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Perfons, who have forgot that they were Young, say what they will to the contrary) there are a great many Allowances to be made to young People, purely because they are Young ; and if I was to have inserted nothing here but what is very Grave, they would soon disike this innocent Food, and apply themselves to worse Diet. The other objection, likely to be made, is, That I have put in several Poems of Mr. Milton's, which fome will fancy to be above thé Capacity of the younger Reader. But, as I have ordered Matters with a view to every Age and Capacity, so there will be nothing (the Index being consulted) but what will become very plain to one Age or other. For as there is a variety of Poetical Dishes, let every one chufe, or let it be chosen for him, what Dish is like to fit easiest with him. As to the Poems in this Collection that were never published before, as namely, that in Page the Sist, being the Transation of Mr. Cowley's Epitaph on himself, it was done by Mr. Sellwood, of Cambridge. That in Page the 9th Written in a Lady's Waller; and that against Scandal, Page 104, were given by an ingenious Friend, ipho will not suffer bis Name to be knoton , not that he need be ashamed of them ; but the Reafon, I believe, is, becaufe he is fome Years older noro than mhen he made them. 'The Love Verses, and that one a Lady's killing her Lap-Dog, were inferted at the Request of a Friend of the Author's, with an Injunca tion to conceal his Name. In the Love Verses there are several Turns that declare a true Poetical Genius, and therefore Aand riot in need of any Recommendation. If I find that what I have here done, meets with the Approbation of the Sober and Judicious, it will encourage me to prefent the Reader with a Set of Reading-Books, beginning even with the first Elements.


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