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XES, ASSESSED, &c.—continued.

TAXES, ASSESSED, &c.—continued.
IV. COMPOUNDING FOR, &c.- continued. IV. COMPOUNDING FOR, &c.continued.
Provisions of former composition acts to

window duty for 1822, in cases of re-
remain in force, vi. 183

moval, to contain number of windows
So with respect to limitation of time, vi.

chargeable for 1821, vi. 192

Contracts of composition contrary to act,
Persons intending to compound to give

void, vi. 192
notice thereof, together with statement Amending contracts, vi. 192
of articles of composition, in form in Persons authorized to compound may in.
schedule, vi. 183

clude stewards, &c., and occasional ser-
Surveyor to examine assessments, &c.,

vants employed in taxable capacities, vi.
certify to commissioners his satisfaction

with or objection to notice, vi. 183

Discontinuance of composition with per.
Compositions contrary to this act void, vi.

sons abroad in public service, vi. 193

Certified to commissioners of district, vi.
Errors in compositions may be amended,

vi. 184

Commissioners and other officers appointed
Commissioners to insert in annual dupli-

to execute former acts to execute 3 Geo.
cates of assessed taxes, the amount of

IV. c. 50, vi. 193
duty compounded for, vi. 184

Schedule to 3 Geo. IV. c. 50, vi. 194
Composition to be paid to collectors of The 4 Geo. IV. c. 45, vi. 194
places mentioned in contracts, vi. 184

Persons may compound upon assessments
Persons compounding, answerable for col.

commencing 5th April, 1823, in respect
lectors, vi. 185

of articles allowed by former acts, vi. 194
Schedules of defaulters to be delivered to Persons intending to compound under this
receivers-general, oath of demand hav-

act, to give notice required by 1 & 2
ing been made, vi. 185

Geo. IV. c. 113, on or before 1st Sep-
Collectors in default for non-delivery of

tember, 1823, vi. 195
schedules, to be certified to Exchequer, Persons having compounded in Ireland
vi. 185

and coming to reside in Great Britain,
Certificate to be an authority to court to

may compound under this act, according
issue process, vi. 185

to their former compositions, vi. 195
After payment of arrears, &c., commis. Composition not to exempt from assess-
sioners for affairs of taxes may remit

ment for articles of a different descrip.
issues, vi. 185

tion to those compounded for, but for
Sheriffs, &c., having in hand issues levied

which they may compound in one con-
under tax acts, to pay same over to

tract, vi. 195
receiver-general, vi. 185

Where persons compounding remore to
Composition monies to be paid into con-

other districts, compositions may be
solidated fund, vi. 186

transferred to district of actual residence,
Proviso for butchers in certain cases, vi. 186

vi. 196
Provisions of act may be extended to Ire All instalments and arrears within or prior
land, vi. 186

to year of removal to be paid in former
chedule annexed deemed part of act, vi.

district, vi. 196

On transfer of compositions of assessments
Schedule to 1 & 2 Geo. IV. c. 113, vi. 186

to parish of removal, assessment on pa-
"he 3 Geo. IV. c.50, vi. 190

rish first charged may be discharged,
The time for executing the contracts en-

vi. 196
larged, vi. 191

These provisions to apply to further re-
Fertificates of composition to be executed

movals toties quoties, vi. 197
on or before 5th Oct. 1822

Privileges herein mentioned allowed to per-
Persons renewing compositions exempted

sons having compounded for a four-
from additional duty, where they have

wheel carriage in place of a two-wheel
not increased their establishment during

carriage, under c. 11, vi. 197
period of former composition, vi. 191

And to persons compounding for male
urveyor to examine notice and to deliver

servants, under schedule (C.), 52 Geo.
same to commissioners, vi. 191

III. c. 93, vi. 197
Fotice of objection, vi. 192

Commissioners, &c. acting under former
ommissioners to contract for renewal of

acts, to act in execution of this, vi. 197
composition, vi. 192

Provisions of former composition acts to
laims for relief to be indorsed on contract,

remain in force, except as varied by this,
vi. 192

vi. 198
tatements required under former act to

Schedule to the 4 Geo. IV. c. 45, vi. 199
authorize compositions to the house and

The 5 Geo. IV. c. 45, vi. 199

vi. 203

TAXES, ASSESSED, &c.—continued. | TAXES, ASSESSED, &C.-continued.
COMPOUNDING FOR, &c.--continued.

