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For the Benefit of the



Originally prepared by Thomas WAINEWRIGHT, Solicitor, fic.

Printed by Edward Baines, Mercury Court,


Gough Addr Gork 8229

Copy of a Deed, &c.

This Indenture

Made the twenty-fourth day of May, in the 45th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the grace of God, of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of the faith, and in the year of our Lord 1805; Between Robert Ostler, of Leeds, in the Parties. county of York, Merchant, James Bowling, of Leeds aforesaid, Gentleman, Christopher Heaps, of Leeds aforesaid, Plumber and Glazier, Stephen Slater Hargill, of Leeds aforesaid, Carpenter, John Kidson, of Leeds aforesaid, Book-keeper, Watson Wild, of Leeds aforesaid, 'Hot-Presser, William Reynolds, of Leeds aforesaid, Cooper, John Bower, of Hunslet in the parish of Leeds aforesaid, Aqua-fortis Manufacturer, Joshua Bower of Hunslet aforesaid, Cabinet Maker, James Atkinson of Hunslet aforesaid, Clothier, and John Fowler, of Armley in the parish of Leeds aforesaid, Clothier ; being respectively members of a religious society, known by the name of the New Connexion of Methodists, lately established by Alexander Kilham, Gentleman, deceased, late minister of the gospel, or persons professing the same religious opinions, of the one part; and the said Robert Ostler, James Bowling,

A 2 Christopher

Christopher Heaps, Stephen Slater Hargill, John Kisdon, Watson Wild, William Reynolds, John Bower, Joshua Bower, John Fowler, and William Thom of Leeds aforesaid, minister of the gospel, John Cawood of Leeds aforesaid, Founder, John Slee, of Leeds aforesaid, Stay-maker, George Heaps, of Leeds aforesaid, Clothdrawer, John Burnand, of Leeds aforesaid, Taylor, George Webster, of Leeds aforesaid, Stover, Andrew Ingleson, of Leeds aforesaid, Cloth-dresser, John Brown, of Leeds aforesaid, Bricklayer, Richard Whincun, of Leeds aforesaid, Woolsorter, David Hainsworth, of Leeds aforesaid, Corp-iniller, Major Rider, of Leeds aforesaid, Stuff-niaker, Samuel Maltby, of Leeds aforesaid, Pluniber and Glazier, Samuel Prockter of Leeds aforesaid, Oilman, William Clarksonof Leeds aforesaid, Tallowchandler, Benjamin Saville, of Leeds aforesaid, Shoe-maker, and John Tordoff, of Leeds aforesaid, Woolstapler, which said sixteen last pamed several persons are also members of the said society,or occasiobally or statedly frequenting divine service in the

chapel or meeting-house hereinafter menRecital of tioned, of the other part. Whereas by inthe original con dentures of lease and release, bearing date veyance in trustų for the grantors. respectively the 6th and 7th days of August

1799, the release being of six parts, and made between Edward Dyne Brisco, of Wakefield in the said county, Esq. (by his addin tion therein used,) of the first part; James Simpson, of Leeds aforesaid, Gentleman, Joseph Dixon, of the same place, Chinaman, George Smith, of the same place, Banker, Thomas Smith of the same place, Hard-wareman, and John Beecroft, of the same place, Mason, of the fourth part; the

field in th Edward D3 of six part


said Robert Oastler, James Bowling, Christopher Heaps, Stephen Slater Hargill, John Kidson, Watson Wild, William Rey. nolds, John Bower, Joshua Bower, James Atkinson, and John Fowler, of the fifth part; and Thomas Hannam, of Leeds aforesaid, Stationer, (a trustee for the purposes thereinafter declared) of the sixth part; Whereby after reciting to the effect therein recited, It is witnessed, that for the consideratisons therein mentioned the several buildings, pieces of ground, and hereditaments, hereinafter particularly mentioned and described, and intended to be hereby granted and released with their appurtenances were conveyed and limited to the said Thomas Hannam and his heirs, upon trust, amongst other trusts therein declared as to a sale the trust de. thereof, and otherwise, and subject thereto clared. that lie the said Thomas Hannam, his heirs or assigns, and every of them, should stand and be seised of the same ; To the only proper use and behoof of the said parties of the fifth part, and their several and respective heirs and assigns for ever, as tenants in common and not as jointtenants, as upon reference to the said several indentures will more fully appear. And whereas the said Thomas Hannam Death of having since the execution of the said se." veral indentures, departed this life without having had occasion to carry his said trust into execution as to a sale, and the said parties to these presents of the one part, hav- Agreement to ing him survived, they have mutually agreed exonerate the that the said hereditaments shall be con-clare others. veyed to the said parties to these presents of the other part, as well in order that the same inay be the better exonerated from such trusts as to a sale, as be vested in



trusts, and de

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