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Kilfane. -HAVE been obliged to begin upon my Vermins fince I left Dublin, I came down with

Mr. FM and even the easy Motion of his Spring-chaise disturbed my Stomach, and occasioned my Disorder to return upon me with such Violence, that I begged of him to leave me at Leighlin-bridge, as I was so ill able to come on: But he would not suffer it: He said, it was neither a Place to live or die in, unless I should choofe to expire like Buckinghain, in the worst Inn's worst Room : For, indeed, there is no best in any of them. VOL. VI.


I told

I told him a Truth; that when I am ill, the Company of Friends but adds to my Uneasiness, and that I should choofe to die like an Als; which, when it feels its Life drawing near an End, is said always to retire into fome Cavern, or unfrequénted Mountain. Do not be scandalized at the Meannefs of my Comparison. Homer has made it an heroic Image *; and Madame Dacier has defended the Simile.

I met with all Friends in this Quarter extremely well, and without Change. This B, lively, as usual ; and that B-, as gentle as ever : Such Contrasts form the true Style of Society. There is as great a Variety in the Men

for you might be sure, that my first Objects were the Women of these Families; and it is always so, whenever they happen to be Objects worthy of Notice. You may guess the many Questions, both of Kindness and Curiosity, that have been asked about you in both Places; though I have been so taken up with yourself ever since I have been here, that I do not think I mentioned any Thing of these Families before.

Since you are retired to Windfor's fady, cool Retreat, I shall not envy myself the present En. joyments I have in this sweet Sejour, independant


• He compares the Intrepidity of Ajax to the Obtinacy of an Ass.


of the Company, which I actually did, till I received your Letter. This is really One of the sweeteft. Scenes in Ireland, taking all its Circumstances together. The Proximity of the Two Seats"; the near Relationship between the Families, their Friendship, the Kind of People they all are; agreeable under so many different Characters; the Beauty of the Grounds ; the Elegance of their Improvements, the Cominunication between them through Gardens, Labyrinths; and Groves.

In fine, the toute Ensemble, is so extreinely Arcadian and romantic, that I have ftiled it, by way of Eminence, Le Voisinage ; and they have agreed to sink the Names of Kilfane, and Kilmurry, though both soft enough for Verse, into that common Appellation comprehending them both.

Since I have had my Mind rendered easy about your Health, it is Time to take Notice of Two Letters I' received from you, dated London, at the fame Time with your first' from Windfor; for a delayed Pacquet brought them all together.

You cannot imagine what Pleasure it gave me, the Coincidence of your receiving my little Presents, with the silver Token, fo critically on our Dies festus. Whoever has a great Stake in War,

[blocks in formation]

at Play, or in Love, becomes naturally fuperftitious-fond Boys and Girls frequent coffee toffers, turn their Shifts and Shirts, burn their Sweet-hearts : Heroes consult Augury; and jeaJous Husbands start at the Cuckoo's Note. O! Word of Fear!

I received your Packet of Powders in One of these Letters, which furnished me with a Cordial both to Body and Mind. Ben Johnson could not have faid of the Envelope, what he did of the Dramatic Writings of his Time, and which may as well be applied to those of the Present: “A " Man would not wrap up any wholesome Drug " in them.”

There was an Eclipse of the Moon to have been performed here Yesterday Morning, by the Prediction of the Astronomers, but the Manæuvre was quite disconcerted; for Madam Luna did not appear--alhamed to fhew her Face perhaps under such a Disgrace, and so the Eclipse passed off in the dark. How was it with you ?

You have Two Works on your Hands at present, and I scorn to be outdone in Labour at least : So I began another Writing before I had finished the First, and have carried them on together, like Twins. No Matter, now. I shall

Adieu !

HENRY. P.S. Le Voisinage present their Affections to you.


find a Time.

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