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heiress of the Ardenlochie estate, wards him

was of the most perplexand had concluded by some process ing kind. However, he went leisureof thought, that it would not be dif- ly through the Horse Guards, across ficult to fix, therefore, Miss Octavia's the Parade, towards Spring Gardens, affections upon him. He was the to which he had learnt the Peabodys more convinced of this, as she had had removed; and in going to call received him but coolly when intro on them he walked thoughtfully duced to her, and that her father did along. But opposite the gun, in the not think the son of the Lord Pro- Park, he run against the old Squire vost of Glasgow quite so important himself, before he was recognised; as he had expected But the anger, and before he had well recovered the sullenness, and the crisp temper from this encounter, the Squire said of Mrs Clatterpenny, seemed to him to him-But we shall give their inexplicable: hier whole conduct to- conversation in the next Chapter.


My favourite inn at Oxford was they would present to me, when a the Golden Cross. The Angel was young man came into the room, and admirable in its way; the Star ce sat down at a small table before the lestial, and the Mitre fit for an arch- fire, who immediately excited my bishop,---but the snug room on the curiosity. He called for sandwiches, left of the inner court of the Golden and rum and water, and interrupted Cross was superior to them all. his active labours in swallowing There seemed to be more comfort them only by deep and often-repeatthere than in the gaudier apartments ed sighs. He was tall, and strikingly of its rivals, and the company one handsome. I should have guessed met with was generally more in- him to be little more than one or two clined to be social. About eight and twenty, had it not been for a o'clock in the evening was “ the fixedness about the brow and eyes witching time o' night,” for at that which we seldom meet with at so hour the multitudinous coaches from early a time of life. I was anxious the North poured in their hungry to enter into conversation with him; passengers to a plentiful hot supper. for, as I have said, I was greatly In these hurried refections I invari. interested by his appearance. I ably joined. Half an hour very often thought I knew the faces of all the sufficed to give me glimpses of good University ; and I was certain I had fellows whom it only required time never met with him before. He had to ripen into friends. Many strange not the general appearance of a mortals I saw, who furnished me gownsman; he was tastefully and with materials for thinking till the plainly dressed; obviously in very next evening ; and sometimes I have low spirits; and finished his second been rewarded for the wing of a tumbler in the twinkling of a bedfowl by a glance from a pair of beau- post. As the third was laid down tiful bright eyes, which knocked all before him, I had just given the prethe classics, and even Aldrich's Lo- liminary cough with which a stranger gic, out of my head for a week. usually commences a conversation, Three coaches, I think, met at the when a rush was made into the room Golden Cross. There was very little by the occupants of all the three time for ceremony; the passengers coaches, and the Babel and confusion made the best use of the short period they created prevented me from allowed them, and devoted more at- executing, my intention. On that tention to the viands before them occasion I did not join the party at than to the courtesies of polished the supper-table. I maintained my life. I made myself generally useful position at the corner of the chim as a carver, and did the honours of ney, very near the seat occupied by the table in the best manner I could. the youth who had so strongly exOne night I was waiting impatiently cited my attention. The company for the arrival of the coaches, and was more than usually numerous ; wondering what s01t of company and a gentleman, closely muffled up,

ever seen.

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finding no room at the principal motionless with surprise. He never
board, took his station at the same lifted his eyes from the deeply me-
table with the stranger. The intru- lancholy countenance of the narra-
der threw off one or two cloaks and tor; and I must confess I listened
greatcoats, and untied an immense with no little earnestness to the dis-
profusion of comforters and shawls, closure he made myself.
revealing the very commonplace “At sixteen years of age,” he said,
countenance of a fat burly man “ I found myself a denizen of the
about fifty years of age, with great wilds. Shaded from the summer
staring blue eyes, and a lank flax- heats, by magnificent oaks of the
en wig of the lightest colour I had primeval forest, where I lived; and

This personage gave secured from the winter's cold, by his orders to the waiter in a very skins of the tiger and lynx, I had imperious tone, to bring him a plate not a desire ungratified. Groves of of cold beef, and a quart of brown orange-trees spread themselves for stout, and exhibited various signs hundreds of miles along our river : of impatience while his commands cocoa-nuts, and all the profusion of were executed.

