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[1] Review of the content: The Works of William Shakespeare (9 volumes, 1st edition 1863?5?, 2nd edition 1893, reprinted in at least1895 and 1904), subtitled The Cambridge Shakespeare, is an excellent concordance for Shakespeare's works. When the words in the official Folio versions of Shakespeare don't make sense, it may be because whoever originally transcribed the plays was rushed. Subsequent scholars, poring over these texts and using their heads, have guessed at what Shakespeare probably wrote, or at least meant, and this 9-volume set lists those alternatives in the footnotes. The 5-star rating is for the content.
[2] Review of this particular volume: Google's scan of volume 1 in the set, New York Public Library's copy. This volume contains
-- The Tempest
-- Two Gentleman of Verona
-- Merry Wives of Windsor
-- Measure for Measure
-- Comedy of Errors.
A rating for the scanning by Google would be 0-stars. **The pdf's are sharp and readable but the OCR is minimal. That makes the book very hard to find by searching.**
You cannot find the book itself, nor a page within the book, by word-searching a particular phrase in a speech in one of the plays. Oddly, only words that were capitalized in the book were ever found by using the search-this-book search box. I typed the terms in lower case but only got hits for all-cap occurrences, and then not all of those. Examples: (a) some instances of the names of the plays, and (b) some instances of text that appears in page headers, such as "Act V."
By the way, Google's scan of another volume in the series, Volume 6,
which was scanned from a 1904 edition from Harvard's library, has adequate OCR. Vol. 6 contains
-- Troilus & Cressida
-- Coriolanus
-- Titus Andronicus
-- Romeo & Juliet
I originally discovered Vol. 6 by searching on Google for an unusual phrase that appears in Coriolanus.
Later, when I wanted to see a concordance for a particular speech in Comedy of Errors, I could not at first find the volume at all. Since I knew that The Comedy of Errors had to be in a series called "The Works of William Shakespeare," I tried various words that appear in the front of Volume 6. "Cambridge Shakespeare" did NOT work, by the way.
Volume 1, like many other Google editions of Shakespeare - and perhaps many scans on Google - has dreadful or no OCR, and Google apparently neither knows nor cares that it could use clever software as a substitute for human proofreaders. For example, there are Google versions of Shakespeare's works in which the Bard's name is not consistently spelled S-H-A-K-E-S-P-E-A-R-E but sometimes appears as combinations of characters such as "(ha!esp.avo": recognizable by a reader but definitely not Googlable. Pity.

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