COMPOUNDING FOB, &c.—continued.
Persons may compound upon assessments Contracts how to be made, vi. 207

commencing 5th April, 1824, as to arti Enumeration of articles to be compounded
cles allowed by former acts, vi. 200

for under this act, vi. 207
Duties on houses and windows for four Persons assessed for year ending 5th April,
years, other assessed taxes three years,

1835, may compound on amount assessed
vi. 200

in that year, paying an additional daty
Persons intending to compound under this

of 51. per cent., vi. 208
act, to give notice required by former Exception as to tases in respect of articles
acts on or before 2nd August, 1824, vi.

kept for trade, &c., vi. 208

Persons who have compounded for wisi
Commissioners, &c. acting under former

tax for year ending 5th April, 1835, and
composition acts, to act in execution of

persons not then liable to said tax, mry
this, vi. 200

open additional windows free of duty,
Former acts applied to this act, vi. 200

vi. 208
Provisions of former composition acts, ex-

Proviso as to additions to houses, vi. Pis
cept as hereby varied, applied to this, Compounders on other assessed taxes es
vi. 201

renew same on amount charged thereby.
Schedule to 5 Geo. IV. c. 44, vi. 202

together with a farther daty of 51. pe
The 7 Geo. IV. c. 22, vi. 202

cent., vi. 208
Compositions for houses and windows may Persons desirous of continuing former oot-
be continued for two years on notice;

positions to deliver contract or cups
for other assessed taxes for three years,

with notice, before 5th April, 1835, I

England, and before Whit-sunday, 1333.
Additional duty, vi. 203

in Scotland, vi. 209
To whom notice of continuing contract to Persons having compounded and reduced
be delivered, vi. 203

their establishments may compound 2
Also a declaration where establishment has

novo on assessment of 1835, on girice
not been increased, vi. 203

notice within three months, and amei.
How far notice binding on party, vi. 203

ing return of articles chargeable, vi. 2!
Delivering untrue declaration, vi. 203

Persons who, since compounding, bare
To whom assessors and collectors to deliver

doubled their establishments, or como
notices and declarations, vi. 203

pounded on too small an amount of
Notices sufficient authority to commis-

duty, may enter into compositions de
sioners to continue compositions, vi. 204

noro, vi. 209
Proviso as to additional duty, vi. 204

Persons who have compounded under for-
New compositions may be entered into,

mer acts, giving notice of reduction -
vi. 204

their establishment, to enter into
On notice by party, vi. 204

compositions, vi. 210
Additional annual duty, vi. 204

Persons beginning to keep or increasi
Persons intending to enter into new com-

an estublishment in 1834, may out.
positions under this act to give notice,

pound on the assessment of succeeding
vi. 204

year, vi. 210
Commissioners to contract therein as by Renewed composition not to extend 13
former acts, vi, 204

articles of a different description from
Persons having compounded for a two-

those authorized by former compositions
wheeled carriage may set up a four-

vi. 210
wheeled carriage, on payment of diffe Compounders, having removed to another
rence of duty, vi. 205

division, may compound therein, vi. 219
With additional duty, vi. 205

Compounders entitled to like privileges ar
Commissioners, &c. acting under former

increasing establishment, &c., as VII-
acts to execute this, vi. 205

former acts, vi. 210
Provisions of former composition acts to Exceptions, vi. 211
be applied to this act, except as herein

As to persons assessed in two places. of
varied, vi. 206

who have compounded under for
Schedule to the 7 Geo. IV. c. 22, vi. 206

acts in places where they are not ex•
The 4 &. 5 Will. IV. c. 54, vi. 207

titled to compound under this act,
Assessments for year ending 5th April,

vi. 211
1835, to remain to same amount if com-

Compounders not liable to penalty, ettepe
pounded for under this act for term of

for concealment to evade assessment,
five years, vi. 207

vi. 211
Compositions under former acts may be-

Persons occupying houses or keeping
renewed, vi. 207

articles compounded for by other pere

| TAXES, ASSESSED, &c.continued. | THAMES- continued.
COMPOUNDING FOR, &c.—continued.

