Lester F. Ward: A Personal Sketch

Front Cover
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1922 - 208 pages

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Page 176 - Sociocracy recognizes natural inequalities and aims to abolish artificial inequalities. 4. Individualism confers benefits on those only who have the ability to obtain them, by superior power, cunning, intelligence, or the accident of position. 5. Socialism would confer the same benefits on all alike, and aims to secure equality of fruition. 6. Sociocracy would confer benefits in strict proportion to merit, but insists upon equality of opportunity as the only means of determining the degree of merit.
Page 174 - The individual has reigned long enough. The day has come for society to take its affairs into its own hands and shape its own destinies. The individual has acted as best he could. He has acted in the only way he could. With a consciousness, will, and intellect of his own he could do nothing else than pursue his natural ends.
Page 201 - Such graves as his are pilgrim shrines, Shrines to no code or creed confined; The Delphian vales, the Palestines, The Meccas of the mind.
Page 180 - ... of a higher life are concerned, those swarming, spawning millions, the bottom layer of society, the proletariat, the working classes, the "hewers of wood and drawers of water," nay, even the denizens of the slums — that all these are by nature the peers of the boasted "aristocracy of brains...
Page 193 - It is, in short, the question whether the social system shall always be left to nature, always be genetic .and spontaneous, and be allowed to drift listlessly on, intrusted to the by no means always progressive influences which have developed it and brought it to its present condition, or •whether it shall be regarded as a proper subject of art...
Page 75 - Schopenhauer that matter is causality involves an ellipsis. It is not matter but collision that constitutes the only cause. This eternal pelting of atoms, this driving of the elements, this pressure at every point, this struggle of all created things, this universal nisus of nature, pushing into existence all material forms and storing itself up in them as properties, as life, as feeling, as thought, this is the hylozoism of the philosophers, the self-activity of Hegel, the will of Schopenhauer,...
Page 167 - The gymecocentric theory is the view that the female sex is primary and the male secondary in the organic scheme, that originally and normally all things center, as it were, about the female, and that the male, though not necessary in carrying out the scheme, was developed under the operation of the principle of advantage to secure organic progress through the crossing of strains.
Page 178 - Gynaecocracy, or the priority and superiority of the female sex throughout nature. 17. The group sentiment of safety, or primordial social plasm. 1 8. The elimination of the wayward, as the essential function of religion. This list, of course, could be greatly extended. Many of these laws, principles, and truths are very broad and embrace subordinate ones that might be treated independently. Some are closely related to others and run together, for such is the nature of all truth. But as they stand...
Page 175 - This general social art," he says, " the scientific control of the social forces by the collective mind of society for its advantage, in strict homology with the practical arts of the industrial world, is what I have hitherto given the name Sociocracy."* Call it what we may, this social art is the highest of all the arts.

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