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and C. HITCH, J. and. J. PEMBERTON, R. WAR E, Č. Rivington, F. CLAY, A. WARD, J. and P. KNAPton, T. LONGMAN, R. Hett, and J. Wood.

3. T fronomical Calculations, and also by the Year of Jubilee, and

the Sabbatical Year among the Jews : Or, an Account of Time from the Creation of the World, to the Destruction of Jerusalem; as it may be proved from the Writings of the Old and New Testament. In a Method hitherto unattempted; and which was first proposed by the learned Archbishop Usher. In which the Hebrew Text is vindicated; and the Objections against it, as consisting of many Mutilations, and numerical Alterations, are occasionally considered; and the Authority of the Samaritan and Septuagint Versions, in Opposition to the original Copy, is confuted. Together with the History of the World, from the Creation, to the Time when Dr. Prideaux began his Connexion. Illustrated with a great Variety of Tables, Maps, and Copper-Plates. By ARTHUR BEDFORD, M. A. Rector Newton St. Loe, in the County Somerset, and Chaplain to the Haberdashers-Hospital at Hoxton near London,

2. A New TREATISE of GEOGRAPHY: Containing, 1. The Rudiments of the Science, with a general Account of our Globe. 2. An Explication of the several Parts of Land and Water; as Continents, Inands, Peninsula's, Oceans, Seas, &c. 3. A particular Description of the four great Parts of the World, with the several Empires, Kingdoms, Republicks, and Countries; shewing their Bounds, Divisions, Capital and other Cities and Towns in Alphabetical Order, and the Bearing of each Province from the Center of the Country; the Latitude and Longitude of such Center, and its Distance and Bearing from the Metropolis, and from London; Things most remarkable in each Country, with their Commodities, Religion, Government, Language, Ø c. 4. Distinct Alphabetical Accounts of INands; Peninsula's, and Ifthmus's; Capes, Promontories, and Mountains; Banks, Sholes, and Estuaries; Streights, Channels, and Canals; Lakes ; Gulfs; Bays, Harbours, Havens, Sounds, and Friths; Rivers; Seas, and Oceans. The Whole after a new, easy, and comprehenLive Method, and containing more Particulars, in many Respects, than any Treatise of the like Kind yet extant. By E. HATTON, Gent.

Speedily will be Published, beautifully Printed,

Complete CONCORDANCE to the Holy SCRIPTURES of the A

Old and New Testament : Wherein the various Significations of the principal Words are inserted ; by which not only the plain Meaning of many Passages of Scripture is given, but also an Account of the Jewish Customs and Ceremonies is occafionally added; tending to the Illustration of many obscure Texts, particularly in the Old Testament. There is also added, A CONCORDANCE to the Books of the Apocrypba. The Whole is compiled in an easy, regular and exact Method; and the numerous Texts that are explained, render it more useful than any CONCORDANCE hitherto published. It is a Book proper for the Libraries of all Persons, who desire to be well acquainted with the Holy Scriptures: By ALEXANDER CRUDEN, A. M.

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Being a compleat SUPPLEMENT to
Dr. Clarke's PARAPHRASE on the Four Gospels.

A short PREFACE to each EPISTLE, shewing

the Occafion and Design of it; the several ARGU-
MENTS set at the Head of each Chapter ; and a
GENERAL INDEX to all the Principal Matters,
Words, and Phrases of the New TESTAMENT,
excepting the Revelation.

For the use of families.
Minister of Lyn-Regis in Norfolk, and Prebendary of the

Cathedral Church of Sarum.

The Third EDITION, Review'd and Corrected by the AUTHOR.

Ι ο Ν D ο Ν :
Printed for D. MIDWINTER, A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch,

A. WARD, J. and P. KNAPTON, T. LONGMAN, R. Hett, and

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