrying more than
declaration, or falsifying any document,

twenty passengers between Great Bri-
v. 1016

tain and Ireland, without licence, v. 1021
How penalties are to be recovered, v. 2016 | (2.) In Ships to Foreign Parts.
And officers' shares, v. 1016

5 8 6 Vict.c. 107, v. 1022



Repeal of acts, v. 1022

Right of action of passengers not to be
Limitation of numbers of passengers ac.

taken away or abridged, v. 1029
cording to tonnage and space, v. 1022

Recovery of penalties, r. 1029
Construction and thickness of lower deck, Vidá doce evidence may be given of a party
. 1022

being a government agent or oficer,
Height between decks, v. 1022

v. 1030
Sleeping berths, v. 1022

Passengers suing not incompetent wit.
Quantities of provisions and water to be

nesses, v. 1030
issued to each passenger, v. 1023

Distress not to be unlawful for informality,
Further regulations as to water, v. 1023

v. 1030
Computed length of different voyages, v. Tender of amends, v. 1030

Limitation of actions, v. 1030
How children are to be computed in the Defendant may plead the general issue.
enumeration of passengers, v. 1024

&c. v. 1031
Government emigration agents or officers Costs, v. 1031

of customs to survey provisions and Owners or charterers and masters of
water, v. 1024

vessels to enter into bond for dre per-
Same officers to attend generally to enforce-

formance of regulations prescribed by
ment of act, v. 1024

act, v. 1031
Seaworthiness of the ship may be ascer-

Limitation of prosecutions, v. 1031
tained by survey, v. 1024

Exception of particular kinds of ships,
Sufficient boats to be carried, v. 1024

v. 1031
Copies of act to be kept on board, and Extension of act to West Indies, Western
produced if demanded, v. 1024

Africa, Malta, and Mauritius, 5. 1031
In every ship (except to North America) Power to governors of other colonies to
carrying 100 passengers, or 50 passen-

adopt the act, v. 1031
gers if voyage be longer than twelve Governors empowered to declare computed
weeks, a medical practitioner and medi-

length of voyage, v. 1031
cines to be carried, v. 1024

Governor, &c., may issue proclamation
And in every other ship a proper supply of

substituting other articles of food, &c.,
medicines, v. 1025

if equivalent, v. 1032
Sale of spirits to passengers prohibited, v. Such proclamation to be transmitted far

her majesty's confirmation or disallos.
List of passengers to be delivered before

ance, v. 1032
clearing, v. 1025

Attested copy of such proclamation to be
List of additional passengers after clearing

received as evidence in colony in which
out, v. 1025

produced, v. 1032
Written receipts to be given in respect of Powers for determining the sea-Forthiness
passengers to North America, v. 1026

of any ship rested in governors, &
Licences to be taken out by dealers and

v. 1032
brokers in respect of passages to North No bond required for voyages from the
America, v. 1026

colonies, v. 1032
Licences to be granted by justices, v. Exception of certain provisions of this 22

in case of voyages from colonies, v. 1032
Notice thereof transmitted to colonial land, Extension of act, with further exceptions,
and emigration commissioners, v. 1026

to voyages shorter than three weeks in
Notice to be given to colonial land and

the West Indies, v. 1033
emigration commissioners of intended Power to governors of other colonies to
application for licences, v. 1026

adopt the same extension of act to
Penalties for acting without written au.

voyages shorter than three mecšs.
thority from principles, and for obtain.

v. 1033
ing passage money fraudulently, v. 1027 Act not to prevent the enactment by
Return of passage money and compensa-

colonial assemblies, or by ber majesty
tion to passengers, v. 1027

in council, of laws necessary for es
Subsistence in case of detention, v. 1027

tablishing rules and regulations required
Passengers not to be landed without their

by said recited act and this act, v. 1033
consent at any other place, v. 1028

Power to governor general of India in
Passengers to be maintained for forty-

council to adopt act in India, v. 1033
eight hours after their arrival, v. 1028

Mode of proceeding for recovery of
Facilities to be given to the proper officers

penalties in India to be regulated by the
for inspection of ship, &c.,v. 1028

governor in council, v. 1034
Penalties, v, 1028

Act to extend to foreign vessels, v. 1044


VII. REGULATIONS, &c. AS TO PASSEN. VIII. The Pilot ACT, &c.-continued.

No person shall take charge of any ship as
Act not to extend to cabin passengers,

a Cinque-port pilot, till examined and
v. 1034

admitted, v. 1041
Interpretation of act, v. 1034

Nor of ships drawing more than 11 feet 6
Schedules to 5 & 6 Vict. c. 107, v. 1035

inches, until he has been licensed and

act, &c., v. 1042
AS TO Pilots.

