A dictionary of the Spanish and English languages, orig. compiled by Neuman and Baretti

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Page 210 - Cubit, a measure of length equal to the distance from the elbow to the end of the middle finger.
Page 218 - It is commonly used as a substantive, and in the plural, and implies all sorts of provisions and food. Cometa, sf.
Page 57 - AORTA ; the great artery, which rises immediately out of the left ventricle of the heart.
Page 124 - A loud noise; a hollow iron ball, or shell, filled with gunpowder, and furnished with a vent for a fusee, or wooden tube, filled with combustible matter , to be thrown out from a mortar.
Page 447 - Follett was undoubtedly a man of genius ; and genius may perhaps be taken to signify great natural powers, accidentally directed — or, a disposition of nature, by which any one is qualified for some peculiar employment.
Page 443 - In'step. s. The upper part of the foot where it joins, to the leg.
Page 433 - He defines it to be a kind of trunk or stem, which has the branch united with the leaf, and frequently with the fructification. In other words, it is a stem, " in which the leaves are confounded with the " stem and branches, and frequently with the flower and fruit.
Page 142 - My dear mother, what is bred in the bone will not come out of the flesh...
Page 215 - Colour, hue, dye, the appearance of bodies to the eye. 2. Rouge, a paint with which ladies colour their cheeks and lips. 3. (Met.) Colour, pretext, pretence; false show or appearance. 4. Colour, the tint of the painter. — pi. 1. Colour, the freshness or appearance of blood in the face. 2. (Pict.) Colour, or mixture of paint. Color lleno or cargado, A deep colour.
Page 335 - A small piece of paper or parchment containing the heads of a writing ; a subscription at the foot of letters patent by the clerk of the docket ; a bill tied to goods containing some directions.. Doctor. Literally, a teacher. One who has taken the highest degree in the faculties of divinity, law, or physic. Doctor of Divinity; abbreviated, DD Doctor of Laws; abbreviated, LL.D. Doctor of Medicine ; MD The title is either conferred publicly with certain ceremonies, or by diploma. Doctors

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