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P. Blakiston's Son & Company, 1921 - 900 pages

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Page 357 - he succeeded in showing that decay, putrefaction and fermentation are fundamental facts, connecting links between the world of the living and the world of the dead. The research of the following decades brought to light the intimate relation existing between microorganisms and the decomposition of
Page 456 - The immense numbers of bacteria found in milk in the large cities are usually the result of the rapid growth of the Bad. lactis acidi group resulting from the age of the milk and the temperature at which it has been kept. Such milk may also contain large numbers of those saprophytic organisms which occur
Page 456 - acidi type will constitute a very large percentage of those present when the milk reaches the city even before it shows any perceptible signs of souring. During the past few years great progress has been made in the production of clean milk and at present quite an important part of the general
Page 226 - camemberti, there is no evidence that enzymes not normally formed by the organism in demonstrable quantities can be developed by special methods of nutrition. The addition of a particular food compound does not develop an entirely new enzyme, but stimulates the production of the corresponding enzyme which is normally formed, although in small amounts, under all conditions.
Page 760 - toxins and analogous products intended for use in the treatment of domestic animals. The federal control of the manufacture of vaccines, sera, toxins and other
Page 332 - rivers the influence of this factor is also quite pronounced; and, according to Jordan, "The influences summed up by the term sedimentation are sufficiently powerful to obviate the necessity for summoning another cause to explain the diminution in numbers of bacteria" in sewage polluted rivers. The example already given
Page 589 - and hung in wood smoke for several days. They are then stored in a cool place. The proportions of the various constituents of the pickling solutions are subject to rather wide variation, and in general, it may be said that the higher the temperature of the storage room, the more concentrated must be the pickling solutions to insure satisfactory preservation.
Page 149 - layer must be carefully pipetted off, as the leucocytes immediately destroy the merozoites. Only the parasites within red cells escape phagocytosis. Sexual parasites are much more resistant, and the authors think they observed parthenogenesis The temperature should be from 40
Page 111 - CLASSIFICATION* The classification of bacteria was early recognized by Mueller as a matter of difficulty, since he says: "The difficulties that beset the investigation of these microscopic animals are complex; the sure and definite determination (of species) requires so much time, so much of acumen of eye and judgment, so much of perseverance and patience, that there is hardly anything else so difficult.
Page 905 - 'new cases of pellagra originated almost exclusively in a house in which a preexisting pellagrin was living, or next door to such a house, suggesting that the disease has spread from old cases as centers.

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