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Mouth, nicely shaped for Food, &c. In 17)

Sómas liçcle and narrow 190."'?.
Some, with a large deep Incifures -
Insects very notable to catch, hold and devour Prty's

to carry Burdens, to bore and build their Habita

tions 191.

Birds as notable, Horned in all. In some

Hooked for Ravine, climbing, Q. 192.
ti Sharp and strong to pierce Trees, *

Long and sender so grope, et i
Long and broad to quaffer.
Thick and Charp edged to husk Grain.

Compressed to raile Limpets, c.
Teeth, which are peculiarly hard, firmly inserted in die
.Jaws, varioudy shaped in the same, and diffèrent As-

nimals, deficient in young Crearures; W 194. } Salival Glands, compiodioully placed for Mastication and

Deglutition 196. 10)
Mufcles and Tendon's ferving to Mastication, strong and

well lodged.
Gullec, fized according to the Foode; with curious Fi-

bres, c. 197.
Stomach z 198.
Which hach a curious Mechanism of Fibrès, Tunicks,

Glands, Nerves. Arterics and Veins.
Whose Faculty of Digestion by fuch seeming weak

Menftruums is admirable.
Whofe Size and Strength is conformable to the Na.

cure of the Food, or Occaswns of Animals,
Which is in
STame Animals bur One. :?

Ruminants, Birds, or More.
Guts, whose Tunicks, Glands, Fibres, Valves, and Peri-

ftalcick Morion deserve Admiration 201.
Lacteals, together with the Impregnations from the Pan.
creas, Gall

, Glands, and Lymphædults. i Sagacity of all Animalsi in finding out, and providing

Food.: Ina
SMan less remarkable for the sake of his Understanding 203.-
{Inferiour Creatures. In such as are
Come to mature Age, and are able to help themselves, by

Accurate Smell 204...
Natural Craft,
Hunting and groping out of Sight.
Seeing and Smelling ac great Distances 206.
Climbing ; the strong Tendons and Muscles acting therein.

Seeing in the dark.
Helpless. As 208.



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Young Creatyręs 101: i piepori
Man, born the most helpless of any, the Parents Realon,

Hands and Affe&tion
Irrationals.e For whose Young the Creator hath made a
sufficient Provision partly by the 1:1 01
Parenc-Animal's own
Toggáz" and Diligence in Nursing and Defending

them 208
Sagacity and Care in repositing their Eggs and

Young, where Food and all Necessaries are the

be found 209 lovid Ability of the Young themselves to lift for and

help themselves, with the little Helps of theik

::Dams: 210,
Creatures destitute of Food at fome Seasons, or likely do

want it, who
Are able to live long withouroFoodiqladi varna

Lay up Food before-hand. subito
VII. The Clothing of Animals, which is 215/
Suited to the Place and Occasions of ballisto

Man, it is left coihis own Reafob and Arts joyned with

sufficient Materials : Which ris.bct for chimg
Because he may fute his Cloadving to his.Quality and

Business. 219.,
For Perfpiration and Health fakes.
To exercise tuis. Aic and Industryan
To excite his Diligence in keeping himself fweer and

In being the Parent of divers Callings 220.
į Irrationals: 'Who are either iei igit.
Ready furnished with proper. Cloaching
On the dry Land with Hair, Fleeces, Furrs, Shells,

hard Skins, &c. 221.
In the Air with Feathers, light, strong and warni,
In the Waters with Scales, ħayd for Guard's smooth
for Paflage , or with Atrong Shells to guard such as

move more dowly 224. liaiu. : Provide for themselves by their Teytrine,cor Architec

conick Art.'. Of which under the next Branch Well garnished, being all Workman-tike, compleat, and kuris in its kind beautiful, being 225.1....!!!!!!

Adorned with gay, various and elegant Colours.
If sordid, yet with exact Symmetry, and full of curious

VIII. The Houses and Habitations of

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ther 232.

vand captivate what is Man, who is abundantly furnished with Bontrivance and Art to build and garnith his Habich.

tions 226. Materials of all force to effect his Works Irrationals whose marvellous Infinet is manifefted by the Convenience of their Nefts and Habtrations for the sHatching and Education of their Young 229. Guard and Defence of themselves and their Young. Fabrick of their Neits, scarce imitable by Man, and then

by their contrivance and Make, being exactly faicable to their Occasions, and made býr band Putting only a few ugly Sticks, Mols, Dirt, co togBuilding Combs according to the best Rules of Mathema

ticks..decorative Weaving Webs, and miaking Cafes: "For which Service the

Parts of their Bodies, and Materials afforded by them

are very conliderable. IX. Animal's Self-Preservation. For which there is always

a Guard in proportion to the Dangers and Occasions of their Seater which is observable insieme

Man, whose Reason and Art supplies the Defect of Nae
stural Artnature.

