Deliberate force a case study in effective air campaigning...

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Page 41 - Paragraph 10 decides that, . . . member states, acting nationally or through regional organizations or arrangements, may take, under the authority of the Security Council and subject to close coordination with the Secretary-General and UNPROFOR, all necessary measures, through the use of air power, in and around the safe areas...
Page 71 - The art and science of developing and using political, economic, psychological, and military forces as necessary during peace and war, to afford the maximum support to policies, in order to increase the probabilities and favorable consequences of victory and to lessen the chances of defeat.
Page 213 - Air action against, hostile targets which are in close proximity to friendly forces and which require detailed integration of each air mission with the fire and movement of those forces.
Page 82 - The truth of the matter is that no hard and fast rules can be laid down on this aspect of aerial warfare. It is impossible even to outline general standards, because the choice of enemy targets will depend upon a number of circumstances, material, moral, and psychological, the importance of which, though real, is not easily estimated. It is just here, in grasping these imponderables, in choosing enemy targets, that future commanders of Independent Air Forces will show their ability.
Page 253 - Thomas A. Keaney and Eliot A. Cohen, Gulf War Air Power Survey Summary Report (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1993), 61-62.
Page 213 - The strikes are conducted to destroy, neutralize or delay the enemy's military potential before it can be brought to bear effectively against friendly forces...
Page 29 - Noel Malcolm, Bosnia: A Short History (New York: New York University Press, 1994); Robert J.
Page 59 - Our objective is to reduce the threat to the Sarajevo safe area and to deter further attacks there or on any other safe area. We hope that this operation will also demonstrate to the Bosnian Serbs the futility of further military actions and convince all parties of the determination of the Alliance to imple ment its decisions.
Page 76 - Risks to Allied security are less likely to result from calculated aggression against the territory of the Allies, but rather from the adverse consequences of instabilities that may arise from the serious economic, social and political difficulties, including ethnic rivalries and territorial disputes, which are faced by many countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
Page 272 - ... clearly address how air and space power can achieve directly or contribute to achieving the full range of joint campaign objectives. Our ideas and doctrine must be as creative and flexible as the instrument itself. When conflict occurs, the Air Force of the 21st Century must be able to offer options for the employment of force in measured but effective doses. To do so, the Air Force will rely on global awareness capabilities to support national decisionmaking and joint operations to determine...

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