The Philosophical Transactions and Collections to the End of the Year MDCC, Abridged, and Disposed Under General Heads, Volume 2

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Page 137 - which feems occafioned by the great Quantity of Land which is interfperfed in thefe Seas. 7. That thefe contrary Winds do not fhift all at once, but in fome Places the Time of the Change is attended with Calms, in others with Variable Winds ; and it is particularly remarkable, that the End of the
Page 403 - but they were lifted from the Ground above two Palmes^ and cafting his Eyes towards Catanea he with Amazement faw nothing but a very thick Cloud of Duft in the Air. This was the Scene of their Calamity. For of the magnificent Catanea there is not the leaft Footftep to be feen. All its Edifices are
Page 562 - Both of them are upon Hearths, on which they place great Heaps of Sea-coal, and behind them Bellows like to thofe of the Furnaces, but nothing near fo large. Into their Finery they firft put their Pigs of Iron, placing three or four of them together behind the Fire, with a little of one End
Page 21 - a Current ; fo that the Air muft neceflarily be attenuated when and where the faid Winds continue to blow, and that more or lefs, according to their Violence ; add to which, that the Horizontal Motion of the Air being fo quick, as it is, may, in all Probability, take off fome Part of the
Page 561 - The Furnaces are at firft filled with Ore and Cinder intermixt with Fuel, which in thefe Works is always of Charcoal -, laying them hollow at the bottom, that they may more eafily take fire : But after they are once kindled, the Materials run together in a hard Cake or Lump which is
Page 403 - in fwelling Billows -, that there was a very great and dreadful Blow, as if all the Artillery in the World had been at once difcharged \ that the Birds flew about
Page 127 - gleeting down by the Crannies of the Stone •, and part of the Vapours entring into the Caverns of the Hills, the Water thereof gathers, as in an Alembick, into the Bafons of Stone it finds, which being once filled,, all the Overplus of Water that comes thither, runs
Page 620 - are fixed in the Earth, and that if the Needle were wholly governed by them, the Variations thereof would be always the fame with fome little Irregularities upon the Account I but juft now mentioned : But the internal Sphere having fuch a gradual Tranflation of its Poles, does influence the Needle, and
Page 619 - So then the external Parts of the Globe may well be reckoned as the Shell, and the internal as a Nucleus or inner Globe included within ours, with a fluid Medium between. Which having the fame common Center and Axis of diurnal Rotation, may turn about with our Earth each
Page 375 - exceedingly. The ordinary Remedy is to dig a Hole in the Earth,, and lay them on their Bellies, with their Mouths in it ; if that fail, they tun them full of good Ale-, but if that fail, they conclude them

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