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The pair inspired by rosy love,
Foretaste the joys of heaven above !
Their hearts are bless'd, and what to them
Is glittering pomp or costly gem ?
They rapture breathe! on earth beneath

They tread a soft enchanted path.
If o'er the hour the tempest lower,

They reck not the fate of its bursting wrath.

Alas! if Love do not reveal
His warmth to stamp the marriage seal,
Then grief and bitter woe betide
The wedded lord and hapless bride :
Then hope will die, and true Love fly

Far off upon his trembling wing ;
The wither'd breast shall know no rest
From the scorpion care, and his poison'd sting.



Farewell ! Farewell ! the voice


hear, Has left its last soft tone with you, Its next must join the seaward cheer,

And shout among the shouting crew.

The accents which I scarce could form

Beneath your frown's controlling check, Must give the word, above the storm,

To cut the mast and clear the wreck.

The timid eye I dared not raise, –

Thé hand that shook when press'd to thine, Must point the guns upon the chase,

Must bid the deadly cutlass shine.

To all I love, or hope, or fear,

Honour, or own, a long adieu ! To all that life has soft and dear,

Farewell I save memory of you !


Love, like the grave, levels earth’s vain distinctions,
Hearts blend beneath his influence, as the colours
Blend in the rainbow, where each separate hue
Grows faint and fainter, till its varied tints
Fade on our wandering eyes, and we behold
Nothing but heaven.



By heavenly feet thy paths are trod, Undying Love's, who here ascends a throne To which the steps are mountains; where the god

Is a pervading life and light, — so shown

Not on those summits solely, nor alone In the still cave and forest ; o'er the flower

His eye is sparkling, and his breath hath blown, His soft and summer breath, whose tender power Passes the strength of storms in their most desolate


All things are here of him ; from the black pines

That are his shade on high, and the loud roar Of torrents, where he listeneth; to the vines Which slope his green path downward to the

shore, Where the bow'd waters meet him, and adore, Kissing his feet with murmurs ; and the wood,

The covert of old trees, with trunks all hoar, But light leaves, young as joy, stands where it stood, Offering to him and his a populous solitude.

A populous solitude of bees and birds,

And fairy-form'd and many-colour'd things, Who worship him with notes more sweet than words.

And innocently open their glad wings,

Fearless and full of life: the gush of springs, And fall of lofty fountains, and the bend

Of stirring branches, and the bud which brings The swiftest thought of beauty, here extend, Mingling, and made by Love, unto one mighty end.

He who hath loved not, here would learn that lore,

And make his heart a spirit; he who knows
That tender mystery will love the more,

For this is Love's recess, where vain men's woes,
And the world's waste, have driven him far from

For 'tis his nature to advance or die ;

He stands not still, but or decays, or grows Into a boundless blessing, which may

vie With the immortal lights, in its eternity.



They err who deem Love's brightest hour in bloom

ing youth is known : Its purest, tenderest, holiest power in after life is

shown, When passions chasten'd and subdued to riper years

are given, And earth and earthly things are view'd in light that

breaks from Heaven.


It is not in the flush of youth, or days of cloudless

mirth, We feel the tenderness and truth of Love's devoted

worth; Life then is like a tranquil stream which flows in

sunshine bright, And objects mirror'd in it seem to share its sparkling


'Tis when the howling winds arise, and life is like

the ocean,

Whose mountain billows brave the skies, lash'd by

the storm's commotion, When lightning cleaves the murky cloud, and thun

derbolts astound us, 'Tis then we feel our spirits bow'd by loneliness

around us.

Oh! then, as to the seaman's sight the beacon's

twinkling ray Surpasses far the lustre bright of summer's cloudless

day, E'en such, to tried and wounded hearts in manhood's

darker years, The gentle light true love imparts, mid sorrows, cares,

and fears.

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