Secrets of the Sphinx

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UNI Productions, 1995 - Astrology - 160 pages
Among the provocative revelations in this book: You're not the astrological sign that you thought you were! Earth is entering a period of enlightenment and turbulence predicted by all the prophets. Changing "seasons" in the great year does not mean the end of the world! Ancients refer to the coupled-sign of Pisces and Aquarius in the great year as the time of the Fisherman or Merman. Certain foods will help you look younger, stay healthy, and handle the sun's increasing light.

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Dear Andy.
I am fifty seven years of age and like you I have been searching for the truth for as long
as I can remember, through libraries of books
including the Bible, and today through the internet with the advance of technology.
I am by no means at your level, but I am steadily getting there. Things really started to take off when I learned about Precession and I have
been engrossed with it since.
I have even drawn my own precessional charts and spent lots of time drawing dots,lines, circles, and Pyramids. Although everything
I did seemed to make sense in my search, I still could not quite pull it all together. Then I came across your book and you dotted the I's,
and crossed the T's for me, for which I will be eternally grateful. Especially the hourglass. and the four cherubims.
I will continue to search for the rest of my life, and to put into practice everything I learn.
I would very much like to keep in touch if that's o.k. with you.
a very happy enlightened soul.
Once again thank you
A. Raymond,
I mysteriously came across links to your book while searching for something completely different.
I had to solidify my being grateful for you sharing your knowledge with this letter.
Hopefully you will continue to enlighten , and should our creator see fit, we will meet, either on this plane -
or the next one up.
*One Love*
H. J.
Mr Raymond,
My quest for knowledge has recently lead me to your web site, and your "Secrets of the Sphinx"
book. I'd just like to say "thank you for writing this book". I've found the book to be packed with
powerful Knowledge, yet easy to read, a rare combo indeed. Again, thanks for providing this revealing info.
Regards Scott
Ardmore, OK
Thank you for you dedication, your heart, and your attitude.
And most of all, thanks for sharing.
"Secrets" was a confirmation and an inspiration at the perfect time.
Funny how that happens.
All the Best,
Palm Springs, CA
I' ve read a shitload of books and have found alot of hidden meanings in the bible.
Of course, as you are aware, I am finding that the more knowledge and wisdom that
I acquire, the less that I am able to relate to the average person. Oh well, no turning
back now. What did St. Paul say? "It is impossible for those who have once been
enlightened to turn away, for in doing so is like crucifying the Son of God all over again
and subjecting Him to public disgrace."
Lucky charms,
Dr. Dan
Aloha Andrew!
I loved Secrets of The Sphinx! I owned it 10 years ago and gave it to a
friend 'cause I knew they would love it, and they did! I really missed that
book, so I contacted you about 2 years ago when trying to obtain another
copy for myself. You responded, and per your direction, I found a copy, and
have read it several times since. Thank you!
I would love to know if you do any seminars, workshops, etc.
My wife and I would be delighted to experience more of your teachings.
Mahalo for your attention.
It is with great gratitutde that I thank you for providing this information to those who seek it!!
I have one point-of many-that I hope you can clarify. During which age did the current Great Year begin?
I thought that any given Great Year would begin in Leo

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