The Die is Cast

Front Cover
Information as Material, Dec 14, 2009 - English poetry - 12 pages
After the innovations of William Ged and Firmin Didot founded the idea of stereotyping and coined the onomatopoeic label 'cliché' respectively, as technical printer's terms, the conceptual extension of the cliché and stereotype as social metaphors followed the idea of repeated, solidly pre-set phrases. The pejorative modern connotations of being reductive, ill-representative and over-used are now embedded in both the two words themselves and the idea of using predetermining identifications. With one staple, one fold, the equivalent paper of one A4 sheet, and one determinedly grey ink this pocketbook inverts the logic and format of the codex publication to overlay the shapes, sounds and metaphors of common English clichés about clichés. Caroline Bergvall is a French-Norwegian writer and multi-disciplinary poet based in London. Nick Thurston is a conceptual writer and artist who, since 2006, has served as Co-Editor at information as material.

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