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GAMING AND LOTTERIES—continued. | GAOLS, &c.- continued.
II. Lotteries and Little Goes-continued. I. By what Authority erected, &c.-continued.
Application of penalty, iii. 331.

Notice of order of sessions to be given, and
General issue, ii. 331.

copy served on keepers of gaols, &c., iii.
Treble costs, üi. 331.

Penalties to go to the Queen, and to be sued Proviso for removal of prisoners, iii. 338.
for in name of Attorney-General, &c., üi.

Proviso for classification of, iii. 339.

Provision for classification where gaol and
State lotteries, iii. 331.

house of correction together, iii. 339.
Bankrupt's certificate, iii. 332.

Regulation as to confinement of prisoners
Foreign lotteries, iii. 332.

for debt, iii. 339.
Setting up &c., penalty for, iii. 332.

Persons removed to part of building de-
Selling or procuring chances in foreign lot.

clared the gaol deemed in custody of
teries, iii. 332.

sheriff, iii. 339.
Appeal, ii. 332.

Proviso for sheriff, iii. 339.
Advertising foreign or illegal lotteries pro.

Chapel and sick wards common to both, iji.
hibited, iii. 332.

IV. Forms as to.

Justices, &c. may make further regula-

tions for prisons, iii. 340.
Commitment on 9 Ann. c. 14, s. 5, for

In London and Middlesex, iii. 340.
winning by fraud, iii. 333.
Indictment for like offence for playing with

Copies of rules to be put up in prisons, iii.

dice, iii. 333.
The like in another form for playing at cards,

Rules shall bind sheriffs, except as to ap-

pointment of gaolers, iii. 340.
ü, 333.
Commitment on 18 Geo. 2, c. 34, s. 8, for

Powers of sessions to be exercised in Lon.

don by the court of mayor and aldermen
winning above 101., ii. 333.

as heretofore, &c., iii. 340.
Indictment for like offence for playing with
dice, iii. 333.

Copies of proceedings and regulations of
The like in another form by playing with

justices, and plans of prisons, to be trans-

mitted to secretary of state, iii. 340.
cards, üi. 334.

The 5 & 6 Will. 4, c. 38, iii. 341.
Indictment on 18 Geo. 2, c. 34, s. 8, for

Rules for government of prisons to be ap.
losing more than 201. within 24 hours,
üii. 334.

proved only as hereinafter provided, iii.

Commitment for keeping a gaming-house, Manner in which such rules are to be made

ii. 334.
Indictment for keeping same, iii. 334.

and approved, iii. 341.

Clerks of peace, &c. to transmit copies of
Second count for keeping a common gaming-

prison rules to secretary of state, who
room and place, iii. 334.

may add to or alter them, iii. 341.

Clerks of peace, &c. to lay copies of prison

rules before sessions, iii. 341.
(For Counties and Ridings, &c.)

In case clerks of peace, &c. neglect to
As to gaols and houses of correction for bo-

transmit rules to secretary of state, he
roughs and corporate towns, i. 131.

may certify what rules he may deem ne-
As to prisons for juvenile offenders, iii. 410.

cessary, iï. 342.

Justices, &c. authorized to make rules for
1. By what Authority erected. To whom

classification and separation of prisoners,
they belong, and what are to be kept,

iii. 342.
and Division of.-Power of Justices to Secretary of state to certify the fitness of
make Rules as to.

them, iii. 342.
None to be erected but by statute, iii. 337.

Provision for prisons for which there is no
To whom they belong, iii. 337.

clerk of peace or chief magistrate, iii. 342.
In counties, &c. there shall be one gaol

Gaols, &c., though out of county, to be sub.
and one house of correction, iii. 337.

ject to jurisdiction of justices, iii. 342.
Powers of 4 Geo. 4, c. 64, and 5 Geo. 4, II. Building, altering, and repairing of.

C. 85, extended to all gaols, except as to Who to repair at common law, iii. 342.
classification of prisoners, subject to 5 & 6

On report or presentment of insufficiency of
Will. 4, c. 38, and 6 & 7 Will. 4, c. 105,

gaols, sessions may contract for enlarg-
and 2 & 3 Vict. c. 56, iii. 338.

ing, building, or repairing them, iii. 343.
Houses of correction already established may Notice in newspaper, iii. 343.
be retained for classification of prisoners, Contractor to give security, iii. 313.
iii. 338.

