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AME-WORK KNITTERS-continued. | FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, &c.continued. Penalty on not marking, iii. 145.

I. Societies formed before 10 Geo. 4-con. Selling unmarked goods, iii. 146. Penalties how to be recovered, iii. 146.

Treasurers, &c. to render accounts, and pay Appeal, ii. 146.

over balances, &c., iii. 152. Act not to affect rights, &c. of company of, iii.

In case of neglect, application may be made 146.

to Chancery, &c., iii. 152.

No fee to be taken for proceedings in such LANCE, statute as to apprehension of offend.

courts, &c., iii. 152.ers, vi. 556.

Executors, &c. to pay money due to socie

ties before any other debts, iii. 153. LANKING OF LETTERS, v. 632.

Effects of societies to be vested in treaCAUD.

surers or trustees, ii. 153. Obtaining property by false pretences, and as

Who may bring and defend actions, &c., üi. to frauds in general, see Cheat.

153. As to conspiracy to defraud, i. 878.

Societies to declare the purpose of their es. Parol evidence admissible to prove, ii. 373.

tablishment, &c. before confirmation of

rules by quarter sessions, iii. 154. REEHOLD

May ipflict penalty for misapplication of Larceny of things of, iii. 1100, 1130 to 1134.

money, iii. 154. Porcible entry into, 79. See FORCIBLE ENTRY. Consent necessary for dissolution of socie In soil of highways, iii. 511.

ties, iii. 154. In bridges, i. 447.

Stock not divisible but for general purposes REEMASONS.

of society, iii. 154. Assembly of, not unlawful, when, v. 755.

Rules to be entered in a book, and re.

ceived in evidence, &c., iii. 354. RIENDLY SOCIETIES, BUILDING BE

Societies may receive donations, iii. 155. NEFIT SOCIETIES, AND LOAN

Proceedings, where members aggrieved, iji. SOCIETIES.

155. As to savings banks, see BANKS FOR Sav.

Where rules direct disputes to be settled by INGS.

arbitration, arbitrators' award to be final,

iii. 155. 1. Societies formed before the 10 Geo.4, c. 56.

No member, producing a certificate thereof, The 33 Geo. 3, c. 54, ii. 147.

to be removable till chargeable to parish, Any number of persons may form themselves

iii. 156. into a society, and raise a fund for their How certificates are to be authenticated, iii. mutual benefit, and may make rules and

156. impose fines, &c., iii. 148.

On complaint of parish officers, justices may Rules of such societies to be exhibited to

summon persons bringing certificates to the sessions, who may annul or confirm

be examined, and make oath of their settlethem, ii. 149.

ment, &c., iii. 156. Rules to be signed by clerk of peace, and Copies of examinations to be given to the deposited with him, iii. 149.

parties, which shall exempt them from fu. No society to be within the meaning of this

ture examination, iii. 157. act till their rules confirmed, iii. 149.

Justices may declare by an order in writing No confirmed rule to be altered at a general

the place of settlement of persons so exmeeting of the society, &c., iii. 150.

amined, without issuing warrant for reAlterations of rules to be subject to the re.

moval, ii. 157. view of the quarter sessions, iii. 150.

Copies of such orders and of examinations Society may appoint officers, iii. 150.

to be returned to the parish officers of Securities to be given for officers of trust, if

place of settlement, &c., iii. 157. required, ii. 150.

Appeal to sessions, ii. 157. Treasurers or trustees to give bond to clerk No persons who shall reside in any parish of peace, iii. 150.

under this act shall thereby acquire a And other persons to treasurers or trustees,

settlement, iii. 158. iii. 151.

Nor for paying rates, iii. 158. Bonds not chargeable with stamp duty, iii. Nor any apprentice or servant to such per151.

sons, iii, 158. Appointment of committees, iii. 151.

Bastards to have the mother's settlement, Powers of standing committees to be de.

iii. 158. clared in the rules of the society, and of Charges of maintaining or removing residents particular ones entered in a book, iii. 151.

under this act to be reimbursed by the Committees controllable by society, iii. 151.

parish to which the parties belong, iii. 158. Treasurers or trustees to lay out surplus of The 35 Geo. 3, c. 111, iii. 158.

contributions, and to bring the proceeds Provision for societies established before to account, iii. 151.

passing of recited act, iii. 159.