Master, &c., of fellowship appointed to
The 6 Geo. IV. c. 125, v. 1038

examine pilots shall take an oath, v.
Corporation of Trinity House of Deptford

Strond to license pilots to act in certain

A number of Cinque-port pilots shall con-
limits, v. 1038

stantly ply at sea to take charge of ships
No person shall be licensed by corporation,

coming from westward, v. 1042
except as herein specified, v. 1038

And upon signals of fleets, all pilots shall
Nor take charge of a ship drawing more

prepare to go off, v. 1042
than fourteen feet water, until he shall Masters from westward not having a pilot
have acted three years, and have been

shall display signal for one, and facili.
then re-examined and again approved,

tate his getting on board, v. 1042
v. 1038

Ships anchoring in certain limits, not hav.
Penalty on him and master of ship, v.

ing a Cinque-port pilot, to display a sig-

nal, and Cinque-port pilot may within
Pilots to pay annually 31. 38., and 6d. in

an hour repair on board and take charge,
pound on their earnings, v. 1038

v. 1043
To be applied to purpose of pilots' fund, Cinque-Port pilots to be subject to rules
v. 1039

and regulations of lord wardens, &c., v.
Corporation of Trinity House to appoint

sub-commissioners to examine pilots,

If such rules defective, privy council
and on their certificate of qualification

shall amend, correct, or enlarge same,
may grant licences, v. 1039.

v. 1044
Trinity Houses of Hull and Newcastle may As to number of Cinque-port pilots, and
appoint sub-commissioners to examine

how and when to be increased, v. 1044
pilots, &c., v. 1039

Increased number of pilots shall be kept
Sub.commissioners already appointed to

up, v. 1045
continue to act, v. 1039

But in peace no more than each alternate
Corporation of Trinity House to establish

vacancy shall be filled up without per.
rates for pilotage, v. 1039

mission of privy council, unless number
Table of rates to be hung up at Custom-

below 120, v. 1045
houses of ports, v. 1040

Rates to be demanded by pilots, v. 1045
No greater or less rates to be received or Rates may be varied by corporation of
paid, v. 1040

Trinity House, &c., v. 1045
Majority of pilots, or any ship owner, dis Persons applying for licences to execute
satisfied with rates, may appeal to privy

a bond for securing obedience to bye-
council, v. 1040

laws, v. 1046
Licences to be granted for one year and Bye-laws, &c., under former act to remain
renewable, v. 1040

valid, unless altered by this act, v. 1046
Corporation of Trinity House may make Licences may be revoked, annulled, or sus.
bye-laws and annex penalties for breach,

pended, v. 1046
v. 1040

Pilots so suspended, &c., and persons com-
Bye-laws to be sanctioned by chief justice

plaining against them, may appeal to
of Queen's Bench or Common Pleas,

privy council, v. 1047
v. 1041

Vessels to be licensed for having pilots in
Proposed bye-laws to be previously trans-

attendance at sea, &c., v. 1047
mitted to privy council and to commis How pilot-boats to be distinguished, v.
sioners of customs, latter of whom to

cause printed copies to be hung up at Pilot carried off in any other boat to dis.
Custom-houses, v. 1041

play a flag, v. 1047
Bye-laws confirmed to be hung up in Cus. Penalty for carrying distinguishing flag
tom-houses and Trinity House, v. 1041

without having a pilot on board, v. 1048
Lord warden of Cinque Ports to license Boat running before a vessel, not having
pilots to act within certain limits, v.

a pilot, and which cannot be boarded,

entitled to pilotage, v. 1048
Existing licences to continue in force, v. Name, &c. of pilots appointed to be trans-

mitted to Trinity House, v. 1048


| SHIPS-continued.
VIII. The Pilot Act, &c.—continued.