Sessions may purchase houses, &c. for
Quarter sessions to execute act; and to as-

building or enlarging prisons, iii. 343.
certain the classes to be confined in

Insufficient prisons may be presented or
prisons, iü. 338.

reported as such, iii. 344.

GAOLS, &c.- continued.

GAOLS, &c.—continued. II. Building, altering, and repairing of-con.

III. Expenses of building, altering, ge.-con. Plans of new prison to be approved by se

Sessions may charge county rates, so as the

money borrowed be repaid in fourteen cretary of state, iii. 344.

years, with interest, iii. 349. If three months elapse after plan received

Books to be kept of receipts and paymects, without notice, it may be put in execu.

iii. 319. tion, iii. 344.

Persons appointed in respect thereof nie. When prisons become unfit, two justices (one

glecting duty, üi. 349. a visitor) may order repairs, and shall re

Penalty, iii. 349. port to sessions, iii. 344.

Bodies politic, &c. empowered to sell and How far gaols, though locally situate out of

convey lands, iii. 349. county, &c., deemed part of the county,

Where crown lands necessary, Treasury &c., and subject to jurisdiction of justices

may convey same, iii. 350.
of county, &c., iii. 344.
Plans for prisons to provide separate places

The like as to duchy of Lancaster and

Cornwall, ii. 350. of confinement, classification, &c. of pri

If parties refuse to treat, &c., value of presoners, iï. 315.

mises to be settled by a jury, in. 350. Sick wards, iii. 345.

Notice to be given by quarter sessions of Baths, iii, 345.

taking into consideration refusal of par. Places for exercise, üi. 345.

ties to treat, ii. 350. Sleeping cells, iii. 345.

Jury and proceedings thereon, iii. 350.
Places for work, üi. 345.

Verdict final, iii. 351.
Solitary cells, iii. 346.
A chapel, iii. 346.

How jury to be summoned and chosen, El

351. Apartments for chaplain, iii. 346.

Fines may be imposed upon sheriff, jary, and Justices may remove site of prisons, upon presentment of state of the old site, iii.

others, for neglect, iii. 351.

Expenses of summoning and maintaining 346. Sale may be made of old sites, iii. 346.

jury and witnesses, how defrayed, iä. 351.

Conveyance to be made on payment of pe. Exception, iü. 346.

chase-money, iii. 352. Conveyance, ii. 316.

Effect of such conveyance, iii. 352. Where courts of justice attached to prisons,

Application of compensation when erceed. they may be altered, &c., iii. 346.

ing 2001., iii. 352. Proceedings by justices who shall consider

Application when compensation is less than any gaol, &c. unnecessary, ii. 346.

2001., but not less than 20!., jä. 353. Contracts for sale of gaols, &c. entered into

Application where money less than 201., IL. before this act may be confirmed by jus.

tices, after notice given in like manner,
iii. 347.

In case of not making out titles, purchase.
Prison, when sold, to be conveyed by trus-

money to be paid into the Bank in dane tees, &c. to purchaser, which shall give a

of accountant-gen, in Chancery, i. 123. valid title, iii. 347.

Court may make order in respect thereot 20 Application of purchase-money, iji. 347.

motion or petition, iii. 354. When property is not vested in trustees,

Upon question touching title to monet på 1

into Bank, person having been in pedics justices may order clerk of the peace to

sion of premises deemed entitled to the convey such property to purchaser, iii. 347.

money until contrary shewn to the Court

of Chancery, iii. 354.
Building or repairing gaols in cities, &c.,
iii. 348.

Court of Chancery may order reasonate

expenses of purchasers to be paid. Til 31. III. Expenses of building and repairing, &-c.,

Expenses of execution of act charged upon how defrayed.

county rates, iii. 355.

Proviso as to liability of cities, as to descripOn application of sessions, commissioners

tion of prisoners, and contribution towards may advance money for building or re

expenses, iii. 355. pairing gaols, &c., ill. 348.

Regulating notices when commonable Low Justices to make rates for repayment, and

are required for a prison, ji. 355. assign the rates as a security, iii. 348.

Notices to be delivered to occupier, the Money advanced to be repaid in twenty

be deemed person interested, ill. 330. years, iii. 348.

Justices enabled to borrow money on mort When amount of estimate for building, &c.

gage of rate, to pay off securities, II. JJO. exceeds one-half of the annual county

The 6 Geo. 4, c. 40, iii. 356. rate, such county rate may be mort.