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, &c.continued. , FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, &c.—continued.
1. Societies formed before 10 Geo. 4—con. I. Societies formed before 10 Geo. 4-cor.
Governors of institutions for relief of widows Proceedings of trustees in case of deficiency
&c. may frame and present rules for con-

of funds, iii. 167.
firmation as societies established by vir-

In cases of complaint of vidows and child
tue of recited act, i. 159.

ren, justices to have jurisdiction, i. 157.
Institutions whose rules shall be confirmed The 33 Geo. 3, c. 54, and 49 Geo. 3, c. 123,
may appoint treasurers, &c., and be en.

applicable to act, iii. 167.
titled to benefit of act, iii. 159.
The 43 Geo. 3, c. 111, iii. 160.

II. Societies formed after 10 G. 4, c. ,
The 33 Geo. 3, c. 54, iii. 160.

or which have conformed to its Propian.
Any society having exhibited their regula. The 10 Geo. 4, c. 56, ii. 167.

tions at any quarter sessions for a peculiar Repeal of prior acts except as herein stated,
jurisdiction, how same may be confirmed

ii. 168.
at quarter sessions for the county, ii. Persons may form themselves into a society,

and raise a fund for their mutual beading
The 49 Geo. 3, c. 125, iii. 160.

and make rules, &c., iii. 168.
Two justices on complaint against members May alter and amend rules, iii. 169.

may enforce observance of rules, iii. 161. Societies, in rules, to declare purpose of
And levy any arrears by distress and sale,

establishment, &c., iii. 169.
iii. 161.

Such purpose to be complied with, iii. 169.
Benefits of 33 Geo. 3, c. 54, s. 2, extended Monies not to be misapplied, ii. 169.

to all societies complying with this act, Manner of proceeding in case barrister skill
iii. 161.

refuse to certify, iii. 169.
Two justices may order relief, and specify Justices' approval of tables, ii. 169.
time and manner of payment, iii. 161.

No society entitled to benefit of act, unless
Orders of justices shall be made on officers

rules entered in a book and contisured,
of societies by name, and served on them,

&c., iii. 170.
iii. 162.

Rules, when entered and deposited, to be
All such orders shall be final, iii. 163.

binding on members and depositors, E.
The 57 Geo. 3, c. 39, iii. 163.

Extending certain provisions of recited acts Copy of transcript evidence, iii. 170.
to charity and friendly societies, iii. 163.

No confirmed rule to be altered but it a
The 59 Geo. 3, c. 128, iii. 163.

general meeting of society, &c., iii. 170.
Future societies to conform to this act, iii. Rules to specify place of meeting and du-

ties of officers, iii. 171.
Rules and tables of friendly societies to be Societies may alter place of meeting, il
confirmed at sessions, iii. 163.

And to be inrolled according to 33 Geo. 3,

Society may appoint officers, iii. 171.
c. 54, iii. 164.

Securities to be given for offices of trust, 1
Proviso as to tables of payments and bene

required, iii. 171.
fits, iii. 164.

Treasurer or trustees to give bond to clerk
Sessions may publish general rules, petty

of peace, iii. 171.
sessions may act thereon, iii. 164.

Appointment of committees, iï. 172.
Appointment of trustees, iii. 164.

Powers of standing committees to be de
Provision for alteration of rules, iï. 165.

clared in rules of society, and of particu.
Treasurer and other officers, iii. 165.

lar ones entered in a book, iü. 172
Exemption from stamp duties, iii. 165.

Committee controllable by society, ini. 112.
Property of societies vested in trustees, iji. Treasurer or trustees to lay out it

contributions, iii. 172.
Who may bring and defend actions, iii. 165. And to bring the proceeds to account, D.
No abatement by death of trustees, iii. 165.

Restrictions upon dissolution of society, or Treasurers, &c. to render accounts, and par
division of funds, iii. 166.

over balances, &c., iii. 172.
Places of meeting, and powers and duties of And in case of neglect, application may be
members to be specified in the rules, iii.

made to Exchequer, &c., iii. 173.

Where trustees, &c. are out of jurisdiction
Funds may be subscribed into savings-bank,

court, or uncertain if alive, or they refuse
iii. 166.

to convey, &c., Exchequer may appolat a
Or into Bank of England on debentures, iii.

person to convey, iii. 173.

