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133. Deference to the Opinion of the World

Gyges' Ring—Actions of Public Spirit

—Whetters Steele

13g. Women more improveable than Men—
On Courtship—The Author's Disco-
veries by the use of his Ring ,,,-

140. Letters on a charitable Provision for

poor Boys—Cicero's Defence of Ar-
chias—Use of the "term Madam—In-
decorums at Church—From an In-
quisitive Lady ..

141. Education of Girls—Whetters—Noisy

Neighbours—Letter from a Valentine

—Petition of the Inhabitants of Go-

tham ,

J42. Political Anxiety—Recommendation of

Charles the Toyman. .

143. Sister Jenny appears in her own Chariot

—The Author's Letter to her Husband

—Provision for Pasto/als—Public Im-

postors—Joshua Barnes -.

144. Prevalence of Extravagance and Show

Change of Manners in Scotland ,

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