Repeal of prior acts, vi. 222
sons, or set up by other persons under Limits of this act, vi. 222
colour of composition liable to duty,

Company incorporated, vi. 222
vi. 212

Of whom the company is to consist, vi. 223
Intent to defraud, treble amount of duty, Power to company to purchase and hold
vi. 212

land, vi, 223
Contract entered into to a less amount

First court of master, wardens, and as-
than ought to be included, to be void,

sistants appointed, vi. 223
and offender to forfeit 501., vi. 212

First master and wardens appointed, vi. 223
Persons having diminished their establish A quarterly court to be held, vi. 223

ment during their residence out of Extraordinary courts may be held, vi. 223
Great Britain not entitled to compound,

Appointment of chairman, vi. 223
vi. 212

Regulations as to quorum, and voting, &c.,
In cases of sickness, persons may sign at courts, vi. 224
their contracts in presence of collector,

Master and wardens to be elected yearly by
vi. 212

the court, and to be approved of by the
Compositions with persons afterwards suc court of mayor and aldermen, vi. 224
ceeding to estates, and keeping larger

Oath to be taken by the masters and war-
establishments, to cease, with power to

dens, vi. 224
compound on assessment, vi. 212

On vacancies by death, &c., of master or
Commissioners, &c., acting under former

wardens, others to be elected subject to
acts to act in execution of this act,

the like approbation, vi. 225
vi. 213

Master, &c., neglecting to attend any court
Provisions of former acts to remain in for one year without permission shall be
force, vi. 214

removed, vi. 225
Limitation of time in former acts extended Members of court may be removed, vi. 225
to this act, vi. 214

For the election of new members of court,
Persons intending to compound to give

vi. 225
notice thereof, together with statement

Oath to be taken by members of court,
of articles of composition, vi. 214

vi. 225
Errors or mistakes in compositions may be

Persons refusing to serve to be subject to a
amended, vi. 215

penalty, and be liable to be elected again,
Monies arising by compositions to be paid

vi, 225
into consolidated fund, vi. 215

Proviso as to masters and wardens, vi. 226
Construction of words, vi. 215

Clerk, vi. 226
Schedule annexed to be deemed part of Oath to be taken by, vi. 226
act, vi. 216

Accounts to be kept by, vi. 226
How form shall be used, vi. 216

Clerk to summon and attend courts and be
Schedule to the 4 & 5 Will. IV. c. 54, entitled to fees, vi. 226
vi, 216

Penalty on clerk for neglecting to register
5 & 6 Will. IV. c. 64, the time for giving

vi. 226
notice of intention to compound for as-

Court to appoint inspectors of plying-places,
sessed taxes, enlarged until 1st October,

&c., beadles and other officers, vi. 227
1835, vi. 219

Court for binding apprentices and admission
Compositions extended, vi. 220

of freemen, vi. 227

Freeman's oath, vi. 227
TEA, hawking of. See HAWKERS AND PED.

Period of apprenticeship, vi. 227
LARS. See Excise AND Customs, Cof.

Widows may take apprentices, vi. 227
fee, Tea, &c.

Regulation as to number of apprentices,
TECHNICAL WORDS, statement of, in in.

vi. 228
dictment, iii. 896

No freeman or widow to take any apprentice

under fourteen or above eighteen years of

age, vi. 228
larceny by, iii. 1120; DISTRESS FOR Penalty for forging or producing certificate

of baptism, vi. 228
TENDER of amends. See Justices, iii. 1040

None but freemen or widows whose names

and places of abode or working are re-
TERRIERS, proof by, ii. 390

gistered in the books of the company to

take apprentices, vi. 228
As to rivers in general, see RIVERS AND

Proviso as to the lodging of apprentices,

vi. 228
As to pilotage, see SHIPS.