When trustees absent, &c, courts mar order
Or vested in public funds, or on real security,

stock to be transferred and dividends paid,
iii. 166.

iii. 173.
Limitation of responsibility of trustees, iii. No fee for any proceedings in such courts,

iii. 174.

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, &c.--continued. | FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, &c.—continued.
II. Sucieties formed after 10 Geo. 4-con. II. Societies formed after 10 Geo. 4-con.
Who to be named in orders of court for The 2 Will. 4, c. 37, iii. 183.
making transfers, ii. 174.

Term extended for pre-existing societies to Act to be an indemnity to the Bank, iii. 174.

conform to provision of 10 Geo. 4, c. 56, Payment in case of death of officers, iji. 174.

iii. 183. Effects of societies vested in trustees or trea

Pre-existing societies to conform before Mi. surer, who may bring and defend actions,

chaelmas, 1834, iii. 183. &c., iii. 174.

The 4 & 5 Will. 4, c. 40, iij. 184. Limitation of responsibility of treasurers or Repeal of parts of 10 Geo. 4, iii. 184. trustees, üi. 175.

Purposes for which societies may be formed Treasurer, &c. liable for money actually re

under 10 Geo. 4, c. 56, iii. 184. ceived, ii. 175.

Two transcripts of rules to be submitted to Payment to persons appearing to be next of

a barrister, &c., who to certify same, iii. kin, valid, iii. 176.**

184. For payment of sums not exceeding 201. Barrister, &c. to certify both transcripts, where members die intestate, iii. 176.

iii. 185. Justices may hear cases of fraud, and punish Fee payable to barrister, iii. 185. by fine or imprisonment, iii. 176.

One transcript to be returned to society, the Conviction, iii. 176.

other to be sent to clerk of peace, iii. 185. Warrant of distress, iii. 176.

Justices to confirm rules, iii. 185. Commitment, iii. 177.

Transcript to be filed, iji. 185. Proceeding by indictment, &c., iii. 177.

Rules, &c. to be binding when certified by Proceedings necessary for dissolution of so

barrister, ii. 185. ciety, iii. 177.

Barrister not to be entitled to fee in respect Stock not divisible but for general purposes

of alterations within three years, nor for of society, iji. 177.

certificate to rules being copies of those Penalties for illegal dissolution or division of

already inrolled, iïi. 185. funds, ii. 177.

Returns of sickness, &c. to be sent to barRules to be made directing whether disputes

rister, iii. 186. shall be settled by justices, iii. 177.

If rules of society direct reference of disOr by arbitration, iii. 177.

putes to arbitration, and society refuse to Appointment of arbitrators, iii. 177.

grant arbitrators, &c., justices may deAward conclusive, iii. 178.

termine the disputes, iii. 186. Justices to enforce compliance therewith, iii. Provision in case member is expelled, iii.

186. By order, iii. 178.

Funds of society may be deposited in sav. By warrant of distress, iii. 178.

ings-bank, iii. 186. Reference of disputes to justices, if so di. Members may be witnesses, iii. 187. rected by rules of society, iii. 179.

No fee for oaths before magistrates in ob. Orders of justices final, ii. 180.

taining payment of sick pay, iii. 187. No appeal, ii. 180.

Executors, assignees, &c. of officers to pay Savings-banks, iii. 180.

money due to society before other debts, funds may be subscribed into Bank of

iii. 187. England, on receipts, iii. 180.

Letters to and from barristers and advocates societies inrolled under 59 Geo. 3, c. 128,

to be free of postage, iii. 188. prior to 28th July, 1828, entitled to 3d. Provisions of former statutes to continue in per cent. per diem, iii. 180.

force as to societies established under linors may be members, and have legal

them until they shall conform to the proauthority to act, iii. 181.

visions of 10 Geo. 4, c. 56, as hereby ocieties shall make annual audits and state.

amended, iii. 188. ments of funds to members, iïi. 181.

If a society inrolled under acts repealed by leturns to be made to clerks of peace at

10 Geo. 4, c. 56, wish to alter their rules, certain periods, ii, 181.

same to be done in conformity to that eturns to be transmitted to Secretary of

act, üi. 189. State, and laid before Parliament, iii. 181. Construction of words, iïi. 189. ocieties not making returns, iii. 182.

Provisions extended to Guernsey, Jersey, xemption from stamp duties, iii. 182.

and Isle of Man, iii. 189. onstruction of words in act, iii. 182.

