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Klip Fountain we found the men them, else they shouid be like sheep concealing themselves behind roeks, without a shepherd. So I was ob and the women fled unto the moun- liged to remain with them, which tains because they had reason to filled their hearts with gratitude, and dread an attack from the plundering they took my waggon to the Great Africaner. Only a few remained by River to bring my goods. the fountain. Our approach alarm- Aug. 3.-Commenced a school ; ed them, but when they knew who near forty children-attended. we were, they came to us, rejoicing 14.-Discoursed to the people from like men just delivered from the Matt. xxiv. 30, 31. The word of jaws of leath.

God seemed to be attended with 22.-On conversing with the power and might. One after anopeople respecting Africaner, I re- ther began to sob and cry as I went solved to visit his kraal, to endeavour on speaking. Some became unable to persuade him to live at peace with either to stand or sit, but lay on the his neighbours ; on which I sent se- ground trembling, as in a fit: others veral persons to discover where he went out crying and praying ; some was to be found.

were carried out; at last nothing 25.- As the place a here Africaner was heard but cries I could not at present is has not been discover- even hear my own voice. I have ed, I resolved to go myself, accom- never seen any thing of this kind bee panied by some of the people, but fore. It is not now and then that none of them would consent till I there is this kind of melting, but alwrote a certificate, that should I be most every time we meet. Most of killed, I considered them my friends, them are greatly concerned to have and that I was going to Africaner, an interest in the salvation of Christ. and should I lose my life, it was At whatever time I awake in the likely to be by him.

night, I hear some of them at prayer 26.-Early in the morning we in the field, and most of them, morncommenced our journey. At noon ing and evening, when they leave the met several people from the kraal publie meeting, retire into the field where Africaner had been, which to pray. Sometimes I can see from place he had left two days before.- twenty to thirty lying close together, They informed us that he had no each praying for himself, not only powder. On hearing this, the people men and women, but children from who accompanied me were anxious three years old and upwards. In to attack him, and force him to give the evenings they meet in each other's up the cattle he had stolen from houses, where they unite in praise them; but having brought no pro- and prayer; sometimes they have visions with me, and my horse being three prayers before they separate. unable to carry me any farther, i I often think, that but for their praywas obliged to return during the ers, God would banish me from night.

them, I feel so unworthy to address 27.-Fleremius, the chief, and all thein. the people in bis kraal, besought me 25.-- Most of my hearers were not to forsake them, or they must this morning drowned in tears. be obliged to leave the country.- Several were carried home, being They held me, and said they would unable to walk. My hands are full not suffer me to go away, but keep of work. There are about 140 chilmy oxen, waggon, and myself

. I dren in my school every day. Our told them I wished to begin a mission meetings for worship are continually at tie mouth of the Great River, crowded. near the sea, that goods might come 29.--Began a writing school toto the Missionaries by water, which day We proceed in the following would prevent the Missionaries lear. manner : four or five children bring ing their stations. To which they a sheep-skin, which is made smooth; replied, that another teacher might on this they spread fine sand, which he sent there, and I must not leave I have prepared for the purpose. This serres instead of paper.

I word was attended with power. cut a reed into the shape of a pen, Most of my hearers were drowned with which they are to write; on in affectionate tears-some fainted each skin I write that which they away, and were carried out. are to copy, A, B, C, &c. and go I observe amendment in external from one skin to another, to point things. Some of them who had two out how they are to hold the pen, or more wives agreed to separate draw the lines, and write the letters. others came to me, that I might