Justices empowered to borrow on mortgate gaged, iii. 348.

of county rates, to pay off auf mortgage Such security transferable, iii. 349.

under recited act, iii. 357.

HOLS, &c.continued.

GAOLS, &c.continued.
1. Expenses of building, altering, &c.con.

V. In Counties divided into Ridings, &c.—con.
Money not to be applied for other purpose,

Sheriff to give notice in the London Gazette,
ii. 357.

&c. of the holding such court, iii. 361.
Rates to be discharged within fourteen years,

Chairman and clerk to be appointed, iii. 362.
ii. 357.

Power and duty of such court, iii. 362.
Justices to give notice of their intention to

Continuance in office by clerk of gaol ses-
pay off securities, iii. 357.

sions, iii. 362.
Delivery of notice deemed sufficient service,

Notice of holding gaol sessions in the news.
ii. 358.

papers, iii. 362.
Interest to cease on days specified in notice,

Place for holding sessions for the county
iii. 358.

gaol, iii. 362.
Repeal of 4 Geo. 4, c. 64 and 5 Geo. 4, c. 85, Treasurer to be appointed, iii. 362.
as to borrowing money in sums not ex-

To account upon oath, iii. 362.
ceeding 1001. each, iii. 358.

Court to appoint salaries, iii. 362.

Proportions of county rates to be paid by
V. Contracts by Justices having Charge of

each division, iii. 362.
Gaols in Cities, 8c., with Justices having

In case of dispute as to proportions, same
Charye of Gaols of Counties, &c.

to be settled by arbitrators appointed by

the justices or one justice of assize on cir-
The 5 Geo. 4, c. 85, iii. 358.

cuit, ii. 363.
Justices baving charge of gaols for cities, Award final for ten years, and until further
&c. may contract with justices having

order, iii. 363.
charge of county gaols for care of prison. The 5 Geo. 4, c. 85, reciting 5 Geo. 4, c. 12,
ers, iii. 358.

8. 8, iii. 363.
No contract entered into without an order

One arbitrator competent, iii. 363.
of the quarter sessions, iii. 358.

Order for money to be transmitted to trea.
Prisoners to be committed to the prison con-

surers of the several divisions, iii. 363.
tracted for, iii. 359.

Rates may be mortgaged for raising the
Expenses under contract, how raised, i.

money, üi. 364.

Rates on each division to be charged in
In case of dispute, to be settled by arbitra.

same manner as rates on counties by re-
tion, iji. 359.

cited act, iii. 364.
Powers of arbitrator, iï. 359.

Reports under 4 Geo. 4, c. 64, s. 23, laid
Award, final costs, iii. 359.

before gaol sessions, iii. 364.
How far, during contract, city, &c. con Reports, &c. transmitted by chairman of
tracting not liable to provide a prison, iii.

court of gaol sessions to secretary of state,

iii. 364.
Magistrates, &c. empowered to borrow

Returns from keeper of prisons to be deli.
money for rebuilding gaols, &c. in case it

vered to clerk of gaol sessions, iii. 364.
appear more advisable than altering, iii. By whom convictions for recovery of fines,

&c. to be made, iii. 364.
low monies raised for building gaols, &c. Common gaol of county to be deemed
iii. 360.

within each riding or division, iii. 365.
Ioney borrowed for rebuilding gaols, &c.

VI. To what Gaols Prisoners are to be com-
to be repaid to such city, &c. advancing

mitted, and Reception of them.
same, ii. 360.

Justice empowered to commit offenders to
-lagistrates to report to secretary of state as

any house of correction near the place
to contracts with counties for use of pri-

where they are to be tried, iii. 365.
sons, iii. 360.

How persons convicted of offences for which
Copy of regulations of prisons, and return

they are liable to death, &c. shall be dis-
to be made, as in schedule, to secretary of

posed of, iii. 365.
state, iji. 360.

Punishment of death to be executed by she-
Contracts between corporations and county

riff, iii. 365,
justices, &c., iii. 361.

Powers of keepers of houses of correction
Gaols in Counties divided into Ridings,

enlarged, iii. 365.

Liability of gaoler for receiving person ille-
8c., and Sessions for such Gaols.

gally taken, iii. 365.
he 5 Geo. 4, c. 12, reciting 4 Geo. 4, c. 64, Rogues and vagabonds committed to house
ii. 361.

of correction only, iii. 365.
n counties divided into ridings or divisions, Power to justices to commit to house of
a court of sessions for the gaol shall be

correction of the county, where person
held; and such court shall possess all

apprehended in district, &c., iii. 366.
powers given by the former act respecting Not necessary to build a house of correction
the common gaol, iii. 361.

for any such district, &c., iii. 366.


