Memoir of the Late Rev. Henry Acton, of Exeter

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Page 4 - A Discourse on the Authenticity and Divine Origin of the Old Testament, with Notes and Illustrations...
Page xliii - ... Paul's Epistles, concerning some of the most fruitful and long-standing points of theological controversy, are Unitarian views, — not simply Arminian, but Unitarian views. And we say, moreover, that to Unitarian authors in this country, to such writers as Locke, Taylor, and Benson, belongs the honor of having first demonstrated the Scriptural character of these views, before the mitred authorities of the Church of England had taken them under their patronage. Whilst Unitarians behold such signs...
Page xxi - ... living prelates of England, Mr. Acton devoted himself to the work of the ministry in the small though old and most respectable Dissenting society in that town. He was here the successor of a train of worthy and honored men, of whom he thus wrote in a letter to a friend announcing his invitation : — " When I consider the train of worthies who have occupied that pulpit, — when I consider that I have to succeed to the profound learning of Hugh Farmer, — to the deep-toned and pa* Many of our...
Page lxxix - ... what had been prepared in the closet, has rescued their ministrations from the charge of coldness and languor. Let but a sermon be prepared under the influence of prayer ; let it but be aimed at the souls of men, and be delivered from a heart overflowing with love to those who are addressed, and the difference will be small, whether it lies on paper before the preacher, or is only lodged in the recesses of his mind. Its final success depends upon the grace of God; and that grace will generally...
Page xxi - Hution, — to the elegant simplicity and metaphysical acumen of our friend Mr. Cogan, — I know not whether I feel most elated with my good fortune, or diffident from the unequal manner in which my abilities will meet it.
Page lxxii - Yet lift up your load ; it shall not always be thus. I love you, I pity you ; I admire you, when " in patience ye possess your souls." Yet I cannot help you. But there is one that can : the Father of the fatherless, and the Husband of the widow.
Page xcvi - A Vindication of the Unitarian Doctrine concerning the sole Deity of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ...
Page 1 - We thank Mr. James for this very acceptable volume. It is highly creditable to him, as evincing both his zeal and ability as a Christian Minister; and it is adapted to be very serviceable to his readers, who, we hope, will be many. The volume appears to us to be especially well calculated for family reading for which purpose suitable sermons are still much wanted.
Page xviii - ... evident zeal and capacity attracting notice, the Christian ministry was suggested to him, and the suggestion at once met his own desire. Six months before the expiration of his regular apprenticeship, he obtained an honorable discharge, and with the help of friends was placed under the tuition of " Rev. Dr. Morell, who then had a flourishing school at Hove, near Brighton.
Page xli - We find a confirmation of these remarks in a passage which we copy from one of the volumes now before us, and which on other accounts deserves perusal. It is taken from an article written by the late Mr. Acton, in reply to a charge given by the Bishop of Exeter, in which " the Bishop had congratulated his clergy on the small number of Unitarian societies in his diocese.

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