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Its beams on minds of joy bereft their fresh’ning

brightness fling, And show that life has somewhat left to which their

hopes may cling; It steals upon the sick at heart, the desolate in soul, To bid their doubts and fears depart, and point a

brighter goal.

If such be Love's triumphant power o'er spirits

touch'd by time, Oh! who shall doubt its loveliest hour of happiness

sublime ? In youth, 'tis like the meteor’s gleam which dazzles

and sweeps by, In after life, its splendours seem link'd with eternity!


For ever thine ! when hills and seas divide,

When storms combine;
When west winds sigh, or deserts part us wide —

For ever thine !

In the gay circle of the proud saloon,

Whose splendours shine ;
In the lone stillness of the evening moon —

For ever thine !

And when the light of song, that fires me now,

Shall life resign,
My breaking heart shall breathe its latest vow,
For ever thine !

From the German.

Thy life was all one oath of love to me!
Sworn to me daily, hourly, by thine eyes,
Which, when they saw me, lighten'd up as though
An angel's presence did enhance their sense,
That I have seen their


colour change,
Subliming into lines past earthliness.
Talk of the adjuration of the tongue -
Compare Love's name,- a sound which


May pipe ! a breath !-with holy love itself !
Thou 'rt not forsworn, because thou took'st no oath ?
What were thy accents, then ? — thy accents ?

tell me!
Oh! they did turn thy lightest words to oaths,
Vouching the burden of a love-fraught soul!
Telling a tale which my young nature caught
With interest so deep, 'twas conn'd by heart
Before I knew the fatal argument !



Oh! they are blest indeed, and swift the hours
Till her young sisters wreathe her hair in flowers.-
Then before all they stand ;

- the holy vow,
And ring of gold — no fond illusions now-
Bind her as his. Across the threshold led,
And every tear kiss'd off as soon as shed,
His house she enters, there to be a light,
Shining within when all without is night ;
A guardian angel o'er his life presiding,
Doubling his pleasure, and his cares dividing !
How oft her eyes read his ; her gentle mind
To all his wishes, all his thoughts inclined,
Still subject — ever on the watch to borrow
Mirth of his mirth, and sorrow of his sorrow.
The soul of music slumbers in the shell
Till waked to rapture by the master's spell ;
And feeling hearts-touch them but rightly-pour
A thousand melodies unheard before.



And said I that my limbs were old,
And said I that


blood was cold,
And that my kindly fire was fled,
And my poor wither'd heart was dead,

And that I might not sing of love ? — How could I to the dearest theme That ever warm'd a minstrel's dream,

So foul, so false a recreant prove ? How could I name Love's very name, Nor wake my heart to notes of flame!

In peace Love tunes the shepherd's reed;

war, he mounts the warrior's steed;
In halls, in gay attire is seen ;
In hamlets dances on the green.
Love rules the court, the camp,


grove, And men below, and saints above, For love is heaven, and heaven is love !



Ocean and land the globe divide;

Summer and winter share the year; Darkness and light walk side by side ;

And earth and heaven are always near.

Though each be good and fair alone,

And glorious in its time and place, In all, when fitly pair'd, is shown More of their Maker's




the union of


hearts So early and so well begun, Like sea and shore, in all their parts

Appear as twain, but be as one.

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may they find

Be it like summer

Bliss, beauty, hope, where'er they roam; Be it like winter - when confined,

Peace, comfort, happiness, at home.

Like day and night, sweet interchange

Of care, enjoyment, action, rest; Absence nor coldness e'er estrange

Hearts by unfailing love possest.

Like earth's horizon be their scene

Of life, a rich and various ground; And, whether lowering or serene,

Heaven all above it and around.

When land and ocean, day and night,

and nature cease to be,
May their inheritance be light,
Their union one eternity!


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