Apprentices bound contrary to this act,
· The 7 & 8 Geo. IV. c. lxxv. vi. 221

vi. 229


| THAMES—continued.
Apprentices to be compelled to serve, al. by-laws and alterations to Watermen's
though of age, vi. 229

Company thirty days before allowed by
No apprentice to have sole care of boat un. judges, that company submit their objec.
less served two years, vi. 229

tions, &c., vi. 235
None but freemen of company to row or By-laws of court of company, and of court
work boats, &c., for hire, vi. 229

of aldermen, to be made public, vi. 235
No boat to be used for passengers without Court of aldermen to fis fares for saternen,

a licence, expressing number of persons it vi. 235
may carry, vi. 229

List of fares to be allowed by privy coareil,
Number and name of owner to be painted vi. 235
thereon, vi. 229

Penalty on demanding more than fare, vi. 236
Penalty for taking more than number al. List of fares to be advertised and made pas.
lowed, vi. 229

lic, vi. 236
Names of persons keeping boats, &c., for Lists of fares to be put up at certain plying
carrying goods, without passengers, and

places between Chelsea Bridge and Green.
also names of such boats, to be registered wich, vi. 236
in books of company, vi. 230

And also half mile posts or piles westward c
Names and numbers of such boats to be Chelsea Bridge and eastward of Green.
painted thereon, vi. 230.

wich, vi. 236
Names of owners residing out of limits of act Expenses of boards and posts to be defrayed

to be painted on their lighters, &c., navi. by a quarterage, vi. 237
gated within limits, vi, 230

Watermen to carry a list of fares and by-laws.
Boats let for hire to be registered and num. vi. 237
bered, vi. 231

Penalty on watermen avoiding or refusing to
Court may appoint Sunday ferries between

take a fare, vi. 237
Chelsea and Bow Creek, vi. 231

Or having plied any fare, shall refuse or delay
And may let same to farm, vi. 231

to proceed as directed, vi. 237
Persons farming same to employ no person Penalty on watermen preventing persons

who has not been approved of by court, reading names or numbers, or refusing to
vi. 232

state their names, or using abusive las.
Sunday ferries not to be appointed within

guage, vi. 238
200 yards of Vauxhall Bridge, vi, 232

Saving the powers of master, &c. of Trinity
Watermen not to ply or work on Sunday, House in licensing mariners, vi. 238

below London Bridge, at plying places Corporation of Trinity House to bave sapse
next above and below any Sunday ferry, power to make by-laws for their mariners,
vi. 232

as is vested in court of aldermen with
Justices at Gravesend to license watermen

respect to watermen, vi. 238
to work on Sundays, vi. 232

Copy of intended by-laws and alterations of
Application of fares received at Gravesend on Trinity House to be sent to town clerk of
Sundays, vi. 232

London and Watermen's Company, thit
Permission may be granted to other water days before allowed by judges, vi. 238
men to work on Sundays for persons re Mariners licensed by Trinity House to be
questing, vi. 233

limited to same fares as watermen, vi.235
: Penalty on other watermen working at Graves. Lord mayor, aldermen, &c. may summon ud
end on Sunday, vi. 233

apprehend watermen and others, vi. 239
Court to set up bells at Billingsgate and And punish them by fine or imprisonment,

Gravesend, to give notice of tide, and to vi. 239
appoint officers to ring same, vi. 233

Constables not to take watermen, &c. out al
Officers to ring such bells at London and their boats, till moored, vi. 240
Gravesend at times appointed, vi. 233

Lord mayor, &c. to summon persons refusite
Penalty if boats do not go on ringing of bell, to pay their fare, and order payment, &c.,
vi. 233

vi. 240
Watermen losing their tide to be subject to Persons refusing to give names, or giving fl-

a penalty, and not entitled to their fare, titious ones, vi. 241
vi. 233

Form of conviction by lord mayor, &e..
Court empowered to regulate affairs of com-

vi. 241
pany, vi. 234

Members of court of company to hear ad
Court may make by-laws, vi. 234

determine complaints between waterdien,
Court of aldermen empowered to make by. vi. 241

laws, and alter by-laws made by court of Form of conviction by court of master, tar-
company, vi. 234

dens, &c., vi. 242
By-laws to be allowed by judges, vi. 235

Penalty on persons summoned not appearing,
Court of aldermen to send copy of intended vi. 242

