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Interest and revealing though hardly scientific

User Review  - truthq -

Its high time there is some truth written about dating.Too bad it puts men in such a shallow light which contains more truth than I would like to admit. Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - WhitneyLOL - LibraryThing

I agree the title is off-putting, but it's more or less a book about going after YOUR dreams and YOUR goals, and the rest will follow. It isn't as 'feminist' as I thought it would be, though that sounds weird. This book is like my bible for when I'm feeling frustrated! Read full review

Good Book

User Review  - hollywdcole -

This is a good book to read I would suggest reading her other book first Why Men Love Bs Its a mcuh better read. But I got this as a refresher. Overall a good book!*NRW Read full review

Very helpful

User Review  - krisluc -

This book was very helpful. I did not realize I was doing the exactly what I shouldnt be. I recommend this book to anyone who considers themselves a good girl and has trouble maintaining relationships. Read full review

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good read.
pretty good.

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I read this entire book in one sitting. I absolutely loved it! The advice is spot on and I have found myself struggling to find my own independence in the past when I really liked a guy. The end result was never a good one; this book explains not only why but how to fix it. There were quite a few quotes from this book I actually scribbled down for myself for later inspiration, strength and re-open my eyes when I find myself falling back into that old undesirable pattern. 

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