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disant grand-nephew; and then let forth a volley of Irish, to which the other responded with no less Quency: when, quite overcome by the sudden reognition, the aged man tottered towards his relation, and almost fell over him in the attempt to grasp his lands. Young Magrath at once lost the air of levity and sarcasm, and after affectionately embracing his uncle, led him back to his chair, by which he stood, looking down on him with an expression far more pleasing than his countenance had yet assumed ; until Shane abruptly asked, “ And did ye come to search for me, dear ?"

“ I can't say that I did,” answered Magrath ; and his looks changed for the worse.

No sooner had Bryan completed his breakfast, than Magrath respectfully summoned him aside, and commenced by asking before whom he was to be taken.

“ You heard the bargain," answered M Alister, “ I engaged to deliver you up to the person who captured you, and he, I suppose, will have you before the governor."

“ Colonel Lundy ?” 6. Yes."

Magrath's forehead now bore a portentous scowl, and he clenched his teeth. Bryan continued, “I have told you that it is our wish to avert the necessary consequences of your conviction. That your object in coming here was that of an enemy, we can hardly doubt, nor have you denied it. As a citizen and defender of this town, I cannot, nor will I be a traitor to her cause, nor endanger her safety through favour to any man”

“ Now, your honour," interrupted Magrath," will you believe what I'm going to say ""

“ Certainly ; if I have no just cause to doubt it.”

Why then, it isn't that I value the toss of a halfpenny what comes over myself; and if the fellows pitch me into the Foyle, as they talked, so let ’em. Larry Magrath is not the boy to flinch, right or wrong. But, sir, if you'll keep me out of the governor's sight, better folks than myself”-and he glanced around him—“ may be thankful; only don't ask me why, for tell it I won't.”

“ But how am I to do this, and in the dark too."

“ Och ! it isn't for me to direct your worship : but one of the jontlemen that collared me last night didn't appear in haste to bring me to colonel Lundy : and he seemed to know his honour, too.”

Bryan could not forbear smiling at the point with which these words were spoken, recalling the evident suspicion of Lundy's treachery.

* Well, Magrath, if I bring you out of danger, will you promise me-solemnly promise meto lay aside any evil design with which you came here, and to be faithful to us while you remain ?"

* Sir, I will.” And the firm tone, the deliberate

utterance, the straight forward look, carried conviction with them, to Bryan's generous mind.

Accompanied by Ross, he now repaired to the principal of the party who had committed Magrath to his care, and informing him of the strong grounds for suspecting that the prisoner had come on some mission of treachery, which the unexpected meeting with a long-lost relation had led him to regret, he suggested the propriety of preventing the interview so much deprecated by Magrath. Knowing how deeply his hearer participated in the prevailing doubts concerning Lundy, he could speak without reserye : and two or three influential men of similar views having been consulted, it was agreed that if M‘Alister himself would become surety for the appearance of the stranger when called on, no notice should be taken of his capture. The frequency of such occurrences rendered it unlikely that any

farther enquiry should be made, beyond what a few vague words would satisfy, and Bryan returned with a light heart to acquaint Magrath of the result; enquiring whether he would be content to remain a prisoner on parole with him.

“ Long life to your honour, and it's myself that could desire no greater than to be your servant. I would'nt ask it first; but indeed I'm better in it than outside the walls, barrin' always governor Lundy's two eyes upon me,

And it isn't for my own gain 1

say it."

“ I believe you, Magrath. I think that the natural kind feelings of an Irishman towards an unsuspecting family who wish him well, have overcome something less creditable to the character."

“ True for you, sir ; at least I don't deny it: and now your honour will just let me work in the family so as to earn the bit that I eat; and long life to you for the same.”

On the following morning, by sun-rise, Bryan took post on the flat roof of the cathedral, and beheld a scene well calculated to thrill his every nerve. As far as the eye could reach, dense columns of infantry, shrouded at times in the dust raised by vast bodies of horse, approached the devoted spot. Situated within an abrupt bend of Lough Foyle, Derry is two-thirds surrounded by its waters, at that spot not more than half a mile in breadth. Not only was the town in process of investment by a line of troops, whose extreme right and left rested on the edge of the Lough ; but batteries were being erected on the opposite side, and the prophet's imagery—“a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, a besieged city," presented itself to the mind of young M'Alister, with a force and a pathos that dimned his bright eye, as he scanned the accumulating host without, and pondered on the treacherous leaven that wrought on the multitudes within. Eager interest in the scene, as it regarded his couutry and his faith, together with the ardent risings of inherent courage, soon overcame

these saddened feelings, and aided by a small telescope, he took a scrutinizing survey of the advancing foe.

Proudly waving on the breeze, he descried the royal standard of England, which left upon his mind no doubt of James's personal approach, at the head of his army, surrounded by a galaxy of nobles and commanders, whose armour flashed in the far distance. It was, indeed, that unhappy and misguided tool of priestcraft, who, after exercising in Dublin the brief authority again acquired, in a manner "sufficient to prove his infatuated devotion to the will of spiritual tyrants, now came to overawe by his kingly presence the cluster of determined Protestants encaged within those walls. And it had surely been an easy conquest, but for the Omnipotent Guardian of a praying people-a small number, who mingled in the mass, nerved by their incessant supplications the arms which were too prone to boast as though their own strength upheld them. Wonderful indeed were the incidents of that protracted siege, and most astonishing the deliverances vouchsafed. Let the praise be rendered to Him who wills not that his glory be given to others.

The flat roof of Derry cathedral furnished at once a post of observation and a battery; and while, beneath, the word of life was dealt forth, the engines of destruction stood ready charged above, to sweep immortal souls from earth, to the judgment-seat.

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