Irrational Creatures; who um...
CAs they are on one Hand Tufficiently guarded by their

Shells, Horns, Claws, Stings, t. 241
Changing their Colours.
Wings, Feet; and Swiftness.
Diving in, and tinging the Witérs!
Ejecting Jayces out of their Body.
Accurate Smell, Sight and Hearing
Natural Craft 243.
Uneouth Noise, ugly Gesticulations, and horrid Ar
Horrible Shink and Excrements.. ia bisnis r
So on the other Hand can by theit Strength, Sagacicy,

of natural Artifices entrap

neceffary for their Food and other Occasions. JohX. Animal's Generacion. sEquivocal, is denied 245.

chini 440 Univocal, Which of.

i sisiwe
Man, is ivwpíxeias ireng, paffed wholly by
Irracional Creatures, which is remarkable for their

Sagacity in chlling the firteft Places for tltetr Eggs and se. Young : Where tr'is obfervable what'a

Tusindfrei 4:21. Nis: +3:!!



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Compleat Order they observed in 1.1
Near Apparatus their Bodies are provided with for
this purpose 249

1 Natural Venome they inject with their Eggs into

Vegetables. to pervert Nature, and produce Balls,

and Cafes 252. ut sitt 10.ri.
Making use of the fittest Seasons, either
All Seasons 253.0

When Provisions are most plentiful and easielt had.
Due Number of Young 254.

Diligence and Concern for their Young, io point of
lạcubation 255A
2Safety and Defence 256.
Faculty of Nursing their Young, być
Suckling them In which it is observable i

How tuitable this Food is. br.

How willingly parted with by all, even the most favage. ? What a compleat Apparatus in all Creatures of Dugs &c. Pucting Food, in thcir Mouths, with their proper Parts for

catching and conveying Food, 258. Viss Neither way, but by laying in Provisions before-hand 259.

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Having in the Fourth Book thus dispatched the Decad of
Things in Common to the Sensitive Creatyręsg. cake a view of
their particular Tribes, viz. of.
Iman; whom I consider with relation to his uc
Soul. Concerning which having curforily mentioned di.

vers things, I infitt upon two as thewing an especial di-
vine Management, the
Various Genii, or Inclinacions of Men, which is a wise

Provision for the Dispatch for all the World's Affairs,

and that they may be performed with Pleasure 265. Inventive Faculcy. In which it is remarkable chat Slcs Compass is fo large, extending to all things of ure,

and occasioning so many several Callings. Things of greatest Neceflicy and Ure were soon and easi

ly found out, but things less useful later, and dangerous things not yec: Here of divers particular Inventions, with an Exhortation to exercise and improve

our Gifts.
Body. In which the things particularly remarked upon

are che
CErect Posture 284:

The most convenient for a Rasional Being.
Manifestly intended, as appears from the Structure

of some particular Parts mentioned 287.
Nice Structure of the Parts ministring thereto.
Equilibration of all the Parts 288.


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Stare 290.

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Figure and Shape of Man's Body most agreeable to his
Place and Bulinels 2

Scature and Size, which is much the best for Man's
Structure of the Parts, which are

Without Botches and Blunders
Sof duc Strength.
of the beft Form.
Most accurately accommodated to their proper Offices,

Lodgment of the Parts, as the

Five Senses 298.


Legs and Feet.
Several Bones and" Muscles

, &c. 300.
Covering of all with the Skin.
Provision in Man's Body to

Situation of the Eyes, Ears, Tongue and Hand 301.
Guard afforded all, especially the principal Parcs.
Duplication of some Parts,
Cure Evils by means of
(Proper Emunétories 302.
Diseases themselves making Discharges of things

more dangerous 305.
Pain giving Warning, and exciting our Endeavours.
Consent of the Parts, effected by the Nerves, a Sample

whereof is given in the Fifth Pair, branched to the

Eye, Ear, Political, Tociable State. For the Preservation and Secua

sity of which the Creacor hath taken Care by Va

Tiety of Mens


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red and made

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. Of which I take no notice, but wherein they dif'fer from Man, viz.

Prone Pofture, which is considerable for
The Parts ministering to it, especially the Legs and
Feet, fized

in some for
Strength and flow Motion 3!?.
Agility and Swiftness.
Walking and Running, fine
Walking and Swimming,
Walking and Flying.
Walking and Digging:

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