VIII. Tre Pilot ACT, &c.--continued.
And a list of all pilots annually to Trinity Owners, &c. of ships not liable for oss
House and Custom-house, &c., v. 1048

from want of a proper pilot, unless
Commissioners of customs to transmit to

arising from refusal to take one, &c., F.
principal officers at ports in England

names, &c. of pilots residing within li. Owners not liable for more than value of
mits of each port, v. 1048

ship and freight, v. 1053
List of vessels employed for pilotage, with Owners or masters not to be liable for loss
number of hands, to be annually trans-

arising from incompetency of pilots, F.
mitted to receiver of sixpenny duty in

port of London, v. 1049

Act not to deprise persons of remedies
No 'pilot to be taken to sea beyond his

previously existing, v. 1053
limits, without his consent, v. 1049

Licensed pilots not liable for neglect er
Except in case of necessity, and then he

want of skill beyond its penalty and the
shall receive 108. 6d. per diem above

pilotage, v. 1054
pilotage, v. 1049

Penalty on masters of vessels piloted by
Pilots shall qualify themselves, and con-

other than licensed pilot, F. 1054
duct ships into and out of Ramsgate and Masters of certain ships may pilot same si
other harbours, v. 1049

long as not assisted by unlicensed pet.
Rates for such pilotage, v. 1049

sons, v. 1055
Ships bound to Thames repairing to places His majesty in council may authorize shira
for quarantine, to pay full charges of

not exceeding 60 tons burtben to be con-
pilotage, &c., v. 1049

ducted without pilots, as British ships of
Pilots not to quit ships in Thames or

the like burthen, v. 1056
Medway, without consent, before arrival Masters not liable to penalties for emplor-
at place to which bound, v. 1049

ing unlicensed persons whilst ship in dis-
Pilot to write his name in log-book, and

tress, v. 1056
same to be inserted in report of ships Master or mate, being owner or part omer,
entering port of London, and reported

and residing at Dover, &c., may pilot his
to Trinity House, and to lord warden of

own ship up or down Thames er Mel
Cinque Ports, v. 1050

way, v. 1056
Monthly reports to be made of vessels Ships brought into any port by pilots, Day
clearing outwards, v. 1050

be removed by master, &c., for artim
How pilotage of ships may be recovered,

purposes, v. 1056
v. 1050

Penalty for reporting to pilots false accoun:
Consignees or agents may retain pilotage

of vessel's draught of water, v. 1056
which they have paid or are liable to, Or altering marks denoting such dracgat,
v. 1050

v. 1056
How pilotage of ships not having British Description of pilot to be on his licenx,
registers trading to and from port of

&c., v. 1056
London shall be paid, v. 1050

No pilot shall act until licence registered,
Certificate of payment of pilotage to be

nor without producing it, v. 1050
given, v. 1051

Licences to be delivered up when required,
Receivers to pay over to pilot what shall

v. 1057
be due to him, v. 1051

On death of a pilot his licence shall be
And residue, with poundage, to be carried

returned to corporation or authority that
to pilots' fund, v. 1051

granted it, v. 1057
Corporation of Trinity House may, out of Pilots keeping public-houses, &c. (unless
pilotage received, reward unlicensed per-

authorized) or offending against rerecte
sons who have piloted in absence of

laws, &c., to forfeit their licences or be
licensed pilot, v. 1051

suspended, v. 1057
How pilotage outward of foreign vessels to Pilots suspended or adjudged to bare for.
be ascertained, v. 1051

feited their licences, liable to penalty for
How controversies respecting draught of

acting, v. 1057
water, of vessels on Thames, to be set. Licensed pilots may supersede unlicensed
tled, v. 1052

ones, v. 1057
Corporation of Trinity House to make regu Penalty on unlicensed persons acting as
lations with respect to pilotage of small

pilots, v. 1057
foreign vessels, v. 1052

When unlicensed persons, &c. may act as
Funds arising from surplus rates of pilotage

pilots, v. 1058
on ships not having British registers to Penalty on pilots who decline to go off to
be applied for relief of indigent pilots,

or take charge of vessels, or who shall
&c., v. 1052

quit same, v. 1058

v. 1059


| SHIPS-continued.
III. The Pilot Act, &c.—continued.

