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Or, growling horrid, as the brindled boar
Grins fell-deftruction, to the monster's heart
Let the dart lighten from the nervous arm.

These BRITAINknows not; give, ye Britons, then Your sportive fury, pityless, to pour

475 Loose on the nightly Robber of the Fold: Him, from his craggy winding haunts unearth'd, Let all the thunder of the chace pursue. Throw the broad ditch behind you; o'er the hedge High-bound, resistless; nor the deep morass

480 Refuse, but thro' the shaking wilderness Pick your

nice way; into the perilous flood Dear fearless, of the raging instinct full; And as you ride the torrent, to the banks Your triumph found fonorous, running round, 485 From rock to rock, in circling echos tost.

But if the rougher sex by this fierce sport
Is hurried wild, let not such horrid joy
E'er stain the bosom of the BRITISH FAIR.
Far be the spirit of the chace from them!

490 Uncomely courage, unbeseeming skill; To spring the fence, to rein the prancing steed;



The cap, the whip, the masculine attire,
In which they roughen to the sense, and all
The winning softness of their sex is loft.

In them 'tis graceful to dissolve at woe;
With every motion, every word, to wave
Quick o'er the kindling cheek the ready blush;
And from the smallest violence to shrink,
Unequal, then the loveliest in their fears;

And by this filent adulation, soft,
To their protection more engaging Man.
O may their eyes no miserable fight,
Save weeping lovers, see! a nobler game,
Thro' love's enchanting wiles pursued, yet fled, 505
In chace ambiguous. May their tender limbs
Float in the loose fimplicity of dress!
And, fashion'd all to harmony, alone
Know they to seize the captivated soul,
In rapture warbled from love-breathing lips ; 510
To teach the lute to languish; with smooth step,
Disclofing Motion in its every charm,
To swim along, and swell the mazy dance;
To train the foliage o’er the snowy lawn;
To guide the pencil, turn the tuneful page; 515
To lend new flavour to the fruitful year,


And heighten Nature's dainties; in their race
To rear their graces into second life;
To give society its highest taste;
Well-order'd Home Man's best delight to make; 520
And by submissive wisdom, modeft skill,
With every gentle care-eluding art,
To raise the virtues, animate the bliss,
And sweeten all the toils of human life:

525 This be the female dignity, and praise.

For you

Ye fwains now haiten to the hazel-bank; Where, down yon dale, the wildly-winding brook Falls hoarse from steep to steep. In close array, Fit for the thickets and the tangling fhrub, 530 Ye virgins come.

their latest song The woodlands raise; the clustering nuts for you The lover finds amid the secret shade; And, where they burnish on the topmost bough, With active vigour crushes down the tree; 535 Or shakes them ripe from the refigning husk, A glossy shower, and of an ardent brown, As are the ringlets of MELINDA's hair: MELINDA formd with every grace compleat,

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Yet these neglecting, above beauty wise,
And far transcending such a vulgar praise.


HENCE from the busy joy-resounding fields,
In chearful error, let us tread the maze
Of Autumn, unconfin'd; and taste, reviv'd,
The breath of orchard big with bending fruit. 545
Obedient to the breeze and beating ray,
From the deep loaded bough a mellow shower
Inceffant melts away. The juicy pear
Lies, in a soft profufion, scatter'd round.
A various sweetness swells the gentle race; 550
By Nature's all-refining hand prepar'd;
Of temper'd run, and water, earth, and air,
In ever changing composition mixt.
Such, falling frequent thro' the chiller night,

The fragrant stores, the wide projected heaps
Of appies, which the lufty-handed year,
Innumerous, o'er the blushing orchard shakes.
A various spirit, fresh, delicious, keen,
Dwells in their gelid pores; and, ative points 560
The piercing cyder for the thirsty tongue:
Thy native theme, and boon Inspirer too,
PHILLIPS, Pomona's bard, the second thou

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Who nobly durft, in rhyme-unfetter'd verse,
With British freedom fing the British song; 565
How, from Silurian vats, high-sparkling wines
Foam in transparent floods; fome strong, to cheer
The wintry revels of the labouring hind;
And tasteful some, to cool the summer-hours.

In this glad seafon, while his sweetest beams 570 The sun sheds equal o'er the meekend day; Oh lose me in the green delightful walks Of, DODINGTON, thy seat, ferene and plain; Where simple Nature reigns; and every view, Diffufive, spreads the pure Dorsetian downs, 575 In boundless prospect; yonder shagg’d with wood, Here rich with harveit, and there white with flocks ! Mean time the grandeur of thy lofty dome, Far-fplendid, seizes on the ravish'd eye. New beauties rise with each revolving day; 580 New columns (well; and still the fresh Spring finds New plants to quicken, and new groves to green. · Full of thy genius all! the Muses' seat; Where in the secret bower, and winding walk, For virtuous YOUNG and thee they twine the bay. 585 Here wandering oft, fir'd with the restless thirst




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