Memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions, Volume 3

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Page 122 - figures, or by apparition the circular way; where, at some distance, the angels appear, representing by forms, shapes, and creatures what is demanded. It is very rare, yea, even in our days," quoth that wiseacre, " for any operator or master to hear the angels speak articulately: when they do speak, it is like the Irish, much in the throat!
Page 5 - See! they begin to muster again, and draw their forces out against me! The genius of the place defend me!"—BEN JONSON'S Masque " Mercury vindicated from the Alchymists" THE ALCHYMISTS. PART I. HISTORY OF ALCHYMY FROM THE EARLIEST PERIODS TO THE FIFTEENTH CENTURY. PRETENDED ANTIQUITY OF THE ART. GEBER. ALFARABI. AVICENNA. ALBERTUS
Page 309 - cures. About the year 1771 or 1772, he invented steel plates of a peculiar form, which he applied to the naked body, as a cure for several diseases. In the year 1774, he communicated his system to Anthony Mesmer. The latter improved upon the ideas of Father Hell, constructed a new theory of
Page 123 - him during his visit to Oxford, by the especial command of the Queen, were equal to those rendered to sovereign princes. His extraordinary prodigality rendered his enormous wealth insufficient to defray his expenses, and he therefore became a zealous adept in alchymy, and took from England to Poland with him two known alchymists.—Count Valerian
Page 74 - de Rays were not inquired into. He was arrested accordingly in his own castle, along with his accomplice Prelati, and thrown into a dungeon at Nantes to await his trial. The judges appointed to try him were the Bishop of Nantes Chancellor of Brittany, the Vicar of the Inquisition in France, and the celebrated Pierre
Page 150 - into commotion. In the beginning of March 1623, the good folks of that city, when they arose one morning, were surprised to find all their walls placarded with the following singular manifesto:— " We, the deputies of the principal College of the Brethren of the Rose-cross,
Page 150 - taken up our abode, visible and invisible, in this city, by the grace of the Most High, towards whom are turned the hearts of the just. We show and teach without books or signs, and
Page 255 - after him shall come a dreadful dead man, and with him a royal G, of the best blood in the world, and he shall have the crown, and shall set England on the right way, and put out all heresies." The following is the explanation of this oracular absurdity :— " Monkery being extinguished above eighty or ninety years, and the Lord
Page 245 - the career of deception. Counsel were then heard on behalf of the Cardinal de Rohan and Madame de la Motte. It appearing clearly that the Cardinal was himself the dupe of a vile conspiracy ; and there being no evidence against Cagliostro, they were both acquitted. Madame de la Motte was found guilty, and sentenced to be
Page 315 - An enthusiastic philosopher, of whose name we are not informed, had constructed a very satisfactory theory on some subject or other, and was not a little proud of it. " But the facts, my dear fellow," said his friend, " the facts do not agree with your theory."—" Don't they," replied the philosopher, shrugging his shoulders,

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