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of St Patrick, and of Holinetown, with the fisheries, [braciniis,] customs, anchorages, and (vertenariis;] the third of the bailiwick of Knockcroke, and of Ballibrusle, of Jurby, of Balicane, of Bretby, and of Ramsey : Also the lands of the church of the Holy Trinity, in Leazre, of St Mary of Ballaugh, of St Maughald, and of St Michael adjacent, and the whole of the land of St Collumba, called Here : As also the liberties of every kind formerly granted to the same church, their own jurisdiction of life and limb, theft, murder, and all crimes; and that they may have power of imprisoning, and of releasing the imprisoned, and of a cross or gibbet on their own lands: And that both the clergy and laity, who reside upon episcopal farms or tenements, plead and answer suits in the court of the Lord Bishop, at the ecclesiastical bar; and that they be free from all services, secular exaction, and demand and forfeiture, or fine : And if any cause be decided betwixt our men and the men of the forementioned bishop, or of our successors, let the person fined for the offence follow the decision of the court. We have also given, and do confirm to the same bishop, all manner of sea-wreck and land, accruing to the bishop and his successors, through Mann, together with the village of Kircriest, near Ramsay, entirely, with the clerical and lay (braciniis, and other appurtenances, without any reserve, with one moiety of the fishery in Mirescogh. And that the same bishop, his successors, the clergy, and farmers of the episcopal revenues, have free power to sell and dispose of their tithes, and other property of the clergy and laity, dwelling on eccesiastical lands, whenever they shall deem proper, both in and out of our land of Mann, without our gainsaying, or that of our heirs or successors. As also the mines of lead or iron, which he may discover in any of his lands in Mann, so to be had, held, and possessed by the aforesaid Huan, and his successors, the bishops of Mann, for ever, as freely, quietly, and honourably as any

other provision that has ever been conferred and appropriated, 10 any episcopal table, by any kings or lords whatsoever, to continue to the end of time. In witness whereof, we have caused these presents to be sealed with our seal. Given at Lathom, on the twenty-eighth day of March, and in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred and five.

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Of the Money, Weights, Measures, 8c. of the Isle

of Man.

The currency of the island varies from that of Great Britain. The Manks pound, which is the money integer, consists of the same subdivisions into shillings, pence, and farthings, as the pound sterling. A British shilling is equal to fourteenpence Manks currency, and one pound three shillings and four pence of this currency is equivalent to one pound sterling, therefore all negociations for money, if intended to be like the British must be so expressed, otherwise Manks currency is understood.

The Manks Weights and MEASURES of every denomination (it has already been observed, page 228 et seq.) are precisely the same as those of England.

The LEGAL RATE OF INTEREST in the isle of Man, (as has been noticed under the title Usury, page 226,) is six per centum per annum. .


et seq.

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Arbitration, 59
Abbots, and abbey tenants, 28. Archbishop of York, 92
Absolute power of the kings Archdeacon, and his court, 91,

and lords of Man, 15, 16
Act of Tynwald, what, and Arms, 125
where made, 20

Arraignment, 62
Act of settlement, 101, et seq. Arthur, King, 6
Act explanatory thereof, 112, Arrest of persons, 58, et seq.

126, et seq.
Action common, 56, 57 Arrest of goods, 57, 165
Actions, limitations of, 67, 116, Artificers, 221

Assault, 131
Action real, 119, et seq.

Assets, 127
Administration, 91, 122 Atholl, Duke of, 5, 8, 13, 16,
Adultery, 122

24, 42, 46, 51, 83, et seq.
Advocate, 53, 127, et seq. Attachment, 56
Affidavit of debt, 58, 126 Attestation of deed, 40
Alehouse, 123

Attorney-General, 25, et seq.
Alexander, King of Scotland, Attorney, 127, et seq.
10, 32

letters of, 40
Alfred, King, 7

Aydan, King, 6
Alimony, 96
Allowance to debtors, 187

Ancestor, 35

Bail to the action, 59
Ancient Manx tenures, 27, et for the principal, 75

Bunkruptcy, 58
Animals, stealing, 168

Bargain and sale of lands, 40
-, feræ naturæ, 85

goods, 75
Answer in chancery, 57 Barons and baronies, 28, et seq.
Appeals, 53, 74, 124

Baron and feme, 41, et seq. 95,
Appearance to actions, 56 et seq. 129
Apprentice, 195

Baron Court, 37

et seq.

Bastard, 130, et seq.

Complainant, 56, et seq.
Battery, 131

Commission equity, 57
Beggars, 133, et seq.


Common law court, 65, et seq.
Bill in equity, 56

154, et seq.
Bishoprick of Sodor and Man, Commons, 148
88, et seq.

