Transactions, Volume 5

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Page 196 - THE LORD is my shepherd ; therefore can I lack nothing. He shall feed me in a green pasture, and lead me forth beside the waters of comfort.
Page 167 - ... Restoration, induce the Executive Committee, to which the Society of Antiquaries has entrusted the management of its ' Conservation Fund,' to call the special attention of the Society to the subject, in the hope that its influence may be exerted to stop, or at least moderate, the pernicious practice. * The evil is an increasing one ; and it is to be feared that, unless a strong and immediate protest be made against it, the monumental remains of England will, before long, cease to exist as truthful...
Page 54 - That costliness, therefore, must be an acceptable condition in all human offerings at all times ; for if it was pleasing to God once, it must please Him always, unless directly forbidden by Him afterwards, which it has never been.
Page 141 - Doric triglyph ; a few rams' horns, suspended from the top of a pillar, so struck the imagination of another, that he formed out of them the new combination, since called the Ionic capital, but which, in ancient buildings, is often united to the Doric entablature ; and a wild acanthus, accidentally lodged on the top of an ancient sepulchral cippus, and with its foliage embracing a basket placed on the pillar, and compelled to curl down by the tile that covered the basket, so charmed a third, (Callimachus...
Page 113 - The knights are dust, And their good swords are rust, Their souls are with the saints, we trust.
Page 217 - circa Cameram in boreali turre pro Horologio, quod vocatur Clock, de novo construendam.
Page 9 - How soft the music of those village bells, Falling at intervals upon the ear In cadence sweet, now dying all away, Now pealing loud again, and louder still, Clear and sonorous, as the gale comes on ! With easy force it opens all the cells Where Memory slept.
Page 14 - midst the wreck of things which were : There lie interr'd the more illustrious dead. The wind is up : hark ! how it howls ! methinks, Till now I never heard a sound so dreary. Doors creak, and windows clap, and night's foul bird...
Page 92 - He hath preserved all our bones, so that not one of them is broken. The Lord delivereth the souls of His servants, and they that put their trust in Him shall not be forsaken.
Page 12 - ... sometimes on the north, and even on both sides, occasionally also near the east end of the nave and in other situations. It is always below the range of the other windows, and very near the pavement of the church.

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