Sept. 1.- At the morning prayer. settle matters between them. They meeting I read the second Psalm, tell me, we are convinced of our accompanied with a few remarks. sinful conduct, and can no longer When I stated the nature of Chris- remain as we are, for we blushievery tianity, and remarked that our friends time we appear before God in in Europe, and every part of the prayer. They always keep their world, were probably approaching first wife, and dismiss the othery ; the throne of grace along with us, but pay them something, that they and had been doing so long before may obtain a living: ever they had heard of the true God, 28.—It is surprising to me how almost the whole congregation burst my bearers are affected from time out into a flood of tears, sobbed, to time. Sometimes I have no sooner and cried. Some were so much af- begun to speak than their tears befected, that they fell upon the ground; gin to flow. Several fainted this at length, nothing within or with evening, and were carried out; out was heard but weeping. others went out, weeping, of their

6.-A lame woman, hearing of own accord, and retired to the what was going forward at our bushes.* meetings, begged to be carried there Three bushmen visited us from also, for she could not remain any the neighbourhood of Africaner's longer away, but must hear the word kraal, with whom I wished to send of God also. They first came and a letter, but they would not take it. asked if they might bring her to the

* In a letter which I received in 1792, meeting. I reproved them for not (says Mr. Campbell) from the late Mr. having brought her before.

Newton he makes the following re14.--My interpreter had a deep marks, in reference to a revival in N. sense of what was said, and was so Wales, which are not inapplicable to the much affected, that he could inter- beginning of religion in the Great Napret no more, but went out weep- maqua Country. ing and crying. I went on, setting • When such sudden and general a. * before them the love and righteouso wakenings take place among a people ness of our Saviour, which appeared who are ignorant and unacquainted to melt them down before him as with Scripture, they are more or less at his footstool. My wife and an

attended with blemishes and misguided other woman'read the 13th chapter

zeal. The enemy is watchful to sow of Isaiah in the school, on which I

tares among the wheat. Thus it has made some remarks, which caused always been--it was so in the Apostle's, the tears of many to flow freely. A day: Offences arise, and they who wish

to find something at which they may Namaqua from a little distance told stumble and cavil, by the righteous me he had heard the word of God judgment of God, have what they wish formerly with one ear, and now

for. But they who love the Lord, said he, I have no rest, but must and have a regard for precious souls, come to hear it again with both will rejoice in the good that is really ears, that it may be brought nearer done; and can account for the OCto my heart.

casional mixtures, from the presert 23.-In our evening meeting the state of human nature.".


Bible on standing types, they had FINLAND.

most generously presented their From the Third Report of the Finnish

with L.200 for distributing Swedish Bible Society.

Bibles among the Swedish inhabiAbo, March 28, 1815.

tants of Finland. With this money, Through the goodness of Divine from Stockholm, of which 250 copies

1350 Bibles have been procured Providence, and under a Christian have been distributed gratis, and the Sovereign's mild government, the remainder have mostly been sold l'innish Bible Society has arrived at the conclusion of another year, dur

at cost prices. The money received

for these Bibles is designed as a ing which, in the progress

of its

separate fund, for the purpose of well-meant endeavours for diffusing a more general knowledge of the procuring a fresh supply, as needed,

for this class of our fellow-subjects.* Holy Scriptures among the inhabi

The Rev. J. Paterson, who fortants of Finland, it has had reason

warded the above communication, to entertain the consolatory hope,

adds. “ From the above Report it that the Father of lights, who has begun so good a work among us, will appears, that our Finnish friends perfect it till the duy of Christ. And the poverty of the country, they

are very active; and, considering although it is much to be wished

have come forward with great lie that the Society could have attained the object of the Institution sooner,

berality. The subscriptions amount

to three times the sum any of us and engaged more actively in the work of distributing the word of expected. No part of the Report God than has hitherto been possible;

affords me more pleasure than that the Committee are hevertheless con

concerning the Swedish Bibles.

