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their number was more than doubled, oaths, lies, and quarrels had become rare occurrences among them, and not a few had been repeatedly intrusted with small sums of money, of which they never failed to give a correct account. These moral results were accompanied by others of an equally gratifying description. At certain stated hours, when they had gone over their lessons, at which they are making good proficiency, they shoulder their spades and away to work. It was at first feared that their previous habits of idleness would have unfitted them for anything like steady industry; but this has been proved to be a mistake. They are, indeed, remarkably fond of working,

and soon learn to use the spade or hoe to good purpose. Neither are they at all frightened at hard work, but willingly undertake any kind to which they are put. They have been employed, for example, in reclaiming a small piece of waste ground, which, owing to its great steepness, had to be formed into terraces before it could be cultivated. This was all done by the boys, and was performed in a very satisfactory manner; and thus green kail and Swedish turnip now occupy the place of docks and nettles. On the whole, it may with truth be asserted that, so far as it has hitherto gone, the experiment of a boys' farm has been eminently successful.Perth Advertiser.

To Correspondents.

Amicus is recommended to address a letter to the Reverend the Principal of the Training College, Battersea, before he takes any other step.

A NATIONAL SCHOOLMASTER, having four principal teachers, asks for a time-table for their instruction during the winter months: two are in their fourth year, and two in their second.

A. C.-There seems no other remedy for the case but dismissal.

A Reader is referred to the article “On Teaching Latin” in our number for June, 1849. For a first reading book, Robson's First Latin Reading Lessons will be found useful.

T. T. B. is recommended to apply to the clergyman of his parish : he is the most likely person to afford advice and assistance to a deserving person.

J. A. M. asks some one to suggest better lights for an evening than candles, where gas cannot be obtained.

RENIKOLL.--There are few teachers who know enough about the Crude-form System of Teaching to be competent to give an opinion ; we append the opinion of an able teacher, who has tried it and is by no means a partisan :-“Its principles no doubt are true, and as a mode of conveying a correct knowledge of language to boys, at a very early age, I believe it to be far superior to any other.”


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