Jones' Views of the Seats, Mansions, Castles, Etc. of Noblemen and Gentlemen in England:: Accompanied with Historical Descriptions of the Mansions, Lists of Pictures, Statues, &c. and Genealogical Sketches of the Families, of Their Possessors: Forming Part of the General Series of Jones' Great Britain Illustrated, ....

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Page 11 - At half past two o'clock we passed a small creek at the distance of one mile and a half from the Town and entered an open wood when the army was halted and again drawn up in order of battle. During the whole of the last...
Page 56 - Westmorland, which, from the extent of prospect, the grand surrounding objects, the noble situation, the diversities of surface, the extensive woods and command of water, might be rendered by a man of sense, spirit, and taste, the finest scene in the British dominions.
Page 38 - Say, in this county ; and for the extraordinary services he conferred upon his country was created Lord Clive of Plassey, in the county of Clare, in Ireland. His Lordship's eldest son, Edward, the second Lord Clive, was advanced to the British Peerage by the title of Lord Clive of Walcot, in Shropshire, 1794, and farther elevated as Earl Powis, Viscount Clive of Ludlow, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, and Lord Powis of Powis Castle, 12th of May, 1804. His Lordship married Henrietta Antonia, daughter of...
Page 33 - February, taken by the Parliamentarians under Sir John Price, when Sir William and Sir Thomas Whitmore, Sir Francis Oatley, and about sixty men, were made prisoners. — Shrewsbury...
Page 37 - ... products for his friends. With his own hands he constructed models of the most remarkable temples and other interesting objects, of. art or nature in Italy ; and one particularly of Vesuvius, upon a great scale, of the materials of the mountain, with such accuracy of outline and justness of proportion, that Sir William Hamilton pronounced it to be the best ever produced of the kind, either by foreigner or native ; it is now at Lord Berwick's seat at Attingham, in Shropshire.
Page 14 - February 4, 1641. He served that unfortunate monarch as Colonel of Horse, and suffered much both in person and estate during the civil wars, but happily survived the usurpation of Cromwell, and witnessed the restoration of King Charles II. to the throne of his ancestors. The second son of the second Baronet was George Kaye, Esq. of Denby Grange ; he married Dorothy, daughter of Robert Saville, of Bryan Royd, in this county, and, dying in the year 1707> his son succeeded to the property of his two...
Page 4 - The coins were nil privately sold ; as were also most of the vessels, after breaking the bottoms out of some, and the ornaments and handles off" others. They presented to Sir John Swinburne, the grandfather of the present baronet, one cup entire, weighing twenty-six ounces ; the bottoms 'of three others ; three handles, adorned with beautiful figures in relief; part of another carved handle ; a figure a figure of Hercules and Antaeus wrestling ; and a figure of Neptune.
Page 56 - I should suppose to be, at least, twenty miles from the central spot where we stood ; and certainly so rich, so various, so beautiful, so sublime a prospect, my eyes had never beheld.
Page 43 - Howard hath very ingeniously contrived a long hope, (ie, according to Virgil, Deductus' Vallis) in the most pleasant and delightful solitude for house, gardens, orchards, boscages, &c., that I have ever seen in England. He hath cast this hope into the form of a theatre, on the sides whereof he hath made several narrow walks, which are bordered with thyme, and some cherry trees, myrtles, &c.
Page 50 - Judgment was given in favour of the former, and an act of parliament was passed to the eflect, that the possession of this castle and honour conferred the dignity of Earl without creation. The last male heir of the Fitz-Alans...

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