The Orphaned Manuscript: A Gathering of Publications on the Shroud of Turin

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Effata Editrice IT, Jan 1, 2014 - Religion - 144 pages
Without our knowing, the meeting of March 2-5 was the culmination of Adler’s work. He had brought with him the envelope marked DCMS. At long last, what he wanted to say and how the material should be composed had been reduced in the crucible of his searing, scientific mind. “Here it is”, he said. “It is the most important thing I have ever done. It must be published...” There was an urgency in his voice, an impatience with interruptions...
Strange entreaty! For 20 years, in peer-reviewed scientific journals and the proceedings of international conferences, Adler’s contributions to Shroud science had been published. Papers scattered across time and space and often not readily accessible, are brought all together in this volume as a lasting resource for scientists, scholars, and everyone with a serious turn of mind.
Reading each article in progression, one may be prepared to understand Adler’s entreaty.
Indeed, the manuscript marked DCMS is an extraordinary document. Written not as a presentation to some conference nor as the communication of some advanced research, it is a ‘free’ declaration and final acceptance of an ineluctable conclusion.
This is a book of chemistry and physics; of porphyrins and bilirubin; of Cardinal custodians, VP-8 and C14. It is also the record of a man whose repeatable testable experiments led him to a profoundly personal affinity with the Man whose Image lies one-fiber-deep upon the threads of the Turin Shroud.

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Chemical and Physical Aspects of the Sindonic Images
Blood on the Shroud of Turin
A Chemical Investigation of the Shroud of Turin
The Origin and Nature of Blood on the Turin Shroud
Conservation and Preservation of the Shroud of Turin
Conservation of the Shroud of Turin
Updating Recent Studies on the Shroud of Turin
Concerning the Side Strip on the Shroud of Turin
Further Spectroscopic Investigations of Samples of the Shroud of Turin
The Nature of the Body Images on the Shroud of Turin
Chemical and Physical Characteristics
Chemical and Physical Characteristics of the Blood Stains
Chronology of Alan D Adlers Papers on the Shroud of Turin

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Nato a New York nel 1931, ha studiato alle UniversitÓ di Rochester (New York) e Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), dove si Ŕ laureato in chimica. A partire dagli anni '70 ha insegnato chimica presso la Western Connecticut State University in Danbury divenendone quindi insegnante emerito. Ha pubblicato centinaia di articoli su vari argomenti di chimica e biochimica, particolarmente circa la chimica delle porfirine, descrivendo i loro aspetti sintetici, analitici, chimico-fisici e biologici. ╚ stato membro del Comitato direttivo dello STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Project), associazione fondata da scienziati statunitensi che ha esaminato la Sindone nel 1978, e membro del Comitato direttivo della American Shroud of Turin Association for Research. Numerosi e di capitale importanza sono i suoi articoli circa le ricerche sulla Sindone nei campi della chimica e della fisica. ╚ morto il 6 novembre 2000.

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