GAOLS, &c.—continued.

GAOLS, &c.- continued.
VII. Rules to be obserred in Gaols, and Clas. VII. Rules to be observed in Gaols, &c.-10.
sification, Gorernment, and Treatment

another class till he receives directions of
of Prisoners.

visiting justice, iii. 372.
(1). General Rules and Regulations to be ob. Classification of prisoners in gaoks, de
serred in Gaols.

where whole number of wards, &c. is not
Queen's Bench no jurisdiction over, iii.

required, iii. 372.

Regulations herein mentioned may be dis-
Rules and regulations to be observed in, iii.

pensed in Welsh counties, iii. 373.

Proviso respecting prisoners for breachd
Keeper, iii. 367.

revenue laws, üi. 373.
Matron, iii. 367.

To prevent solitary confinement, ii. 373.
Visiting the wards, iii. 367.

Where gaol and house of correction contie
Keeper's journal, iii. 367.

guous, chapel and infirmary may be co-
Hard labour, iii. 367.

mon, iii. 374.
Male and female prisoners to be separated, Prisoners may be separately confined, E.
iii. 367.

Classification, ii. 367.

Separate confinement not to be deemed to
Females, iii. 367.

litary confinement, and regulations re-
Hours of hard labour, iji. 367.

specting, iii. 374.
Daily prayers, iii. 368.

Further regulations as to different classes of
Instruction, iii. 368.

prisoners, üi. 374.
Divine service, iii. 368.

Certain parts of recited act repealed, ii.
Putting prisoners in irons, iii. 368.

Food, iii. 368.

Regulations respecting debtors and personi
Gaol allowance, jü. 369.

convicted of misdemeanours, ii. 375.
Admission of persons, iii. 369.

(3). Food, Clothing, f*c.
Illness, iii. 369.
Apparel, ii. 369.

Food and clothing, üi. 375.
Prison dress, iii. 369.

(4). Employment, Labour, &c.
Bedding, &c., iii. 369.

Employment, labour, &c., ii. 375.
Whitewashing, &c. walls, üïi. 369.

In what cases persons committed for trial
Washing, iii. 369.

may be employed, iii. 375.
Exercise, iii. 369.

Proviso as to prisoners working together,
Spirituous liquors, &c., iii. 369.

iii. 376.
Gaming, iii. 370.

Two visiting justices may order prisoners to
Garnish money, iii. 370.

be employed, iii. 376.
Death of prisoner, iii. 370.

Prisoners able to earn, not to have suppers
Prison regulations as to murderers under

from the county, iii. 376.
sentence, iii. 370.

Account of work done kept by keeper, iii. 376.
Further rules to be observed, and 2 & 3 Allowance for work done, iii. 376.
Vict. c. 56, iji. 370.

No prisoner to be employed without bis
No keeper, &c. to let to hire, &c. or deal

consent, nor on tread-wheel before cua-
in articles, iii. 370.

viction, iii. 376.
Keeper to state why he omits inspection, iii. Prisoners committed for trial to be aloned

food without work, iii. 376.
Locks, &c. of cells of female prisoners, iii. Convicts may be kept to hard labour, and

may be removed to house of correction, IL
Prisoner not to be employed as turnkey,

&c., iii. 370.

Time of imprisonment to be deemed part of
Orders of surgeon for admission of spirits or

term, iii. 379.
tobacco, iii. 370.

Repeal of part of 4 Geo. 4, c. 64, as to cor-
Keeping in irons, iii. 371.

victs employed in gaol. iii. 379.
Garnish money, iii. 371.

No officer to have profit by their work, if.
Charge of prisoner's effects, iii. 371.

Books or printed papers prohibited, except Allowances to certain prisoners, i. 360.

those chosen by the chaplain, &c., iii. 371. Offenders against whom sentence of deaths
Additional regulations may be made by jus-

recorded may be kept to hard labour, El.
tices, &c., iii. 371. .

(2). Classification of Prisoners.

(5). Prisoners not to be Jurors on Inquets.
Classification of prisoners, iii. 371.

No prisoner to sit on an inquest, iii. 380.
Justices may authorize employment of pri. (6). Escape of Prisoners, or Attempts to it.
soners in menial offices, iii. 372.

