Conference on the state and progress of public works in the presidency of Bombay, September 1866

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Page 6 - T ^ ff second, and that the velocity of the wave pressure was above 20,000 feet per second in steel. It was not a question as to whether the space moved through could be seen with the eye; there was velocity and pressure, and consequently energy. No doubt the law of increased strain existed to a certain extent, but to what extent he could not say. In his calculations, though he mentioned the law he had not taken advantage of it in his criticisms upon the Woolwich guns, but he had taken the simple...
Page 3 - ... India would then scrutinize the position and determine the provisional subvention and the opening balances to be allowed to the new province. Accordingly the budget estimates for 1936-37 as framed by the three provincial Governments were consolidated by the Government of Bihar and Orissa and submitted to the Government of India at the end of the year. The Government of Bihar and Orissa further undertook the preparation of a separate memorandum for Orissa, in order to present the case of the new...

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