Publication Fund Series, Volume 9

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Page 278 - And we do, by the Advice of our Privy Council, declare and enjoin that the Trade with the said Indians shall be free and open to all our Subjects whatever, provided that every Person who may incline to trade with the said Indians do take out a License for carrying on such Trade from the Governor or Commander in Chief of any of Our Colonies respectively where such Person shall reside...
Page 397 - Chief, and the Council of our said Province; and you are, for that Purpose, to issue a Writ, in the Manner which has been usually accustomed, returnable before yourself and the Council of...
Page 469 - England; and saving and reserving to us, our heirs and successors, the receiving, hearing, and determining of the appeal and appeals of all or any person or persons of, in, or belonging to the territories aforesaid, or touching any judgment to be there made or given.
Page 288 - Hudson's river, and all the land from the west side of Connecticut river, to the east side of Delaware bay, and also all those several islands, called or known by the names of Martin's Vineyard, or Nantuck's, otherwise Nantucket.
Page 241 - Higansets, abutting upon .the main land between the two rivers, there called or known by the several names of Connecticut and Hudson's river; together also with the said river called Hudson's river, and all the lands from the west side of Connecticut river, to the east side of Delaware bay.
Page 365 - The General Assembly then of this Province consists of the Owners of these extravagant Grants, the Merchants of New York, the principal of them strongly connected with the Owners of these great Tracts, by family Interest...
Page 452 - Freeholders being generally the Judges, and Conversing one among another, and being as it were the Chief Judges, not only of the Fact, but of the Law; every Man that had a Suit there, sped according as he could make Parties; and Men of great Power and Interest in the County did easily overbear others in their own Causes, or in such wherein they were interested, either by Relation of Kindred, Tenure, Service, Dependance, or Application.
Page 450 - Evidence from an Inferior to a Superior Judicatory. In any other sense the several parts of the Instruction become Inconsistent. The meaning of the word Appeal is still farther put out of doubt by the subsequent 33d Instruction viz: You are likewise to permit Appeals unto us in Council in all cases of Fines imposed for Misdemeanors <$f.
Page 235 - River on the East side thereof should divide the two Provinces of New York and Massachusetts Bay from each other to which the legislature of the latter agreed as appears by the record of this Transaction at the Plantation Office...
Page 54 - Custom House books at London, Bristol and Liverpool. The demand for Brittish Manufactures, it is said, for exportation to the northern Colonies has sometimes been so great that the Market at those ports was not sufficient without six months previous notice. But of this you can Sir be better informd than I can, for I have no kind of mercantile intercourse.

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