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Jurisdiction of court of company not to extend I. THREATS TO MURDER, OR BURN, OR De.
to any but freemen, vi. 242

As to apprentices, imprisoned for offences Threatening letters to murder or burn, or
against act, vi. 242

destroy property, vi. 249
Mayor, &c., may administer oaths, vi. 242

Punishment for, vi. 249
Freemen may be witnesses, vi. 243

Not triable at sessions, vi. 249
For compelling attendance of witnesses, vi. 243 What an offence within act, vi. 249
Justices may proceed by summons in reco. Knowingly and wilfully, vi. 249
very of penalties, vi. 243

What a sending or delivery, vi. 250
Distress not unlawful for want of form, vi. 243 Nature of the letter or writing, vi. 250
Application of penalties, vi. 243

Nature of the threat, vi. 250
Justices may award satisfaction for damages Indictment for, vi. 251

done to any boat or craft, not exceeding, Venue in, vi. 251
51., vi. 243

Appeal, vi. 244

As to menaces with intent to steal, see
Penalties may be mitigated, vi. 244

Proceedings not to be quashed for want of

Obtaining money, &c. by threatening to
form, vi. 244

accuse another of an unnatural crime,
Plaintiff not to recover without notice, or

see RoBBERY.
after tender of amends, vi. 245

Letters demanding money, &c., vi. 252
Limitation of actions, vi. 245

Accusations and threats of accusation of
General issue, vi. 245

certain crimes, vi. 252
Double costs, vi. 245

Transportation for life, or imprisonment,
Saving rights of city of London, vi. 245

vi. 252
Saving Duke of Richmond's right to hold a What shall be deemed infamous crimes, vi.
court at Gravesend, called Curia Cursus

Aquæ, vi. 245

Punishment of hard labour or solitary
Saving liberties of inhabitants of Gravesend,

confinement, vi. 252
vi. 246

Sentence to commence after end of former
Saving right of watermen of St. Margaret's

sentence, vi. 252
and of St. John's Westminster, vi. 246

Offences not triable at sessions, vi. 252
Saving rights, &c., of commissioners of Points as to offence, vi. 253
Westminster Bridge, vi. 246

Indictment for, vi. 253
Saving existing ferries, vi. 247

Saving powers of dock companies, vi. 247
Saving western barges, and men employed in

Commitment for sending a letter, threaten-
them, and in ferries at Kingston and above,

ing to murder or burn, &c., vi. 254
vi. 247

Indictment for a like offence, vi. 254
Any person and their servants, if freemen or

Commitment for demanding money, &c.,
apprentices, may use lighters, vi. 247

with menaces, with intent to steal it, vi.
But not let them out for hire, or permit

others to row them, not being freemen or

Indictment for a like offence, vi. 254

Warrant to apprehend for sending a threa.
apprentices, vi. 247
Owners of lay-stalls, market gardeners, &c.

tening letter, demanding money, vi. 255

Commitment for a like offence, vi. 255
may use boats as heretofore, vi. 247

Indictment for a like offence, vi. 255
But to be subject to a penalty if they

Commitment for threatening to accuse a
carry passengers or goods for hire, vi. 247
By-laws of court of aldermen extended to all

man of a crime, &c., with intent to ex.
boats and vessels, vi. 248

tort money, &c., vi. 255
Further provisions as to offences, &c. on

Indictment for a like offence, vi. 255
Thames, vi. 248

Commitment on like act for sending a let-
Disputes about wages of bargemen, &c., vi. 248

ter, threatening to accuse a man of a

crime, with intent to extort money, &c.,

vi. 256

Indictment for a like offence, vi. 256


v. 30
THEFTBOTE. See Felony.

TILES. See Bricks.

Challenges to fight, see CHALLENGE.

Statement of, vi. 256
Obtaining money, &c. by threatening to New style, vi. 256

accuse another of an infamous crime, see Of what times the law takes notice of, vi. 256

Time of memory, vi. 256

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