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It has been lamented by many lovers of poetry, that, when a general and uniform edition of our poets was published under the auspices of Dr. Johnson, no effort was made in favour of these antiquated writers. It should seem, that the direétor of that literary apotheosis might have recommended to public notice the works of Surrey, Wyat,

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As many of the names which occur in this volume will probably not be familiar to the general class of readers, it might be expected that the specimens of each author should be preceded by some account of his life and writings: but it was thought unnecessary to attempt what has been already executed in the best and most popular of our modern miscellanies. A sufficient account of all the British poets may be found either in Percy's Collection; or in Headley's Select Beauties of

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It is necessary to mention, that the compilerhastaken the liberty of adopting throughout the orthography of the present time. He conceives, that, although some of the variations which have taken place in our mode of spelling may have been dićtated by caprice, the greater number were adopted with a view to prevent ambiguity, and that it is no injury to his authors to render them more intelligible.

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