Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: Commencing in Michaelmas Term, 1815 [to the End of the Sittings After Michaelmas Term, 1817], Volume 3

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Page 406 - Realm, shall by Writing, Printing, Teaching, or advised Speaking, deny any one of the Persons in the Holy Trinity to be God, or shall assert or maintain there are more Gods than one, or shall deny the Christian Religion to be true, or the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be of Divine Authority...
Page 405 - Majesties protestant subjects dissenting from the church of England from the penalties of certain laws...
Page 317 - I give and bequeath to the treasurer for the time being of the...
Page 48 - Support of sick, maimed, and disabled Seamen, and the Widows and Children of such as shall be killed, slain, or drowned in the Merchant Service ; and for other Purposes.
Page 406 - That if any Person or Persons, having been educated in, or at any Time having made Profession of the Christian Religion within this Realm, shall by Writing, Printing, Teaching, or advised Speaking deny any one of the Persons in the Holy Trinity to be God...
Page 380 - Stra. 834. the court would not suffer it to be debated, whether to write against Christianity was punishable in the temporal courts at common law? Wood, therefore, 409. ventures still to vary the phrase, and says " that all blasphemy and profaneness are offences by the common law,
Page 269 - If this were res integra untouched by dictum or decision, I would not have permitted such a covenant to be the foundation of an action or a suit in this court. But if dicta have followed dicta, or decision has followed decision, to the extent of settling the law, I cannot, upon any doubt of mine, as to what ought originally to have been the decision, shake what is the settled law upon the subject.
Page 629 - On the other hand, there may be a valid patent for a new combination of materials previously in use for the same purpose, or for a new method of applying such materials.
Page 406 - Whereas many persons have of late years openly avowed and published many blasphemous and impious Opinions, contrary to the Doctrines and Principles of the Christian Religion, greatly tending to the Dishonour of Almighty God, and may prove destructive to the Peace and Welfare of this Kingdom...
Page 93 - Emoluments of this sort are granted for the dignity of the State, and for the decent support of those persons who are engaged in the service of it. It would therefore be highly impolitic to permit them to be assigned ; for persons* who are liable to be called out in the service of their country, ought not to be taken from a state of poverty.

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