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Nairne, Mr. Love-lane, Thames-street.
Napier, Mr. Strand.
Nares, Mr. Carey-street.
Nassau, Esq. Clifford-street.
Neale, Mr. Milk-street.
Neave, Thomas, Esq. New Broad-street.
Needham, Mr. Bookseller, Leek--3 copies.
Nethersole, Mr. Strand.
Neunburgh, Mrs. Cornhill.
Newcombe, Mr. Clapton, Middlesexa
Newcombe, Mr. Bookseller, Stamford-2 copies.
Neville, Mrs. Pall-mall.
Newte, Esq. Gower-street, Bedford-square.
Newton, Mr. J. A. Garden-court, Temple.
Nicholls, Samuel, Esq. Hatton-street.
Nicoll, Mrs. George, (late Miss Boydel), Pall-mall.
Nicol, Mr. Bookseller, St. Paul's Churcb-yard copie
Nicolls, Henry, Esq. Old South-Sea-house.
Nicholson, Mr. Navy Ofice, London,
Noble, Mr. Brabant-court, Philpot-lanea
Noguier, Mr. Inner-Temple.
Norris, Mr. Robert, Somerset-place.
North, Hon. G. Aug. M. Po
North, Miss, Chelsea.
North, Mess. W. and G. Booksellers, Brecon—6 cop
Norton, Mr. Bookseller, Bristol.



Notcutt, Mr. George, Deptford.
Nowell, Henry Constantine Jennyngs, Esq. Chelmsford.
Nye, Mr. C. Navy Office, London,

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Oakley, Mr. Benjamin, Abchurch-lane.
Ogilvie, Rev. Dr.
Ogilvy and Spear, Messrs. Booksellers, Middle-row, Holb.-30.
Olier, Mrs. Bloomsbury-square,
Oliphant, Robert, Esq. St. Peter's College, Westminster,
Oliphant, Robert, Esq. 2.
Oliphant, Mrs. Broad-street-buildings..
Oliver, Laver, Esq.
Oliver, Mr.
Oney, Mr. Bookseller, Fleet-street—4 copies.
Onslow, Arthur, Esq. Essex-court, Temple.
Ord, Miss, Queen Anne-street, Cavendisb-square.
Orme, Robert, Esq. Harley-streeto

Osbaldeston, Mr. Pall-mall.
Osborne, John, Esq. Melcbet-park, Hants.,
Osborne, Mr. Bookseller, Pontefract.
Otway, Mrs. Albemarle-street.
Ourry, P. Esq. Ordnance-office, Westminster.
Owen, Thomas, Esq.
Owen, George, Esq. East-India-bouse.
Owen, Mr. J. Ludlow.
Owen, Rev. H. Shrewsbury.
Owen, Mrs. Apsley, Bedfordshire."
Oxley, t, Esq.






Page, Mr. Robert.
Palmer, Thomas, Esq. Berkley-square.
Palmer, Mr. John, of the Royalty-Tbeatre.
Palmer, Mr. Sun-fire-office.
Palmer, Mr. John, Attorney at Law, Kimbolton.
Palmer and Merrick, Booksellers, Oxford 3 copias.
Pape, Richard, Esq. Bank Coffee-bouse.
Paregeux, Mr. Paris.
Parker, Rev. John.
Parkes, Mr. S. Apothecary, Oxford-street.
Parkhurst, Mrs. Golden-square.
Parkyns, Mrs. Somerset-street, Portman-square.
Parris, Mr. Clipstone-street, Marybone.
Parry, Mr. William, Rood-lane.
Parsons, Mr. Brompton.
Parys, Mr. William, Suffolk-street, Charing-cross.
Pattison, James, Esq. King's-arms -yard, Coleman-street.
Paul, Mr. William Smith, Fulwood's-rents, Holborn.
Pauli, Mr. Luibec.
Payne, Mr. Bookseller, Saffron Walden.
Payne, Mr. Lincoln's-Inn.
Pearce, Mr. Booksellcr, Bell-yard, Temple-baran23 copies.
Pearce, Mr. Bristol.
Pearkes, Mr. John, $t. Paul's-church-yard.
Pearson, Mr. Southwingfield, Derbysbire.
Pearson and Rollason, Booksellers, Birmingbam---15 copies,
Peele, Mr.----2 copies.