Penalty on pilots for employing or requiring Manufacture deemed produce, v. 1068
employment of any boat, &c., beyond

From Guernsey, &c., v. 1068
what is necessary, thereby to increase Exports to Asia, &c., and to Guernsey, &c.,
expense, v. 1058

v. 1068
Penalty for lending licence, and for drunken Coastwise, v. 1068
ness, v. 1059

Between Guernsey, Jersey, &c., v. 1068
And for conducting any vessel into danger, Between British possessions in Asia, &c.,
v. 1059

v. 1069
Or injuring same, v. 1059

Imports into British possessions in Asia,
Or obtaining charge thereof by misrepre-

&c., v. 1069
sentation, v. 1059

No ship British, unless registered, and
Penalty on pilots for not obeying orders of

navigated as such, v. 1069
dock masters, v. 1059

But vessels under fifteen tons, burthen ad.
How penalties above 207.may be recovered,

mitted in navigation upon rivers, &c.,

although not registered, v. 1069
How penalties not exceeding 201. may be Vessels under thirty tons for Newfound.
recovered, v. 1060

land fishery, &c. need not be registered,
Justice of county into which an offender

v. 1069
escapes may endorse original warrant, Honduras ships to be as British in trade
v. 1061

with United Kingdom and colonies in
Witnesses not appearing may be commit-

America, v. 1069
ted, v. 1061

Ship of any foreign country to be of the
Persons convicted of giving false testimony

built of, or prize to such country, v. 1069
guilty of perjury, v. 1062

Or British-built, and owned and navigated
Form of conviction, v. 1062

by subjects of the country, v. 1069
Certiorari, v. 1062

Master and seamen not British, unless
Appeal, v. 1062

natural-born, or naturalized, or denizens,
Certiorari, v. 1062

or subjects by conquest or cession, or
Habeas Corpus, v. 1062

having served in his majesty's ships of
Application of penalties, v. 1063

war, v. 1070
Limitation of actions, v. 1063

Natives of India not to be British seamen,
Venue, v. 1063

v. 1070
General issue, v. 1063

One British seaman to twenty tons suffi -
Treble costs, v. 1063

cient to constitute a proper crew, v. 1070
Regulations in any act relating to pilotage Foreigners having served two years on
in any river, &c., and which refer to re-

board his majesty's ships during war, v.
pealed statutes, to continue in force not-

withstanding such repeal, v. 1063

British ship not to depart British port
Act not to extend to queen's ships, v. 1063

unless duly navigated, &c., v. 1070
Nor to affect jurisdiction of Court of Load. If excess of foreign seamen, penalty 101.
manage, or Admiralty Court, v. 1064

each, v. 1070
Nor to prejudice rights of City of London, Except British seamen cannot be procured
v. 1064

in foreign ports or in India, v. 1070
Nor to affect districts having separate juris Or proportion destroyed unavoidably, v.
dictions, v. 1064

Provisions of former acts for preservation And certificate produced or proof made, v.
of sea-marks and beacons to extend to

all vessels appointed to exhibit lights, Proportion of seamen may be altered by
&c., v. 1064

proclamation, v. 1070
Penalty for riding by, &c. such vessels, or Goods prohibited only by navigation law
any buoy or beacon, v. 1064

may be imported for exportation, v. 1071
Schedule to 6 Geo. IV. c. 125, v. 1065

Forfeitures how incurred, v. 1071

Recovery of forfeitures, s. 1071
The 3 & 4 Will. IV. c. 54, v. 1068

Ships in which only enumerated goods of Short chucking, &c. not to be used in
Europe may be imported, v. 1068

making cordage for shipping, v. 1071
Places from which only goods of Asia, Cordage to be distinguished as staple and
Africa, or America may be imported, v.

inferior, v. 1071

And maker's name to be affixed, v. 1071
Ships in which only goods of Asia, Africa, Penalty on putting a false name on cord-
or America may be imported, v. 1068

age, v. 1071

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