Confirmation, 148, et seq.
Bishop, his privileges, &c. 85, Connanus, Bishop, 7

Conveyance of lands, 40
his court, barony, &c. Conviction, consequences of,
90, et seq.

Bishop, baron, 93, et seq. 103

Convocation, 149
Bishoprick, nomination to, 16 Coroner, 80, et seq. 150
Blackstone, Sir William, 44 Corbs, 149
Blasphemy, 91

Costs, 154
Books and papers, production Cottages and intacks, 39, 105,
of, 74

113, et seq.
Boundaries, 134, et seq...',

Council of the island, 17, 22,
Bracton, 31

et seq. 153
Breach of the peacc; 81, 137 Court 'T'ynwald, 19, et seq.
Brehon law in Ireland, 45

Courts of judicature, 52, et seq.
Buggery, 137

153, et seq.

Court of chancery, 55, et seq.

Castle Town academy, 93

Court of general gaol delivery,
Cæsar, 1, et seq.

61, et seq. 161
Calendar, 138

Court of common law, 65, et
Cambden's Brittania, 7

seq. 154, et seq.
Canon law, 91

Court of exchequer, 69, 160
Canons of the Manks Church, Court of the deemsters, 70, et

Capital punishments, 47, et seq. Court, high bailiff's, 77, 178, et

Carriages, 112, 139

Court of admiralty, 78, et seq.
Castles, 19.

Cratilinth, King, 1, 4
Castle Maze, 140

Criminal law, 44, et seq. 167,
Challenge of Jury, 62
Chases, 83

Curate, 161, et seq.
Champerty, 128

Customary laws, 29, et seq.
Chancery court, 55, et seq.
Charge juries, 62

Children, 96, et seq. 140, et Death, judgment of, 63, et

Church, 144, seq. :

Debtor, 57, 186, et seq.
Claudius, imperor, 4

Debts, priority of, 57
Clergy, 93, 103, 145, et seq.

Decree in équity, 56, et seq.
Clerk of the rolls, 57, 176

Deed, Manks, 40
Coke, Sir Edward, 33

Deemsters, 70, et seq. 162

et seq.

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Deemsters, whether of the coun-

Feræ Naturæ, 84
cil, 23, et seq.

Feudal system, 4, 7, 27
-, their oath, 71

Fines to the lord for alienation
Defendant, 56, et seq. 67, et and descents, 38, 102, 103
seq. 72, et seq.

Fisheries, 83
Depositions, 162

Fodder Jury, 171, et seq.
Derby, countess of, 5

Forest, lord's, 174
Derby, Earls of, 33, et seq. Forester, 178
Deşcent of lands, 34, et seq.

Forestaller, 199, et seq.
Devise of lauds, 35, et seg. 39, Forfeitures and fines to the lord,
et seq. 103, 129, et seq.

101, et seq. 125, 129, 131,
Dilapidations, 147

137, 139, 166, 167, 169,
Diocese of Sodor and Man, 173, et seq. 176, 193, et seq.

207, 211, et seq. 222, et seq.
Discovery on oath, 57, 73 227, et seq. 231
Distress for rent, 211, et seq. Forgery, 171
Distribution of intestate'seffects, Forma pauperis, 128
187, et seq.

Fornication, 124, 146
Divorce, 95

Franchise royal, 84, et seq.
Dogs, trespasses of, 162 Fraud, 174
duty on, 86, 163

Freeholds, 35, et seq.
Dower, 41, 129
Druids, 1, et seq.

Drunkenness, 124, 104 · Game, right thereto, 83, et


Game laws, 174, et seq. 213, et
Ears, loss of, 197

Edgar, King, 8.1

Gaol delivery, court of, 61, et
Edward, King, 11

Embargo, 164

Gaol, 210
Equity court, 57

Gardens, robbing, 168
Escape, assisting in, 192 General issue, 67
Estate of inheritance, 35, 40

Goddard crownan, 8, 32
Evidence, 57, 67, 68

Governor's oath, 24, 55
Exchequer, court of, 69, 160 Great council, 17
Execution, civil, 165

Great inquest, 65, 176, et seq.
-, criminal, 63, et seq. Guardian, and Ward, 97, et
Executor, 91, 122, 230


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Fairs, 194

Hanging, 63
Fees, 165, 166

Heir, 34, et seq. 190
Felony, 167, et seq.

Herrings, 178
Felo de se, 166

Henry, King, the IVth, 12
Feme Court, 41, et seq. 95, et High treason, 51

High bailiffs and their courts,
Feodal tenures, 27, et seq. 77, 178, et seq.

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