The 3 & 4 Vict. c. 73, iii. 189. ct extends to present and future societies, Recited act not to exempt from stamp duty iii. 182.

certain friendly societies, when sum as»cieties already inrolled to conform to this

sured exceeds 2001., iii. 189. act within three years, iii. 182.

No society assuring for more than 2001. en. ow far repealed acts to continue in force,

titled to invest in savings-banks or with iii. 182.

national debt commissioners, iii. 189.


FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, &c.--continued. | FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, &c.—contiated. II. Societies formed after 10 Geo. 4-con. III. Loan SOCIETIES—continued. Certain friendly societies empowered to ap

Sums herein stated to be in full of all point nominees to receive sums assured,

charges, iii. 203. üi. 189.

Clerks, &c. overcharging liable to penalties On future investments by societies a declara.

of usury, iii. 303. tion to be made in form directed by com. Instalments not to be paid in advance, por missioners, iii. 190.

loans to be balloted for, iii. 204. List of Forms applicable to Friendly Socie Members to be competent witnesses, iïi. 204. ties, iü. 190.

Forms stated in schedule may be used, ii.


Abstract of accounts to be made yearly, od The 3 & 4 Vict. c. 110, iii. 198.

sent to barrister, iii. 204. Repeal of part of 5 & 6 Will. 4, c. 23, iii.

Copy to be laid before Parliament, iï. 204. 198.

Trustees not personally liable, iii. 204. Provisions to be in force for recovery of all

Duration of act, iii. 204.
sums lent previous to passing of this act,
iii. 198.

Schedule to the 3 & 4 Vict. c. 110, iï. 295. Society not liable to penalties for loans made IV. BUILDING BENEFIT SOCIETIES. before passing of act, ii. 198.

The 6 & 7 Will. 4, c. 42, iii. 207. Formation of loan societies under restric. tions in this act, iii. 198.

Societies may be established for the purchase Three transcripts of rules to be submitted to

or erection of dwelling-houses, i. 307. a barrister, &c., iii. 198.

Bonus, &c. not to be usurious, iii. 208. Who is to certify the transcripts, iii. 198.

Rules may be made to provide forms of conFee payable to, iii, 199.

veyance, &c., iii. 208. One transcript to be kept by the barrister,

Provisions of Friendly Society Acts extended iii. 199.

to this, iii. 208. Another returned to the society, iii. 199.

Receipt indorsed on mortgage to be sati. And the third sent to clerk of peace, iii. 199.

cient discharge without re-conveyance, L. Justices to confirm rules, iii. 199.

208. Rules, &c. to be binding when certified by

Not to authorize investment of funds in barrister, iii. 199.

savings-bank, iïi. 208. No confirmed rule to be altered but at a

Benefit of act to extend to all societies general meeting of society, &c., ii. 199.

established prior to June, 1836, m. 204. Limitation of fee payable to barrister, iii.

Exemption from stamp duties, iï. 209. 199. Rules to be entered in a book to be kept by FRUIT AND FRUIT TREES. See Wood officer of society, iïi. 199.

Stealing of, iii, 1131, 1133. Property of society vested in the trustees, Malicious injuries to, v. 37, 39.

iii. 199. Societies to issue debentures, iii. 200.

FULLER'S EARTH. See WOOLLEN MANT. Trustees signing debentures not personally

liable unless specially undertaken, iii. 200.
Sums under 501, deposited in any loan so-

ciety payable without probate to repre-
sentative of deceased debenture holder, iii. Forgery relating to, iii. 131.

Conspiracy to raise price of, i. 133, 879.
Treasurer, &c. to give security, iii. 201. Larceny of stock, iii. 1126, 1129.
Amount of loan, iii. 201.
No note or security liable to stamp duty, iii. FUNERALS.

When exempt from tolls, iü. 725. Securities not transferrable, iii. 201.

Arresting a dead body, illegality of, i. 414. Recovery of loans, iii. 201. Recovery of loans in courts of request, iii. 202.

FURIOUS DRIVING. Power for societies to reduce demand to Death occasioned by. See HOMICIDE.

enable courts of request to adjudicate, iii. Injuries to passengers occasioned by SPP 202.

STAGE COACHES. Treasurer of any loan society to sue securi. Of hackney coaches, cabs, and public car. ties granted to his predecessor, iii. 202.

riages. See HackNEY COACHES. Sum to be demanded for inquiries, iii. 202. Penalty for riding or driving furiously to the Sum for interest, iii. 203.

danger of passengers. See Police. New schemes must be certified by actuary Penalty for furious riding or driving on highof national debt office, iii. 203.