fruits and flowers with which the “ Cold night, sir,” he said, at Great Spirit saw fit to beautify the length addressing the youth. “I've original paradise of man, supplied travelled all the way from Man- every want. The eaglet's feather in chester, and feel now as hungry as my hair, the embroidery of my wama hunter.”

pum belt, pointed out to my follow“It takes a man a long time to die ers where their obedience was to be of starvation,” replied the other. rendered; and I felt myself prouder “ Men have been known to subsist of their unhesitating submission, and for ten days without tasting food.” the love with which they regarded

“ Thank God, that has never been me, than that the blood of a hundred my case. I would not abstain from kings flowed in my veins. I was food ten minutes longer to save my Chief of the Chactaws and Muscofather from being hanged.- Make gulges. My mother was of European haste, waiter!”

origin: her grandfather had visited The young man shook his head, the then thinly populated regions of and threw such an expression of per- North America, in company with sefect misery into his handsome fea- veral hundred bold and heroic spitures, that his companion was struck rits like himself, whose aspirations with it.

for the independence and equality “ I'm afraid,” he said, “ you are of man, had carried them beyond unhappy, in spite of being so young. the dull cold letter of the law. His You haven't wanted meat so long name yet survives in Tipperary; his yourself, I hope.—Waiter, what the boldness was the theme of song; devil's keeping you with that 'ere and the twelve dastard mechanics, beef ?"

who, at the bidding of a judge, con“ Worse, worse," replied the sented to deprive their country of other, in a hollow voice. “ Youth its ornament and hero, and to banish is no preventive against care, or him, with all the nobility of his nacrime, or misery, or-murder!ture fresh upon him, were stigma

He added the last word with such a tized as traitors to the cause of freepeculiar intonation, that the traveller dom. In spite, however, of their cowstarted, and laid down his knife and ardice and meanness, they could not fork, which he had that moment resist displaying the veneration in taken possession of, and gazed at which they held him, by entwi. him as if he were anxious to make ning his wrists with massive belts ; out his meaning.

and even around his legs they sus“Don't judge of me harshly," con- pended majestic iron chains, which tinued the youth ; " but listen to me, rattled with surpassing grandeur I beseech you, only for a moment, whenever he moved. He had not and you will confer a great obliga- been long in the new land to which tion on a fellow-creature, and pre- his merits had thus transferred him, vent misery of which you can have when his name became as illustrious no conception."

in it as it had been in his own. The The man thus addressed remained name of O'Flaherty is still, I under

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stand, a word of fear to the sleepy- Muscogulges, the Simmoles, the eyed burghers of the law-oppressed Cherokees, the Chactaws, and all the towns. But his course was as short other powerful tribes which borderas it was glorious. In leading a mid-ed on the stately Alatamaha, sent night attack on the storehouse of deputies, to the royal residence to some tyrannizing merchant, he was congratulate their monarch on so shot in the act of breaking open a auspicious an occasion. But, alas! box which contained a vast quantity this universal rejoicing was soon of coin. He fell—and though he turned into mourning. Amongst lived for several weeks, he kept his those who came as ambassadors teeth close upon the residence of his from the neighbouring powers was followers. He died, as a hero should Sisquo Dumfki, the rat-catcher, from die, calm, collected, fearless. Even a kingdom on the banks of the mawhen the cord with which they had jestic Mississippi. This man was the doomed him to perish was folded most celebrated drinker of his naround his neck, he disdained to pur- tion. The strongest casine* seemed chase an extension of his life by to have no more effect upon

his treachery to his friends.

“ An O' ses than the purest water. At all Flaherty,” he said, can diebut feasts and solemn entertainments he he never peaches.” He left a son was the champion of the Chicasaws. who was worthy of his father's His fame was not unknown to the fame. Like him he was inspired leaders of our tribe. My royal father with an indomitable hatred of ty• burned with a passionate thirst for ranny and restraint; with a noble glory-and also for casine. In the and elevating desire to bring back happiness of my birth he challenged those golden days, when all things Sisquo Dumfki to a trial of their were in common-when man, stand strength of stomach. For five days ing in the dignity of his original na and nights they sat unceasingly ture, took to himself whatever plea- swallowing the delicious fluid-five sed his fancy, and owed no allegi- days and nights the calumet sent ance to the debasing influence of the forth its smoke-never for one molaw. From this noble stock my ment being lifted from the lips, save mother was descended; and when to make room for the cocoa-nut shell her beauty and the heroism of her in which they drank their casine. character had raised her to be the Sleep at last seemed to weigh heaconsort of the Forest King, she vily on the lids of my royal father, seemed to feel that she was just in he was longer in the intervals of the situation for which she was des applying the goblet to his mouth, tined by her nature. The pride of and at last his hand refused its ancestry, and the remembrance of office – his head sank upon his the glorious achievements which had shoulder; and his generous comperendered the names of her forefa- titor, satisfied with the victory he thers illustrious, beamed from her had gained, covered the imperial eye, and imprinted a majesty upon person with a robe of leopard skin, her brow, which we seek for in vain and left him to his repose. Repose ! in females of inglorious birth. Atta- --it was indeed his last repose-he kul-kulla, which, in the puerile lan- opened his eyes but once-groaned guage of the whites, means the heavily then shouting Give me Little Carpenter, was my father's casine in pailfuls,'—for the ruling