Never were L.200 better employed vinced that the short Report now presented to the public, will prove

by your Society. They have made Satisfactory to all the Members of trusted them with. It has awaken

a good use of the talent you enthe Society, and confirm them in the ed a desire in the people to have the joyful assurance, that the with us, and that his blessing rests Scriptures in their own, the Swedish

language; and, poor as they are, aspon the work of our hands. The Society's principal endeavour that I hope, era long, every Swedish

they cheerfully pay for them; so has bitherto been to complete the octavo edition of the Finnish Bible family in Finland will, by means of

this small fund, be furnished with a on standing types. It is with peculiar pleasure that the Committee copy of the Bible. We have begun

the distribution of the Finnish Testacan state, that, in consequence

ment in the Government of St. the very great liberality of his Imperial Majesty, and the Britisii and Petersburg. I expected the edition

would have lasted us for several Foreign Bible Society, as also the voluntary subscriptions of all classes years ; but the demand is so great, of their fellow subjects

, there is bound quickly enongh, and the whole

that we cannot get the Testaments every reason to believe, that the edition is already nearly exhausted. funds of the Society are already When a quantity arrives in a village, equal to the expenses of this edi- all the inhabitants assemble, and can tion. The New Testament is al ready printed off, first in St. Peters- scarcely be restrained from carrying

off' the Testaments by force. They burgh, and now here in Abo; 24 have been famishing for want of the sheets of the Old Testament are

Word of Life, and now they are alcomposed, and partly printed off,

most insatiable. in St. Petersburgh. In the Report for last year,

We have recently received 300 observed, that, beside the 1.750 rubles, which have been subscribed which the British and Foreign Bible * Since the Report was drawn up, Society had presented to the Society 600 additional copies have been ordered in Finland, for printing the Finnish from different parts of Finland.

it was


by the Ingermanland Russian Regi- multitude of interesting communiment, besides 130 rubles from their cations and liberal subscriptions Colonel, for which they require one laid before the Committee this day, Russian and one Polish Bible. This from different distant parts of Rusgift is peculiarly valuable, as com- sia, none afforded us so much pleaing from Russian soldiers. The sure as the following most interestRoman Catholic Netropolitan hasing observations, respecting the espublished two pastoral letters to his tablishment of an Auxiliary Bible flock, recommending the reading of Society in the sea-port town of the Scriptures among them generale Theodosia, in the Crimea. The ly, and ordering the Clergy to pro- communication was written by the mote the circulation of the Society's Governor of that city, his Excellency editions. This is an important docu- Bronefsky, and is accompanied with ment. Our Committee ordered it to a list of from 30 to 40 subscribers, be published in the Gazettes, that of whom six are subjects of the Sulit might be as generally known as tan of Constantinople, and a petipossible. A copy of it will be sent tion for instructions towards the you by our friend Pinkerton, as soon establishment of a Branch of the as he can get it translated for you. Bible Society in that ancient city, I hope it will have its effect on the formerly called by the Turks, Kafa. Roman Catholics with you, and in

From the Rev. R. Pinkerton. Germany. We have also received

St. Petersburgh, June 15. 1815. from his Imperial Majesty freedom to send all letters and packages,

Having received the printed Refree of expence, by post, so that we

port of the Moscow Bible Society

with the last post, I have lost no can now send our Bibles to the remotest parts of the Russian Empire time in translating a few extracts with the greatest facility.”

for the gratification of our Dritish friends. The Report itself is drawn

up in a masterly style of language, From the Rev. R. Pinkerton.

and is full of piety and zeal for the St. Petersburgh, June 5, 1815. advancement of the good cause. As I think I have mentioned in fore it will be widely circulated, we hope mer letters, that the Bishop of Samo- it will greatly promote the interests gitia had translated the New Testa- of the Society. Among other strikment into that language, that the ing facts mentioned in it, I give you manuscript was sent hither last the following: year, and received the approbation

According to the must authenof his Eminence Sesterinsevitch, the tic sources of information, it apCatholic Metropolitan, and that the pears, that during 234 years, since Rt. Rev. Translator had resolved to

