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Designed for the Use of
Young Gentlemen and Ladies.

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To which are added
Some Copies of Verses never before Prin-

ted: With Notes, and a Large Index, explaining the

difficult Places, and all the hard Words.
Author of the Esay towards a Practical English Gram-

mar, and Sur-Master of St. Paul's School.

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To Mrs. EMMA CHILD, • Daughter of the Honourable Sir Richard Child,

of Wanted, Baronet, and Knight of the Shire for the County of Elex. .


To Mrs. ANNE CHILD, Daughters of the Honourable Sir Cefat Chi Woodford-Bridge, Baronet.

To Mrs. ELIZABETH HILLERSDON, Daughter of William Hillerjaon, Efd; Knight of the Shite for the County of Bedford. ..

To Mrs. ELIZABETH GODFREY, Daughter of Peter Godfrey Efi Member of Parlament for the City of London.

To Mrs. ANNE PERRY, Daughter of Mr. Richard Perry, of London, Mer; chant.

To Mrs. ANNE MILNER, Daughter of the late Mr. Ifaac Milper, of Lone don, Merchant.

To Mrs. ELIZABETH LINGARD, Daughter of John Lingard, Esq; one of the Judges of the Sheriffs-Court.

To Mrs. JUDITH BUTLER, · Daughter of Mr. James Butler, of Camberwell, Merchant.

Young Ladies, | Nstruction and Delight beiing the chief End of | Poetry, I believe the following Collection will

be judged no improper Present. The Virgin Muse Híes therefore to you, Ladies, begging the Protection of your Virtue and Innocence, which,

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T Shall make no Apologies for the Falaining Underi

taking and if it be found opefruit and Enter

taining, it will med nom. A Book of this kind bat certainly been wounted, fince you will bestretly find antry Collection of Poems, that you can predmety put into the Hands of the Tomb of either Sex For more till meet with something that is either Shocking is Good Manners, Difficult to be understood, or very

Trilling and Silly, I have therefore had greu Rém gard to introdace nothing bere, but what is ftrich Modest, and truly Poetical, and is for the difficult Places, they are made pery enthe and intelligible by the Help of Notes, and a Large Indexy explaining every hard Word. I have endeavoured to make it A compleat Book for the Teaching to Read Poetry : The Poems consisting of Verses of different Meafures, you brive at the chief forts of English Verlification, Tio Objections are likely to be started : The one vise That some things may seem Safi and Youthful. I was to that, the Poeins are designed for Youth, whose Age naturally requires phat is Chearful and Pleafant, and must have Entertainments and Alwulenients given them in their own way; provided shey be Innocent, and Mannerly. For, after all, het

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