On his head, when going passion was strong to the latest hour forth to battle, he wore a paper cap – he became immoderately sick, and of the most warlike form, surround- expired. I am afraid to state how ed with miniature saws, and sur much had been drank in this prodi. mounted with a golden gimlet. gious contest ; but it was said by When I was born, the infinite nations, the court flatterers on the occasion, and kindreds, and tongues which that they had consumed as much confessed his sway, made every de- liquid as would have supplied a namonstration of satisfaction. The vigable canal from lake Ouaquaphe


* Casine, a sort of usquebaugh in great request among the Indians--and a very good tipple in its way.-Experto crede.

nogan to Talahasochte! I was an a light bandage, embroidered with orphan; and though the death of my the feathers of the eagle, and this father had now raised me to a throne, was the sole garment she had on, I was bound by the customs of our save that her head was ornamented nation to revenge it. In this feeling with a beautiful diadem of heron's I was bred; I was allowed even plumes. She was so young, so artfrom my infancy to drink nothing less, and so ravishingly beautiful, weaker than casine; my victuals that she took my heart captive at the were all seasoned with the strongest first glance. I bad at that time only rum, so that by the time I was six twelve wives, selected by the reteen years of age, my head was so gent from my own peculiar tribe, accustomed to the influence of spiri- but several other nations had for tuous liquors, that they were harm some time been importuning me to less to me as milk. Sisquo Dumfki choose a score or two of consorts was still alive, and still remained the from the loveliest of their maidunrivalled hero of his tribe. His ens, and I had for some reason or death was decreed by my mother other delayed complying with their the very hour my father died; for, requests. But now I was resolved this purpose she imbued my infant to marry the whole nation, so as to mind with unmitigated hatred of the secure this most beautiful of her sex. murderer, as she called him, of my Alas! was it not madness thus to father, and taught me the happiness give way to these tender emotions, and glory of revenge. She talked to when the first word she uttered conme of attaining her object by the hat- veyed to me the appalling certainty chet and tomahawk, doubting per, that she was daughter of my deadhaps that in spite of the training I liest foe-of the very being whom it had received, I should still be van had been the sole object of my eduquished by the superhuman capacity cation to enable me to drink to of the rat-catcher; but I was confi- death! But a second look at the endent in my own strength, and send- chanting girl made me forgetful of ing a trusty messenger to the en every feeling of revenge. I spoke campment of the Chicasaws, I in to her I found her soft, sweet, devited him to a solemn feast, and chal- lightful,-a daughter of the pathless lenged him to a trial of strength. He forest,-stately as the loftiest palms

You may imagine, sir, to that waved their plumed heads in yourself the feelings which agitated grandeur to the sky, and pure as the my bosom, when in my very pre- spiral ophrys, with its snow-white sence, on the spot which was the flowers, which blossoms so tenderly scene of his triumph, I saw the per

at their feet. Her name was Nempetrator of a father's murder. Such, rooma, which in your language at least, was the light in which I had means the spotless lily-mine, I been taught, since the hour I was must inform you, was Quinmolla, first suspended on the aromatic the drinker of rum.”. boughs of the magnolia, to regard Here the youngman paused, and the proud, the generous, the lofty sighed deeply. I confess I was inSisquo Dumfki. How ill founded tensely interested by the manner in was my hatred of that noble indivi- which he related his story; the tradual, you will discover in the sequel veller to whom he addressed himof my story