Burning it in forests, i. 511. See BURNING. I V. Property in, &c. Game in Manors, &c.—con.

“ To fish," j. 222.

" To hunt,” iii. 222.
I. Repeal of Statutes by 1 & 2 Will. 4, c.

“ To bawk, hunt, fish, and fowl," üži, 222.
32.-Act not to extend to Scotland or Ire. “ To sport," üi. 222.

Landlord to have game under existing leases

except in certain cases, iii. 222.
II. What shall be deemed Game, iii. 212.

Exceptions, iii. 223.
III. Property in Game in general.

Act not to affect existing or future agree.
Tame animals, iïi. 213.

ments respecting game, nor rights of

manor, forest, chase, or warren, iii. 223.
Wild animals, iii. 213.

Nor to affect cattle-gates or right of common,
Taking and killing them, iii. 213.

ii. 223.
Taking and taming them, iii. 213.

Lord of manor to have game on waste, iïi.
Inclosing them, ii. 213.

Young ones, &c., iii. 213.

Landlord, having reserved the right to the
Ratione soli, iii. 213.

game, may authorize others to kill it, iii.
Propter privilegium, iii. 214.

Queen's property in, iii. 214.

Term, “ lord of manor," &c. to include
Queen's grants, iii. 214.

“ lady of manor," &c. iii. 223.

Where landlord, &c. has right to game in
IV. Property in, and Laws as to, Game in

exclusion of occupier, occupier liable to a
Franchised Places.

penalty for killing it, iii. 224.
In general every certificated person may

When several penalties may be incurred or
kill, iii. 214.

not, iii. 224.
Statute 1 & 2 Will. 4, c. 32, not to affect
any existing or future agreements respect-

VI. Who may kill or take Game ; Penalty,
ing, jii. 214.

&c. for killing it, &c., without being
Nor any rights of manor, forest, chase, or

warren, iii. 214.

Who authorized to kill game, &c. in general,
Act not to affect Queen's forest rights, &c.,

iii. 224.
iii. 214.

Certificated persons may kill game, subject
In franchises, iii. 215.

to the law of trespass, iii. 224.
Forests, iii. 215.

Proviso as to gamekeepers, iii. 224.
Purlieu, iii. 215.

Gamekeepers not to act beyond limits of
Chase, iii. 216.

appointment, iii. 224.
Park, iii. 216.

Where the landlord, &c. has the right to
Free warren, üi. 216.

game in exclusion of the occupier, the oc-
General observations as to these franchises

cupier shall be liable to a penalty for kill.
or royalties, iii. 217.

ing it, üi. 225.

Penalty for killing or pursuing game with-
V. Property in, and Laws as to, Game in

out a certificate, iii. 225.
Manors, Warrens, Decoys, Preserves, Penalty to be cumulative, iii. 225.
and Private Grounds.

Enactment should be construed strictly, iii.
Manors, iii. 218.

Power of the lord to seize dogs, &c., iii. An infant subject to the penalty, iii. 225.

Feme covert, iii. 225.
The 4 & 5 Vict. c. 35, jii. 219.

Several persons, iii. 225.
Hare and rabbit warrens, iii. 220.

Dog or engine need not be kept or used to
Decoys, ïïi. 221.

kill game, iii. 226.
Rookery, iji. 221.

Catching a hare evidence of taking it, iii.
Preserves and private grounds, iii. 221.

Property in game by the common law, iii. What an using, iii. 226.

The justice should be fully satisfied of the
Grant of mere right to sport must be by

intent, iii. 227.
deed, iii. 222.

How far an uncertificated person may sport
But parol license as such suffices, iii. 222.

with or for a certificated one, iii. 227.
A reservation or exception, when a grant, What dogs and engines within the enact.
iii. 222.

ment, iii. 229.
What rights acquired by a grant or license What deemed game, iii. 229.
to sport, iii. 222.

What number of penalties incurred by ki!l.
A liberty" to fowl” is a profit à prendre,

ing several heads of game, &c., iii. 229.

Several penalties in same conviction, ïïi. 230.
Liberty " to hawk,” iii. 222.

How far punishable by indictment, iii. 230.


iii. 222.

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