Bibles were first printed in Russia, print 1000 copies of it in Wilna, at

no more than twenty-two editions of his own expense. After our Com- the Slavonian Bible have appeared, mittee had corresponded with the consisting in all of but about sixty Bishop in regard to the state of the thousand copies ! Samogitians,* who were brought “Should we even suppose, (though over to the Christian religion only it be impossible,) that ał these in the 15th century, and have never copies still exist, yet alas ! how few yet had a version of the Scriptures Bibles are to be found in Russia, in their language, it was this day for the use of so, many millions of resolved to print an additional 4000 people; and what a vast number of copies, at the expence of the Rus- precious souls, during this period, sian Bible Society. Among the have departed into another world,

without ever having had it in their • The British and Foreign Bible So- power either to obtain or to be bem ciety has granted to the Russian Bible nefited by that Book, which conSociety L.250 in aid of printing and tains the only pure source of Chriscirculating the Samogitian Scriptures. tian doctrine! In the Bible alone of the Scriptures in this language


we learn the way to happiness in The Committee of the Russian the present life, and to bliss in the Bible Society expend with as liberal world to come. And how many a hand as they receive. Our exmillions of souls, for which the blood pences from the last regular meeting of Jesus Christ was shed, are still of the Committee were more than deprived of the possibility of being 47,000 rubles, and our regular inbenefited by this heavenly gift! come was something more than Surely then, while involved in such 17,000.* The purchase of paper circumstances, we may well cona for the stereotype edition made our sider the institution of a Society expenditure more than usual. The among us, which has for its aim the next subject which came before the furnishing every person in Russia Committee, was, the necessity of with a Bible, as a new mark of the doing something for the inhabitants <livine blessing upon our land. Let of Moldavia and Wallachia. This 41s therefore bow down and acknone was fully discussed, and it was rejedge the infinite goodness of God, solved to print 5000 copies for the and offer up hearty prayers to our inhabitants of the ancient MacedoLord anel Saviour, that he would nia. This will make our sixteenth pour down his blessing upon his language. own word disseminating in our exa

From the same. tensive native country, and that we may be reckoned worthy of behold.

Sept. 2, 1815. ing such distinguished mercies pour

Mr. Pinkerton is busy at present ed out on Russia, and see the word in making arrangements for printing of the Lord increase more and more, the New Testament in the language and bring forth fruits of righteous- of Moldavia and Wallachia, and has tiess in tire hearis and lives of our got all ready; but, alas! not a.copy Aellow men.”

can be found here. It was reported From the Rev. J. Paterson.

that there was a copy in St. PetersSt. Petersburgh, Aug. 11, 1815. burg, and he has been hunting after Two pleasing circumstances were it, but hitherto in vain. A copy meliis day brought before the Com- has been written for from Moldavia, anittee. In a letter from the Arch- and we fear we must wait till it can vishop of Georgia, he mentions, that arrive. This is a great disappointsome of the Mahommedan tribes in ment. We had lately a letter from the Caucasus have requested that a Russian Priest, from the borders persons might be sent to teach them of the Ice-Sea, begging most earto read, that so they might be able nestly to have a Bible. He says, to make use of Christian books. that there is not a Bible in all that "The other was a letter from the tract of country. He is 800 versts Prince of a Mongolian tribe in the from the market town; hut even meighbourhood of Irkutsk, to whom there no Bible is to be found. Had one of our Directors had sent a sheet there been no Bible Societies, this of the Calmuc Gospel. He lament- poor Priest, like


millions more ed, that, being written in the Calmuc must for ever have remained without character, he and his people were a Bible, incapable of reading it, as they make use of the Mandsheu character, and The British and Foreign Bible Soexpressed a sincere wish to have our ciety has granted to the Russian Bible sacred books written in a character Society an additional douation of L.1000, they could understand, when they for the general purposes of that Instiwould read thein with pleasure. it tution. was resolved to write to the Gover

+ The British and Foreign Bible Sonor of Irkutsk, to find a person ca- ciety has recently granted to the Ruspable of making a translation intele sian Bible Society, for the Moldavian igible for them.

and Wallachian Scriptures, L.300.

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