A Memoir of the Life and Works of William Wyon, Esq., A.R.A.,: Chief Engraver to the Royal Mint

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Nicholas Carlisle, 1837 - Coins, English - 213 pages

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Page 1 - If a life be delayed till interest and envy are at an end, we may hope for impartiality, but must expect little intelligence ; for the incidents which give excellence to biography are of a volatile and evanescent kind, such as soon escape the memory, and are rarely transmitted by tradition.
Page 173 - And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto - them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people ; saying with a loud voice ; Fear God, and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgment is come; and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters.
Page 19 - By this means, medals that are at present only a dead treasure, or mere curiosities, will be of use in the ordinary commerce of life, and at the same time, perpetuate the glories of her majesty's reign, reward the labours of her greatest subjects, keep alive in the people a gratitude for public services, and excite the emulation of posterity.
Page 181 - Medals should be adjudged for the most important discoveries or series of investigations completed and made known to the Royal Society in the year preceding the day of their award...
Page 7 - At this period the gold coins of other nations were denominated either from the place of mintage, or from the devices impressed upon them ; but these coins seem to have derived their name from the noble nature of the metal of which they were composed. It is indeed extraordinary that they were not rather entitled from the new and singular type of a ship, with which they were impressed, and thus remarkably distinguished from every other coin at that time existing. This could have been adopted only...
Page 195 - Shakspeare, that, take him for all in all, we shall not look upon his like again.
Page 17 - Thomas Simon most humbly prays your Majesty to compare this his tryal piece with the Dutch, and if more truly drawn and embossed, more gracefully ordered, and more accurately engraven, to relieve him...
Page 8 - These coins were so beautiful that various fabulous reports were framed respecting the material of which they were formed. Such reports continued in force even in the time of Camden, who says, "our alchymists do affirm (as an unwritten verity) that the gold was made by projection or multiplication alchymical of Raymund Lully2 in the Tower of London...
Page 24 - February, 1798, to take into consideration the state of the coins of this kingdom, having among other circumstances remarked the considerable loss which the gold coin appeared to have sustained by wear within certain periods, and being desirous to ascertain whether this loss was occasioned by any defect, either in the quality of the standard gold or in the figure or impression of the coins, were pleased to request that HENRY CAVENDISH, Esq.
Page 20 - To these generous purposes nothing can so much contribute as medals of this kind, which are of undoubted authority, of necessary use and observation, not perishable by time, nor confined to any certain place; properties not to be found in books, statues, pictures, buildings, or any other monuments of illustrious actions.

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