Power to the keeper to confine prisoner with Escapes and attempts to escape, iñ. 380.

GAOLS, &c.—continued.

| GAOLS, &c.--continued. II. Rules to be observed in Gaols, &c.—con. | VII. Rules to be observed in Gaols, &c.con. Conveying disguises, &c. into prisons to as (10). Benefactions, &c. to Prisoners. sist escape, or assisting to escape, trans

How bequests and benefactions may be apportation, iii. 380.

plied, iii. 385. Method of trial and conviction of offenders

Jurisdiction of chief justices and others to making escape, rescue, &c., iii. 380.

examine into gifts for prisoners in Lon. (©). Prisoners disobeying Rules, and other.

don, Middlesex, and Surrey, and other wise refractory.

counties, &c., iii. 385. Power of keeper to inquire into and punish

Jurisdiction of commissioners for charitable certain offences, iii. 381.

uses, iii. 385. Punishment of refractory prisoners by visit.

Lists of gifts registered, and hung up in ing justices, &c., iii. 381.

gaols, iii. 385. Irons, iii. 381.

Prisoners may inspect same, iii. 385. (8). Removal of Prisoners, in certain Cases. VIII. Introducing, &c. of Spirits and other Quarter sessions may remove prisoners in

forbidden Articles into Gaols, &c. case of want of repair of prison, or of con Carrying spirituous liquors into prisons, iii. tagious disease, and back again when the

385. cause is removed, iii. 381.

Punishment unless penalty paid, iii. 385. In case of county gaols, notice to be given Search warrant, iii. 386. to sheriff, who shall remove such pri.

Gaoler permitting sale of spirits, iii. 386. soners, iii, 381.

Penalty 201., iii. 386. New gaol or prison previously otherwise No license for retailing spirits within gaols, used, may be declared the county gaol,

&c., iii. 386. ji, 382.

How far only spirits may be used there, iii. Where immediate removal of prisoners ne.

386. cessary, visiting justices to order same,

First offence, iij. 386. iii. 382.

Second offence, iii. 386. Such order laid before sessions, iii. 382.

Justices, upon information of the said of. Proviso for removals of prisoners from

fences, may enter and empower constacounty gaols, iii. 382.

ble to seize, &c., iii. 386. When only to be removed, ii. 382.

Persons attempting to introduce forbidden His Majesty may order prisoners to be re.

articles may be apprehended, iii. 386. moved from one prison to another, iii. 382. Punishment for such offence, iii. 386. False imprisonment in gaoler to remove a IX. Visiting Justices, &c. prisoner out of jurisdiction without war

Visiting justices to be appointed by sessions, rant, iii. 382.

iii. 387. Removal of prisoner under sentence of death,

Their duties, iii. 387. iii. 383.

Visitors may recommend offenders to ses. (9). Discharge of Prisoners, and Allowance,

sions for good conduct, iii. 387. &c. on.

Allowance to such offenders on their disThe 4 Geo. 4, c. 64, iii. 383.

charge, iii. 387. Visitors may recommend offenders to ses.

Any justice may visit the prison, and report sions on account of good conduct, ii. 383.

abuses to sessions, iii. 387. Allowance to such offenders on their dis

Proceedings thereon, iii. 387. charge, iii. 383.

Power of justices as to intercourse with pri. Supplying to prisoners discharged the means

soners committed to close confinement, of returning to their home, &c., iii. 383.

iii. 388. Discharged prisoners to be afforded means X. Sheriff, County Treasurer, Clerk of the of returning to their place of settlement,

Peace. üii. 383.

Officers to perform certain duties in districts Engraved or printed forms of passes to be

where sheriff or county treasurer has no provided for use of visiting justices, iii.

jurisdiction, iii. 388. 384, Allowance to travelling prisoners, iii. 384.

XI. Inspectors.

Power to appoint inspectors, iii. 388. Overseers of poor to pay allowance to pri

Penalty on obstructing inspectors, iii. 389. soners on producing pass, iii. 384.

A justice may summon offenders on comCounty treasurer to repay overseer money advanced, üi. 384.

plaint being made, iii. 389. Discharged prisoner to deliver his pass at

Secretary of state may visit or authorize any last place of receiving allowance, iii. 384.

person to visit prisons, iii. 389. Where imprisonment expires on Sunday, XII. Chaplains.

prisoner to be discharged on Saturday, iii. Quarter sessions may appoint a chaplain to 384.

each prison, iii. 389.

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