self, was apparently fascinated by « On this occasion he did not come the wild beauty of his eyes; for the alone. At his side, as he stood hum- beef still lay untasted before him, bly before me, and paid his compli- and he could not remove his looks, ments to the queen, my mother, I even for a moment, from the counmarked with palpitating heart and tenance of the Indian king: flushing cheek, the most beautiful feast was at last prepared,” he con. young girl I had ever seen. Her tinued, “and Sisquo Dumfki and limbs, unconcealed by the foolish myself were placed in conspicuous drapery in which the European dam- situations, but still far enough resels endeavour to hide their inferi. moved from the spectators to have ority, were like polished marble, so our conversation private. We drank, smooth and round and beautifully and every time the casine hogshead shaped. Round her middle she wore was replenished, the lovely Nem


66 The

rooma Alitted towards us with the


what is she but a silly cocoa bowl. I retained her hand in flower, which will be too highly mine, and gazed upon her with an honoured by being transplanted

into expression in my glances, that suffi- the gardens of the mighty Quinciently betrayed the interest she ex molla? cited in my heart. She did not seem “ In pursuance of this resolution, displeased with my admiration, but the noble Sisquo Dumfki assumed hung down her head and blushed, every appearance of total inebriety ; with such bewitching innocence and he hiccuped, sang, roared, and beauty, as rendered her a thousand finally sank down in a state of appatimes more enchanting in my eyes rent insensibility. I confess I was than ever. When we had now drank astonished at the absence of Nemunceasingly for three days, I said to rooma on this interesting occasion. my opponent, • It grieves me, O She came not near to cover her faSisquo Dumfki, that this contest ther with skins or leaves, and the must be carried on to the death. duty was left to me of casting over Even if you are victorious in this him the royal mantle, and turning trial, as sixteen years ago you were his feet towards the fire. With an with my illustrious parent, you have expressive grasp of the hand, I left no chance of escaping with your life. him to provide for his safety; for my I myself, till I became acquainted mother, I was well aware, would with your noble sentiments, thirsted take every means in her power to for your blood; and now that I know put him to death in revenge for his you

all that a chief should be, my victory over her husband. On issusoul is tortured with regret that it ing from the tent, I was hailed victor will be impossible to save you.' by ten thousand voices ; the whole With an unmoved countenance the combined nations which owned my hero heard me declare, as it were, sway, seemed delirious with the his condemnation to certain death. triumph I had achieved. No conHe drained off the bowl which he

queror returning from a successful happened to have in his hand, and expedition, with the imperial robe replied, “Death comes only once purpled to a deeper die with the the Great Spirit rejoices in the ac blood of thousands of his subjects, tions of majestic men.

There are was ever received with such an encasine and tobacco in Elysium.' thusiasm of attachment. Calling But Iwas resolved, if possible, to pre- aside the captain of my guard, Î serve my friend from the destruc gave him the strictest injunctions to tion prepared for him by my mo allow no one to enter the tent in ther. Sisquo,' I said, let us delay which my illustrious competitor rethe conclusion of our contest till posed, and proceeded to the wigwam some fiiter opportunity. If you of the queen. She was smoking would save your life, and make me when I entered ; and the clouds the happiest of kings and of mortals, which circled round her head, gave pretend to be overcome by the ca to her piercing black eyes the likesine, and ask to be left in this tent to ness of two brilliant stars shining in sleep. I will place round it a body a lowering heaven. of my own guards, with orders to “ « He is dead ?' she said; ‘my son prevent all emissaries from the would scarcely venture into the prequeen from entering it under pain sence of his mother if the murderer of death. In the mean time I will of his father was left alive.' wed your daughter, if it seems good “No, my mother,' I replied, 'he to you; and when by this means you is sunk in deep sleep, and we are are connected with the royal house, sufficiently revenged by having conyour life will become sacred, even quered at his own weapons the hero from the vengeance of an offended of the Chicasaws.' woman.' ' It seems good to me, “ ' He sleeps !—’tis well. It shall he replied, “O mightiest potentate be my care to see that he never on Alatamaha's banks; and well awakes the tomahawk in a wopleased shall I resign the victory to man's hand, is as sure as a poisonous you, in hopes of concluding a whole drug in the bowl-for, mark me, week with you on soine future op- Quinmolla, no powers can persuade portunity. With regard to Nem- me, that the glorious Atta-kull-kulla

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