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Pelham, Mr.
Pell, Mr. St. Jobn's College, Oxon.
Perfect, William, M. D. and F. M. S. West-Malling, Kent.
Perkins, Mrs. Park-street, Southwark.
Perrin, Mr. John, Oxford-street.
Perrot, —, Esq. Percy-street.
Perry, Mr. William, Chiswick.
Perry, Mr. Clement's-Inn.
Philips, Mrs. Parliament-street.
Phillips, Peregrine, Esq. No. 25, Villier's-st. York-buildings.
Phillips, Capt. Frederick, Cbester.
Phipps, Hon. Augustus.
Phipps, George, Esq. Engineers.
Phipps, Josiah, Esq. Broad-street.
Phorson, Mr. Bookseller, Berwick-7 copies.
Pickering, Mr. George, Newcastle.
Pierce, Mr. John.
Pierce, Mr. John, Bow-lane, Cheapside.
Piercy, Mr. E. Bookseller, Birmingham-20 copies.,
Pierson, Mr. Water-street, Strand.
Piggot, Arthur, Esq. Solicitor-General to H. R. H. the Prince of

Wales-3 copies.
Piggot, E. Esq.
Piggot, Francis, Esq. Pelling-place, Berks.
Pilkington, Lieut. Robert, Royal Artillery.
Pinchard, Mr.
Pinkney, Mr. Bristol.
Pirrie, Mr. Clement's-Inn.
Pissot, Mr. Bookseller, Paris--12 copies.
Pitt, The Right Hon. William.
Platt, T. Esq. Serjeant's-Inn, Chancery-lane. *
Platt, S. Esq. Serjeant's-Inn, Chancery-lane.
Platt, - Esq. Barnard's-Inn.
Plasted, Mr. John, Auditor's-office, Somerset-place. im
Plumer, Mr. Cornkill,

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Plummer, Mr. J. Z. Canterbury.
Plumptree, James, Esq. Queen's College, Cambridge.
Pole, Sir John, Bart.
Pont, Miss.
Poole, Mr. Bedford-street, Bedford-row.
Poole, Mr. Bookseller, Chester-5 copies.
Poole, Mr. Taunton.
Poore, Edward, Esq. Salisbury 2 copies.
Poore, Mr. John, Bank of England.
Pope, Miss, of the Theatre-Royal, Drury-lane.
Pope, Mr. of the Theatre-Royal, Covent-garden.
Popham, Hon. Colonel.
Porcher, P. Esq.
Porteus, Mr. Holborn-bill.
Pote, Mr. Bookseller, Eton-50 copies.
Potter, Mr. Bookseller, Haverford West-17 copies.
Powell, Thomas, Esq. Terrace, York-buildings.
Powell, Mr. 'Theatre-Royal, Drury-lane-2 copies.
Pow. ll, Mr. Walter, Bristol.
Powlett, W. P. Esq.
Pownal, Mr. Chester.
Poynter, Mr. St. John's-square, London.
Pratchett, the Rev. J. Hodnett, Shropshire.
Prendergast, Thomas, Esq.
Preston, Rev. Mr. Chevening, Kent.
Price, Mr. John Pitman, High-street, St. Giles's.
Price, Mr. Serle-street, Lincoln’s-Inn-fields.
Pridden, Mr. Bookseller, Fleet-market.
Primat, Mr. Aldersgate-street.
Pringle, Mr. Seven-dials.
Prosser, Miss, Ross-4 copies.
Pugh, Mr. Bookseller, Hereford-5 copies.
Pullen, Mr. Long-ucre.
Pulley, Mr. Thomas, Great Knight-Ryder-st. Doctor's Commons.
Purvis, William, Esq. New-bouse, Wilts.

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